“If They Know That It Might Protect Granny Or Grandad”


Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ One.

TCD immunologist Cliona O’Farrelly supporting the National Public Health Emergency Team’s recommendation that primary school children from third class upwards must wear masks.

NPHET recommends that children aged nine and over wear masks on public transport, as well as in retail and other public settings where the rule currently applies for those aged 13 and over.


I was utterly dismayed to read that the National Public Health Emergency Team will discuss masks for primary-school children next week.

Government guidelines on how to wear a mask includes, inter alia, the following: always wash your hands before putting on your face covering; avoid touching it while you are wearing it; if you accidently touch the front, wash your hands straight away.

These guidelines are there for good reason. Touching a germ-riddled mask with your hands is not a good idea.

Most adults are not capable of complying with these guidelines. I really don’t understand how Nphet might expect our young children to follow these guidelines over the course of a six- or seven-hour school day.

In addition to applying the science, in this particular instance I would urge Nphet (and the Government) to apply some cop on.

Reamonn O’Luan


Irish Times Letters


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170 thoughts on ““If They Know That It Might Protect Granny Or Grandad”

  1. Sara

    Kids are less childish in general than the antivaxx brigade, so they’ll have zero problems wearing a mask.

    1. ce

      Yes, need to make masks in the EU asap … and everything else we can… have you seen wear most of the things we use/eat come from…

      By local and local made when you can/can afford to

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I agree with shop local and shop in season, wish it was made more convenient to do so….and less pricey

        1. Marie

          Where I live in donegal there are 2 large manufacturing industrial estates lying pretty much empty since they shipped all the work elsewhere and decimated the community. You would think the lockdowns would have at least brought about a realisation that self sufficiency is a good idea.

      1. Mr.T

        Wait till you see the stuff still hosted on youtube – quite a lot of very illegal content on there and nothing done about it.

  2. ce

    I think the children will do better than most adults… which is often the case in many things…

    Anyway, Portugal has declared a “State of Calamity”… not sure what the difference is between this and a “State of Emergency” … sounds fun


    … Wear an FFP 2 mask, get hepa filters, get a contract for anti-virals, vaccinate those who want it, or run around waving hands/or post on a comments section…. I know what I’ll be doing…

    I did see a woman in town wearing a tin-foil hat last week, I have to say it did look really good and she’s obviously quite the home-milliner expert, if you’re going to make a pointless-point – ie. Covid is not a thing – at least do it while looking fabulous…

    1. Cui Bono?

      In Portugal they recently ramped up testing – one free test every week for all 10 million citizens.

      They got their increase in cases so can now proceed with more restrictions and measures – all leading towards the one main goal of implementing the Digital ID pass system.

      It’s so obvious at this stage when you are informed of all the developments. The same plan all over the world just being implemented by each government in their own style to suit their citizens.

        1. Cui Bono?

          It’s not superior knowledge. It’s knowledge out in the open for all to read up on but most don’t bother and just dismiss it as conspiracy theory even though there are many physical books written on it.

          I’m not a useless bum. I’m doing extremely well professionally and my work is thriving from the last 2 years of lockdowns etc. I could easily shut up and take the money but I see the dangers of what is happening. It’s part of my job to know about the digital systems being implement globally and I’m only trying to help others realise what’s happening.

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    my Mother says she’d rather be dead than watch the future she sees evolving for her Grand children.

    1. Rominick

      As a parent of two primary school boys, they’ll be home schooled soon.
      Normalising masks for teachers is bad enough, however no one will tell me to mask my child.
      I’ve never worn a mask once throughout this scam and my childrens faces will never be covered.
      The mask is a sign of slavery and compliance.

          1. Verbatim

            Rominick, I didn’t wait for the pandemic to homeschool. It’s a funtastic way to be with your children. Circumstances had it that sometimes it was a mixture of homeschooling and formal schooling. There are great resources out there to help parents. This is a great time to start, the children are the future. It’s a terrific learning journey for the parents and the child/ren.

          2. John Smith

            I home-schooled my children for 12 years. It was a great experience and they ended up ahead of their friends when testing time came round. They also had a wider range of experience and mixed with a wider range of people and adults – not just children in their own school year. We were warned by school inspectors that they would suffer socially and be ‘shunned by their contemporaries’. However, there were always loads of children visiting our home – they loved spending their free time with my crew.

