Staying In Tonight?


On The Late Late Toy Show

..Linda Pototzki writes:

After a year where children were restricted in play and socialising with their friends, they will get a very special invitation to step into the sun as the theme of this year’s Late Late Toy Show takes inspiration from the Disney classic, The Lion King. The night looks set to live the Hakuna Matata ‘no worries’ philosophy with children ruling the jungle in the studio and at home, for the most exciting TV event of the year.

The Late Late Toy Show on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Pics: Andres Poveda

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22 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. goldenbrown

    granted it’s the only thing Tubridy does right
    but it’s a Beatles vs Billie Barry faceoff
    and so I’ll be watching the first part of Get Back tonight instead

    1. scottser

      i watched it last night. brevity is not jackson’s strong point; he could have easily shaved an hour from it no problem and maybe released a director’s cut later on.

  2. Broadbag

    Something about him pretending to be a giant kid is quite weird and creepy, Gaybo’s ‘straight man’ routine worked a lot better, the baffled adult being child-splained to rather than Tubridy’s queasy shtick.

  3. f_lawless

    Any predictions for the behavioural science stuff this year?

    Primary school children putting masks on dolls?

    A child name dropping Pfizer again?
    “My teddy just loves Pfizer’s new antiviral pill paxlovid!”

    Maybe a rehash of Tubridy’s monologue from a year ago –
    “The vaccine booster is coming. We’re almost there, I’m sure of it. It’s a case of… hold.”

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      tbe giraffe is in for a disappointment so, reminds me of a Nepalese joke about a rat shagging an elephant up the jacksie, a disgusted monkey throws a nut from a tree, hits the elephant on the head, ouch he says, tbe wee rya runs up to the elephant and says, sorry did I hurt you. Rough translation.

  4. Johnny

    …I mean maybe the 25th anniversary a few years ago,dreadful paucity of ideas at Montrose.
    As someone who has never worn brown shoes in town,actually anything brown,it’s black or grey,brown is the color of the country,he’s no gentleman despite his background.

  5. ian-oG

    Does anyone under 45 voluntarily watch the Toy Show these days?

    My sister in law is the only person under this age I can think of that does but she thinks Turgidy is a ride so her tastes tend to the deeply weird, disturbing and perverse.

    Her kids hate it, they think Turgidy is scary and the entire concept boring. They’re smart kids.

  6. Gabby

    My inner child says: a home-made bow-and-arrow can be used for hunting sika deer that stray out onto the roads after dark. But the auld blunderbuss fetched from the attic might do the job better.

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