This morning.

Now we can all be fully vaccinated and life will get back to normal.

Thanks, science people.

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22 thoughts on “Booster Boom

    1. U N M U T U A L


      Health minister suggests fourth vaccine dose amid rising fears of fifth COVID wave…

      “It’s not unreasonable [to think] we’ll need a fourth vaccine,” said Horowitz in an interview with Channel 12, after Health Ministry data indicated that 9 percent of the new cases diagnosed Tuesday had received the third booster dose.”

  1. Rominick

    Didn’t see that one staggering over the horizon.
    People have been coerced/propagandized into a loyalty scheme.
    Will the cop on by the fourth jab?

    Who knows?

  2. SOQ

    Anyone want to hedge a bet as to how long it will be before you require three jabs to have a passport?

    Sure that is just a conspiracy theory eh?

      1. E'Matty

        +1. Had thought March previously but given how the pace of things has ramped up in the past couple of weeks, I think the timeline is shortening. We’ve been moved into position the past 15 months or so. Will be interesting to see just how hard they now try go this time, especially where they’ve been losing more of the dressing room of late.

    1. SOQ

      Well, if what is reported in Israel is replicated, meaning people with 3rd jab getting sick already- then it is entirely possible that the window of protection decreases with each subsequent jab.

      The other side of that coin is that the toxic side effects may potentially increase.

      1. Broadbag

        Yep, not too gone on these boosters after the original jabs being a lot less powerful than hoped and waning so quickly to boot.

  3. E'Matty

    Quick everybody, get your Wuhan variant boosters! Still no answer as to why no Delta variant booster after almost a year. And here’s comes the scary new South African variant. If public transport was as predictable and on time as “developments” in this pandemic have been, we’d all be taking the bus. Things look to be ramping up a gear now. Boosters and kids two flashpoints but ICU numbers and this new SA variant will be used to instill terror and get the herd back in line. A little dose of fear and demoralisation at Christmas before we go into the dark months of Jan and Feb. Things might be a little more fractious this time round.

  4. Rominick

    1. Get booster
    2. Passport expires after 6 months
    3. Go to step 1

    The country is experiencing a pandemic of stupidity with this cult.

  5. Cui Bono?

    The Digital ID pass system can’t work without yearly boosters.

    This is the big test. How many will take the booster?

    And more importantly, how many that take it will actually use the Digital pass system?

    Everyone needs to refuse this pass system. ALL of our futures depend upon it.

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