            Ruining their education? Not so.

          3. Oro

            The majority of parents are not able to provide their children with an education, whether it be through being qualified to do it, economically able to do it, your situation while it sounds persuasive is not feasible across the board.

          4. SOQ


            And therefore they should accept that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man- with a flip of a switch.

            Do you even know any fully transitioned people or is it a stupid shallow sort of thing where wearing a short skirt and make up to The George on a Saturday night makes you “trans”?

          5. Oro

            I don’t know (I do lol) why you’re changing the subject to trans people, but maybe you can explain the relevance to me in your words (well not your words, it would be nice to be able to understand it!). Yes I have several ‘fully transitioned’ friends thanks. Do you?

        1. jungleman

          When making your kids carry signs at antivaxx rallies just doesn’t quite cut it, take their education away!

          1. Chris

            Homeschool – to educate at home. If you are an example of modern public schooling, I think it imperitive that all parents do it.

    2. E'Matty

      Yes, we are allowing a most dystopian horror filled prison world to emerge and envelop us. Here we have the next stage, once again a stage predicted by us conspiraloons. They are after almost two years now, moving to mask and vaxx the kids. Two years of steady conditioning and just watch how many of Ireland’s adults will now enthusiastically endorse and support this policy. These imbeciles will also hold themselves out as the sensible and intelligent ones, simply because they are aligned with authority.

      And just watch how the new scariant variant from South Africa will be used to terrify and control the population. Glimmer of Hope, then crushed, little bit of hope, crushed, hope rising, crushed….the demoralisation programme continues.

    3. John Smith

      @ Janet

      Yes, I can say that, for my own sake, I am pleased that I am old. I’m glad I don’t have to face the future my children and grandchildren have before them but I wish they didn’t have to, either. I would wish a better life than that for them.

  4. scottser

    protecting granny and grandad, who have all had their boosters.
    i won’t be putting a mask on my kids ever.

    1. Marie

      If They Know That It Might Protect Granny Or Grandad

      I’ve always thought it a good idea to guilt and terrify children into doing things ; I have found there to be no mentally disturbing side effects from this sort of coercion what so ever.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Be good or Santa won’t bring you anything.

        Don’t make me turn the car around.

        Parents have been guilting and coercing kids since the dawn of time.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          and luckily a lot of us aren’t parenting in that responsabilité shirking way anymore

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Because it’s harmful, look what ” God is watching ” did for so many.

    2. Frank

      If your woman from Trinity is saying we now need to mask kids to protect Nanny & flipping Gandad even though they are vaccinated and have a booster!!!!!!
      What she is actually saying is the vaccines don’t work.
      It’s that simple.
      THE VACCINES DO NOT WORK and yet the flipping EMA has approved the vaccines that don’t work for use on children.
      This is now genuinely flipping terrifying and this whole charade needs to stop.

    3. Micko

      I think the best way to deal with all this is just very calmly and succinctly say “No” and say “Why would I put a mask on my child for 6 hours a day?”

      No losing the head, no getting upset.

      Think Ghandi.

      The people who are pushing this are expecting you to be triggered, they are expecting you to get upset, to be emotional. They are prepared to bring the hammer down for that behaviour. Don’t fall into that trap.

      Just keep asking questions about this policy. :-P

      Why now?
      Do you think it’s good for my child’s development / anxiety levels?
      Who is it helping?
      How does it make sense if my child is playing with the other kids everyday anyway?
      Why has policy changed, when we were told schools were safe?
      Where is the science on this?
      Are your teachers not vaccinated?
      Is there a report that masks don’t affect young children’s development?
      Do YOU think it’s a good idea yourself?
      If my child doesn’t wear a mask – what are the consequences? Will they be sent home? Who will that help?
      Do you think masks might effect communication between teacher and child.
      Do you think a 9 year old can follow the HSE mask policy properly? List the policy
      Do you think that wearing a soiled mask for 6 hours is a good idea?
      What if they touch the mask – should that be replaced?
      How will you stop them touching the masks and soiling them as per HSE policy?

      Basically annoy the nut sacks out of them.

