Remove The Blog In Your Own Eye


This afternoon.

Dublin City University, campus, Dublin.

Under the Black Lives Matter banner, students and activists, including former political prisoner Ibrahim Halawa (top), demonstrate against an online post harshly critical of the BLM movement and George Floyd, written last year by IT lecturer Dr Mark Humphreys on his ‘personal blog‘ but recently unearthed.

Protestors claim the entry is filled with hate speech and want the computer science teacher to be fired.

DCU students to stage protest in wake of lecturer’s Black Lives Matter criticism (Sunday World)

Mark Humphreys blog


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50 thoughts on “Remove The Blog In Your Own Eye

  1. Optimus Grime

    Well………………having reviewed Mr Humphrys blog the BLM crew may take a ticket and wait for their number to be called because there is no one he won’t lay into or have a good rant about from what I see. He really likes to test the boundary of acceptable free speech.

      1. Broadbag

        According to his blog he is Pro-Israel and Pro-Regan (but no fan of Obama or Trump) and gets tours of IDF weapons installations ”as a friend of Israel” – seems like quite an odd fish but is allowed blog about whatever he wants, colleges and college students should all be in favour of free speech.

        1. Junkface

          Group think is less than individual rights.

          Free speech is an absolute value of a free democratic society. Accept it, or move to a country that encourages the mob rule and destruction you crave as a religious zealot.

          1. Oro

            Has Ireland ever had ‘free’ speech though? There are a bunch of legal controls in Ireland over what you’re allowed to publish non? Is that blasphemy law still on the books?

            And there are laws controlling speech regarding court proceedings, and the libel laws are very strict. Or so I remember anyway, I’m not up to speed on the exact legal situation.

    1. benblack

      You do realise that, by definition, everything that is free has no boundaries or level of acceptability.

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it and move on.

      Does anyone remember the ‘Live and let live’ world we used to live in?

      1. Optimus Grime

        In order to not like it I had to read at least some of it first then I moved on. Wings made a fortune off that song from Bond!

    2. Darren

      This man’s views are many bags of excrement catalogued for ease of access … certain to offend … a lucky bag of disgust… it’s his right of course to use the internet… but it is his offline platform as an educator employed by an established place of education which carries his foul smell above the otherswho might be like him …and that is why it is so shocking to see that he has been doing this for years and presumably having become so comfortable in his role as ‘agitator’ after sering that clearly that he was getting away with it. According to his own site, his only acceptable form of so called counter debate is through twitter. The more dangerous precedent would be allowing him to keep his job imo

  2. scottser

    halawa, who got sent to jail for invoking his right to free speech, wants to get someone to get fired for invoking their right to free speech?
    what a hypocrite.

  3. Chris

    The murder of George Floyd was awful, pretty much a snuff film. I saw clips but couldn’t watch the full thing.

    The way it was exploited by the media, the DNC and all of it’s shadow orgs was a sight to behold. Suddenly, the virus didn’t matter. Burning cities were ‘mostly peaceful’ – it became very evident that the democrats would watch the place burn with glee, if it meant achieving their political aims.

    1. realPolithicks

      This is one of the dumber comments I have seen in quite some time on this website and that is saying something considering the clownshow that this website has turned into.

  4. Tom

    Free speech matters, especially academic free speech. Don’t like his argument? Critique it – if it’s as bas as is claimed a critique shouldn’t be too difficult. Calling for an academic to be fired for holding the wrong views is a terrible precedent.

    1. George

      He teaches IT. There is nothing academic about the blog where he says it doesn’t matter that George Floyd was killed because he had a criminal record among other things.

  5. dhaughton99

    Whats with people going around in balaclavas? I seen a black lad with one on the other day and he was just asking for a pull.

  6. Tarfton Clax

    I was a student in UCD at the same time as him and his seriously annoying brother. Never liked either of them to be honest. However firing someone for holding views that are probably unpleasant but not illegal is not on. Would they like to stone him next?

  7. Imelda Maybe

    Hon the Bodger and others.

    Admirable restraint demonstrated not to use the term Black Friday somewhere ….

    1. SOQ

      Has anyone got a natural cure for anal wards? I’m doing doing cider vinegar and tee tree at the moment.

      Just popped up two days after I had lunch with three friends who had no choice. HPV reinfection etc.

  8. uh oh

    I liked his opinions on BLM
    It takes a lot of balls to be a contrarian attention seeking proto right wing crank

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