“It’s A Coincidence”


Professor Guido Pieles (above) said the recent spate of footballers collapsing, such as FC Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore on Wednesday night (top), as “terrifying” but a “coincidence”

This morning/afternoon.

Further to a recent spate of high-profile heart problems and collapses among professional footballers…

…Via Mail Online:

Professor Guido Pieles, who leads the Sports Cardiology Clinic at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, said there was no evidence that heart problems were occurring in footballers more frequently and he believes any cluster of incidents is a ‘coincidence’.

At present I would say this is still a coincidence,’ Professor Pieles told Sportsmail.

‘I don’t think we can say this is suddenly increasing, I don’t think it is increasing particularly in football.

‘Footballers are certainly not the athletes that have the highest volume and intensity of training. Endurance runners, Tour de France cyclists, and rowers they train much longer hours.

‘It cannot be said that in the last year or two years they train more but over the last 10 years that is true.

The game has got faster but also people are fitter. If you play football in the Premier League, you have done this since seven or eight years old.’

‘It’s terrifying but it’s a COINCIDENCE’: Leading cardiologist says footballers should not panic (MailOnline)

Last night: ‘Urgent Medical Care’



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21 thoughts on ““It’s A Coincidence”

  1. Mr.T

    How can you dismiss an increase in athlete mortality as coincidence??
    Not even saying its due to covid or the vaccine, but to simply dismiss all these events as coincidences and not deem them worthy of further investigation.. wow.

    “Sir this is the 4th murder victim this week to be killed with a candlestick”
    “it seems scary, but its probably just a coincidence – investigation over”

    1. wearnicehats

      Don’t let the opinion of the professor who leads the Sports Cardiology Clinic at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health get in the way of your hysteria.

      1. Cui Bono?

        Don’t let the opinion (unsupported by data) of a person in authority stop you thinking critically.

    2. Tom J

      If your theory is right, and it is being caused by the vaccines, any player who has received any vacancies will be dead by next season.

      1. SOQ

        Not necessarily- what they may do is accentuate underlying issues which could possibly remain hidden for life otherwise.

          1. E'Matty

            Nah, some may develop cancers over the coming years, others neurological disorders, others respiratory or cardio issues. There’s just so many organs and immune deficiency diseases and disorders that could be impacte, you really will have no idea what will be your point of “system failure”. Anyway, you’re on that train now. Double down or try jump off? I think we know which way you’ll go and I wish you the very best of luck. I’ll just stick in neutral here and ride it out with natural immunity which for approx 80% of the population is pretty much 100% effective.

          2. Tom J

            I don’t suppose you know the lotto numbers for Saturday seen as you think you know everything.
            Ps, I’m not on a train.

      2. Mr.T

        what theory? Where did I say anything about a theory Tom?

        Its clearly a case of anyone who doesnt tow the “Tom J” line is an anti-vaxxer or something, is that it?

          1. goldenbrown

            you mean like Professor Dolores Cahill for example?

            I know plenty of gloriously thick gobsheens with the “Professor” moniker attached, some who barely know how to boil a kettle for themselves, I can assure you that if you spent a day in their company you’d stop automatically taking your instructions from them and maybe have a bit more confidence in your own thought


    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      What if the coincidence is that they’re footballers who all tested positive for covid, not that they’re all vaccinated?

      Why is it a sure thing that it’s vaccines doing this and not a disease?

      1. John Smith

        The point is, Daisy, that it should not be called a coincidence and left at that. It should be investigated further to find out whether there is a cause. Then it may be possible to take action, depending what the cause is. At present, nothing is sure, except that there seem to be rather a lot of cadiac problems at present amongst sports-people, particularly, but not solely, footballers.

  2. freewheeling

    The Science does coincidence now. Cool.
    The old “there is no evidence” ploy. Not until you go gather it, Prof. of Sports Cardiology.

  3. Didnthappenbroadsheet

    We did white and the small things all night and then caffeine pills in the morning before a match. One the lads collapsed, I had to give him first aid. He came back to life and scored a hat trick.We won 4-3 after we were losing 3-1. We then went for pints and a carvery to celebrate. I had a row with your man who scored the hattrick afterwards, about some bird. He died later of a heart attack in 2017, after he took an experimental vaccine given to him in a secret trial called Tissierleftfootwasawand. Needless to say I had the last laugh.

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