      And when faced with the inevitable answer of “It’s NPHET policy”, give em the classic “If NPHET told you to jump off a bridge – would you?”

      1. Fergalito

        If this is Department of Education mandated – and it will be – the answer to those questions will be pretty standard and similar i.e. “It’s policy” and “we don’t make the rules” or “yes i agree with you but our hands are tied” and so forth ….

        I completely agree with you – i think forcing kids to wear masks is unacceptable but wonder what my real options will be when it comes to the crunch, wearing masks to school or homeschooling?

        Kids are resilient but they have their own developing inner worlds, trying over time to quietly understand and process things that they cannot make sense of or do not yet have the full suite of tools to do so.

        Who are we really protecting here and from what?

        What do most of our lives constitute any more but working from home if we can and popping out to the shops or a bit of exercise outdoors. Like @Scottser said – Granny and Grandad are vaccinated and boosted up to the eyeballs but they’re still not “safe?”

        The cure as they say is worse than the disease. Why do we expect our mediocre politicians to be any less mediocre and blind just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. I look to this time last year when there was no vaccine and I see little difference to the landscape.

        1. Micko

          “If this is Department of Education mandated – and it will be – the answer to those questions will be pretty standard and similar”

          Jesus Ferg – that’s a bit of a walkover answer.

          Send your kids in everyday without masks and make them send them home. EVERY DAY

          Non violent non compliance.

          Annoy them until the policy collapses.

          And ask them how can they hope to enforce the official HSE policy on mask wearing?

          1. Fergalito

            I’ll have a good think about my non-violence, non-compliance, civil disobedience strategy …

            To harken back to Gandhi, here’s what Einstein had to say about him:

            “I believe that Gandhi’s views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time. We should strive to do things in his spirit: not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil.”

            Or, to put it another way:


          2. scottser

            exactly micko. and if you present them with a negative antigen test, are they really going to turn your child away for not wearing a mask?

          3. Oro

            Who’s winning in this scenario? It’s definitely not your kids if they’re missing school every day.

            I get that people are upset but is damaging your children’s education really the most efficient way of expressing this? Can’t you protest or deal with the board of management in some way that’s a little less selfish?

            I’ve said it before (not in so many words) but the amount of adults that act like their children are their property and can be used like property or tools to achieve their own ends is depressing.

            Ask your own kids how they feel about wearing masks at school, remember they’re people too, with their own opinions and personhood. You might be surprised at the answers ;)

          4. benblack

            My eight year old likes a double Jameson before going to bed. I’d prefer if he’d just drink the milk I proffered.

            But, hey, he’s his own person.

          5. Fergalito

            I always listen to my kids. They will want to go to school, to be with their friends and the kind teachers they’re lucky to have. I don’t have to like it but I don’t have to suck it up. I’ll use whatever feeble tools I have at my disposal to object.

            Your “nice” supposition or personal observation about kids being treated like property or tools is an assumption. It delegates responsibility to the idea that the State knows best and acts in our best interests. Name a visionary in the last twenty years that we’ve had the good fortune to represent us, to lead us to achieve anything that might buoy our society and improve our existence huddled together as we are (well until two years ago anyway) on this island? Keep a lid on it – it’s the Irish way.

            I know how kids were treated by the State in this country and the narrative as we all should know is that they go right to the bottom of the pile. Forced into industrial schools to be abused or live out tortured existences suffused with anger, sadness, addiction or the taking of one’s own life by one’s own hand, Or how some ended up a shamble of disregarded bones piled up and hidden in the bottom of a septic tank at the back of a Mother and Baby home in Tuam. Or ignored, silent victims of varied, ritual abuses and evils imposed on them by both church and State, a State that has in the past walked over its citizens, trampled on any rights they might have had and coerced and forced society into believing and behaving in a particular way.

            Education is a privilege and parental autonomy one we now also have in terms of the choices we can make for and with our children. I’m allowed to be concerned for them, I’m allowed to distrust what I see happening based on what I experienced myself and what I know others have gone through and it is because we treated children in this country like property and tools that I’m happy to be responsible for them and not quake in the long black shadow cast by the crozier.

          6. Oro

            My comment about kids being treated like property isn’t an assumption it’s an observation. But not worth arguing over the semantics.

