‘Emergency Brake’


This morning.


Like the current one so.


Europe and Asia, alarmed by COVID variant, tighten borders (Reuters)



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16 thoughts on “‘Emergency Brake’

  1. scottser

    flights already landed in the uk from south africa last night and this morning. that ship has quite literally sailed.

  2. E'Matty

    Hahaha haha, right on cue! New scariant variant, and oh no, it might be even more transmissible, which is why the vaccine won’t be seen to work against it. Ah shucks, everybody injected all those shots and now it’s all for nowt. They’ll still be rushing out to get their boosters for the original Wuhan variant, all because they were told to do so.

    This poo is as predictable as night follows day. Yet, it’ll still be the mindless drones on here who assured us all restrictions would be gone on October 22nd who will ve on lecturing everybody and calling anyone who disagrees with their consistently wrong garbage a ‘ratlicker’. They have been consistently wrong every time since this pandemic began.

    Watch as the supply chains struggle even more and keep an eye on the games being played with our power grid. It’s a playbook and it’s coming whether ppl believe it or not. Stock up on food and fuel supplies.

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      And in the rest of Africa where the level of vaccination is scant due to poverty, the number of covid cases is low and getting lower all the time. The dredded, “some say” it is due to the human antibodies after infection are a superior propholactic than the vaccines which appear to be losing efficacy all the time. The human immune response which appears to be highly effective in protecting against covid 83.Show me evidence. No. I believe we’re being softened up for more serious curtailment of our liberties on a scale and depth the like has not seen since 1930’s Germany. Rampant inflation as the dollar ponzi scheme dies a death. Shortages of all kind. The non complaint will be persecuted and fear will pervade all our lives. Happy toy show, bread and circuses. No more fuchs to give.

      1. SOQ

        Yes, interesting how the new scariant is coming out of Africa- the continent with the lowest infection rates in the world.

        Expect India type horror stories soon.

      1. E'Matty

        Conspiracy is carried out in secret. This is being rolled out in plain site. They literally make public the changes to global society they’re implementing, dressed up as positives of course. People like you just refuse to see it and will never accept it as reality until the mainstream voices of authority tell you its real.

  3. Zaccone

    Utterly pointless.Delta was able to breach both Australia and New Zealand’s complete hotel isolation.

    If this is a newer, even more infectious than Delta variant, it will get into Europe no problem. If its not already here.

    This is just more loud, expensive, morale destroying optics moves.

  4. ian-oG

    ”Sajid Javid warns new Covid variant is ‘substantial risk to public health.”

    Well if that is what he said that we can safely presume that there is actually zero risk to anyone, anywhere, ever.

    Play constantly dishonest games, win lack of credibility prizes.

    Also he looks like Zippy, a known scallywag with a history of shenanigans.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Oh nuuuuuuuuu. They’ve found a case in Belgium, who travelled from….Egypt.
    It’s on the loose.
    Lock up your old folk
    Mask up your kids
    Get a booster
    Buy a new rat
    Tune in to Scaire Byrne for a re-enactment of the moment the new variant was discovered, and how to secure your grandma and grandad away from civilization.
    Product-place an antigen test beside Luke O’Neill on Virgin Media cookery spot, in case Fergal isn’t tuned into.

  6. Kim Cardassian

    As with the vast majority of viral mutations, it will probably be more contagious but less lethal. How much more and how much less will be tested

    Delta is extremely contagious compared to the original strain but is less lethal.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Studies of the demise of the Spanish Flu are interesting, especially as there were no vaccines at that time. Nor certificates, nor boosters, nor interwebs.

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