Spending Penneys


This morning.

Mary Street, Dublin 1.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar (above centre) and CEO of Primark Paul Marchant (above left)announce significant investment in the Irish market with the creation of hundreds of new roles.

Penneys to create 700 jobs in €250m investment (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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22 thoughts on “Spending Penneys

  1. Johnny

    Bankrupt in under 5 years,whoever is selecting sites in states has got it all wrong,they have no visible online strategy or experience,this model is dead.There is a market gap or lots vacancy due high levels bankruptcy in retail,that Pennys seeks to fill,it’s a fatally flawed strategy.

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        And most likely because of.
        Gone are the tailored suits of the formal office workplace.

    1. paul

      this came up in conversation during the first two lockdowns, the lack of online Penney’s presence. Our thinking was that a huge amount of Penney’s sales are people coming in for one thing and leaving with five things. By moving online, a lot of those on the spot purchases would disappear (not all, just a lot).

      Same reason why the milk and bread in a supermarket are usually at the back, you have to pass by a lot of stuff that you ‘might’ pick up, before you get to the thing you actually need.

      If they ever do move online, that’ll be a huge shift for Penney’s and if they do, I’d say their how they do business will change drastically to match.

      1. Johnny

        …it’s all a bit ‘milk and bread’ or basic,like who even buys them anymore ?
        (those or them that do have FA disposable income:)

  2. Jonner

    COP 26 gone out the window. penny’s disposable planet wrecking tat. not to mention the human rights issues further down the supply chain.

    Surprised with LV for taking this photo op

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