            Your point about the imperfect state apparatus is valid, I suppose the attitude of some (a lot?) of parents in regard to their kids and how they use them strategically to push their own politics annoys me so much that I often look at the state as the better option, even if it’s not ;)

            Btw idk if it was clear (or I mixed up the formatting) but my earlier reply was to micko / ghandi, not saying you shouldn’t have replied, just some context.

          7. Micko

            ” how they use them strategically to push their own politics annoys me”

            Why would it annoy you? You don’t have any stake in it?

            Is it just about pushing our own politics / opinions? Well, who else’s would we push? The states? As Fergalito has pointed out – that doesn’t work out to well.

            Besides, it’s not just about pushing our OWN politics. It’s about creating and shaping a world that we went to see our children live in. That is what we are ultimately interested in.

            Anyone who has a child has a stake in the future.

          8. Oro

            Few points on that M:

            It’s first of all cynical to use a child to further your own political agenda, we see that here on this thread “my child will never wear a mask so I’m going to ruin their education to fulfill that because I say so”.

            Second, some parents act like they’re the center of the universe and nobody else’s politics matter, this is again evidenced handily by your own “we are shaping the future”. And everyone, childless or not, has a stake in the future. The entitlement!

            Lastly, parents have used their children as tools to achieve political goals that damaged LGBT people (like me) in the very recent past (and still do) so let’s not forget that.

          9. Micko

            Points eh?

            Most of what children learn will be from their parents and their peers. either directly or indirectly. In fact the Irish constitution recognises that parents are responsible for their children education.

            Whole swathes of generations before us never had formal education and still ran business, had families and were successful.

            I’d say most of the people here parents left school at an early age.

            And yeah you’re gay, so the fupp what?

            Straight people are “the oppressors” as you said last week. I get it – you good, straight bad.

            When you think like that, you can’t be reasoned with, so I’m not even going to try.

            Give it a rest…

          10. Oro

            Your anti-education comment proves exactly what I was talking about earlier, that you’re willing to use your children as a tool (to damage their education) in order to further or live out your little political aims.

            In the past people were successful without a formal education, this is when a lot of people didn’t receive a formal education. If everyone does, and you deny your kids education, the gap in their training would be enormous and your kids would be far behind everyone else, it’s not a good comparison.

            And I can’t believe it’s come to the point where you’re arguing that denying kids a proper education maybe isn’t so bad – wtf is wrong with you.

            Next thing, I wasn’t looking for sympathy, I was giving u an example of parents using their children to further negative political aims that affect me. Since you directly asked for that in your previous comment lol, and now that I’ve provided you a clear example you just ignore it and turn it on its head.

            I hope you and people like you don’t remove your kids from education, the damage you’ll do.

          11. SOQ

            The politics being pushed is from those who want to muzzle children- it is exactly the same as those who insisted that prayers were said in classrooms.

            And it is politics- because it sure as hell is not science.

          12. benblack


            Says a person who will never have kids or be a parent – naturally – but who thinks that every parent’s child is her business and that she knows better.


            Because she holds a Mickey Mouse degree/masters/PhD in the sociological and psychological theories on child development?

            No, it’s because she’s a Trans activist and wants to transform the actual reality of life into a pseudo-reality – an illusion – to suit her own perversions of reality.

          13. Micko

            “Anti- education. “

            Would you listen to yourself Oro. How’s anything I said there anti-education? I just said a state “cookie cutter” education wasn’t the most important thing in a child’s life.

            If you knew the first thing about kids, you’d know that.

            And no one is talking about denying them an education.

            Have ya never heard of homeschooling and hiring tutors when appropriate.

          14. Oro

            Your comments about people doing fine without formal education are exactly that, in that they’re suggesting that children don’t need formal education.

            If you knew anything about education, you’d know that homeschooling is not beneficial for most children’s situations. And not everyone can afford tutors M that’s a bit elitist of you (the inequality of the private tutoring system is a whole separate, depressing issue). I come from a family of educators, 3 of my immediate family work in education (all different parts of the system) and I can look at them and the services they provide and know that children need formal education in most instances, they really do.

            Do you speak Irish? French / German? Have a working and current knowledge of the sciences, history, geography, the arts? It’s unlikely most parents possess this, alongside the ability to understand technical approaches to teaching children to move through the modern world. It’s not a simple task. This goes back to what I said earlier about an entitlement that certain parents possess about their abilities in these areas.

            And by virtue of this reality, we do actually have several posters here talking about denying their children an education, to fulfill their own political beliefs – it’s clear as day.

          15. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Irish would be the first thing I’d be happy to drop from home schooling. I speak three other languages and have an A in honours English, Physics and Chemistry, I’m sure home schoolers could pool resources with like minded people for the parts they can’t/ won’t do.

          16. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Disclaimer, I won’t do trig, would rather gouge out my eyes than do business studies (is that still a thing), however you get the idea Oro

          17. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            and that’s before you offer to help in the subject of your degree, I kept that until last before I get accused of elitism

          18. Oro

            When you say you have an A in those subjects are you talking leaving cert?

            In how you’re describing the situation – I know you mean well, but you can already see how your personal opinion on things (re your comment on Irish) would start to move away from a full education that responds to a proper syllabus.

            FWIW I did well in state examinations but I would never delude myself that having done so 15years ago would give me any current qualification to educate children.

            Education is a trained qualification, and is technical, parents are in the base definition of the term, amateurs (unless teachers themselves) and leaving your child’s education in the hands of an amateur is (imho anyway) damaging to the child’s development. Completing your own formal education is about you learning, not about your learning how to teach it to others.

            And yes, with you on the business studies part ;)

          19. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’m saying you’d have more than enough to give your child a primary education. Let’s face it most primary education is done through homework anyway because of class sizes. Parents who can’t cope with that see children struggling in primary. As for secondary you could pool resources across your degrees with like minded people.
            Maybe it’s not ideal but it could be done.

          20. Oro

            And I’m telling you you wouldn’t be able for it. Not for primary nor secondary. Not a chance. Not even close.

            And this total self belief by parents that “oh I can do that better” is damaging to the child. Because most people are not qualified to educate children. Teachers, however, are.

          21. benblack

            Believe it or not, Oro, we’ve been educated to discern a male from a female without the need of any teacher and I hope that future generations of kids will be allowed to do the same.

            Now, back to the sims with you.

          22. Micko


            I’m not talking about it forever Oro.

            My kid is 7. I think I can handle her education until this Covid hysteria blows over.

            What did you say yourself a few weeks back – it should be all over in 6 months yeah? 2 and half years was it?

          23. Oro

            Every day you have your kid out of formal education they would be setback. Maybe only in a micro way day on day but over time it would be significant.

            I said I thought it would be around 2.5years, which from March of last year is another year non? Also I’m no expert that was just an opinion, it’s not fact. I mean I’d absolutely love for it to be sooner, I’m as sick of all this as anyone.

          24. benblack

            I don’t remember you screaming on behalf of the kids you now so vehemently want to protect when the schools were forcibly closed last year.

            Where was you genuine concern for the education of our children then?

            As a previous poster has suggested to you, I also would encourage you to shuffle off.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    There wasn’t much thought for the protection for granny and grandad when the decision was made last year to shift them out of hospitals into care homes.
    Reid didn’t have much thought either a couple of weeks ago at his ‘do’. Johnny Giles didn’t seem to be bothered about covid either.

    1. Cian

      Hospitals, by their nature, were going to become the epicentre of Covid.
      Should they have left the elderly in the very buildings that they knew would be Covid hotspots?

      There was no good solution, just a choice between multiple bad solutions.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        They didn’t test them before they put them out. If they had Covid, then hospital would have been the best place for them instead of having them spread it throughout nursing homes surely – where they’d infect more, and put more pressure on the hospitaly?

      2. SOQ

        They dumped symptomatic people into homes without even testing them. Further more, an instruction was given that if one person tested positive in the home, no more were to be tested.

        That is not just negligence, that is malfeasance. There is absolutely no reason why those people could not have been tested and the sick cared for in a separate unit.

        1. Cian

          Fake news.

          There wasn’t sufficient test capability back in March/April 2020 in Ireland (or anywhere in the world for that matter) to test everyone that should have been tested.

          If a second person showed Covid symptoms and were in a location where another person had a positive test they didn’t test them. But if they died, they did count them as probable/possible Covid deaths.

          1. SOQ

            Oh ok- so at a time when RTE presenters and other ‘important’ people were being tested- there was no tests available for high risk elderly who were clearly displaying symptoms? If you spin that one anymore Cian- you’ll disappear up your own backside.


    2. benblack

      I remember John Giles telling the nation on the radio that he was too terrified to leave the house for fear of catching the virus – and, then, that picture circulated.

  6. bertie blenkinsop

    That was my young lad’s school on Prime Time last night.
    He’s only a slight little thing and it breaks my heart seeing him in a big mask but so far, they seem to be adapting to wearing them.

    1. Rominick

      #bertie So take it off him.
      If you continue letting your child be treated like that then you’ve failed as a parent.
      Maybe he’ll find a proper male role model some day.

      1. Broadbag

        There’s some batpoop crazy comments on here, but this takes the Wuhan, have a word with yourself Rominick, if you can find yourself under the pile of toxic masculinity and bonkers conspiracy theories you’re buried under. See also ”masks are a sign of slavery”.

        1. Rominick

          Yeah, if I was making a fool of myself daily I’d try to justify it and attack anyone who calls me out.
          “Toxic masculinity”, says it all really.
          Remind me again why masks are a thing for children and not for people in crowded stadiums????

          1. Broadbag

            I feel very sorry and indeed worried for the well-being of your unfortunate children considering the foaming at the mouth nonsense you’re spewing on here.

            I don’t think masks in schools are a good or workable idea, nor do I think masks are a ‘sign of slavery’…because unlike you my mind isn’t warped.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            lol never in a million years, just adding to point about absurdity of children wearing masks a few weeks after that lot wearing the face off each other

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Ask the butt end of my bollIx.

            If you delete this and leave his poison up you can get fooked too.

            @Bertie Stay fabulous kid.

  7. Rob

    While I realise there’s a serious situation in hospitals, I think NPHET gives little or no consideration to the long term mental health effects on children of disrupting and cancelling their normal childhood events. I, heading toward the latter half of middle age, still have fond memories of birthday parties from aged 5, 6 , 7 years old – they still give me happiness.

    My children will have.long term memories of 2-3 years (maybe more) of constant disappointment. Being told time and time again of things that are going to happen – parties, playdates, holidays, only to ultimately be told that every single one has been cancelled. My 3 year old hasn’t really ever known any different, but it gets to my 8 year old, despite him being a naturally happy and resilient child.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      all my baby sees are masks, it’s a wonder she has learned to smile and laugh at all, she’s much more clingy than she should be…she’s not alone, it’s ruining confidence building and emotional ques

      1. Clampers Outside

        +1… that’s… I dunno… Horrible to read that.
        I’m sure you re but I’ll say it anyway… Be strong J and give extra cuddles and smiles :)

  8. Kdoc

    The children in all Californian public schools wear masks; even school choirs sing while wearing masks. The vast majority of children and parents have no issue with the mandate.

      1. Oro

        Have you spent much time in California J? I’ll guess you haven’t (only because you’ve never mentioned it and not many Irish ppl do), but it’s far from what you see on tv. Really diverse in its culture, ethnic groups and local politics, difficult to talk about as a group. The generalization is…..not useful.

        1. Kdoc

          Correct. It has a population of 40 million and roughly ten times the size of our little patch in the ocean. Residents of Cali are too diverse to be pigeon-holed.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I have actually spent time there, it’s where most of my American mates in Paris are from and have mostly headed back to. I have friends married to Californians too, it’s were most of the soundest and equally batpoop crazy people live, a hippy chick with a a crystal told me so ;) right after hyperventilating because I fed her strawberries.
            Spent time in NY too, America is fun… sometimes but not my bag so no I don’t go on about it.

          2. Oro

            I’ll retract my j’accuse in that case ;)

            Sounds like you enjoyed your time. Sweet Jesus the crystals, give me strength!

    1. Rominick

      And that’s the problem; people (I’m assuming) like you who blindly follow orders are destroying this world and their childrens future.
      I expect politicians to lie and serve their masters, you can’t blame a pig for grunting after all.
      But blind compliance drags the rest of us down.
      After 20 months of this anyone who believes this is still about health is a member of a cult.

      1. Kdoc

        Your assumption is half right. The ninety percent of adults who are vaccinated follow the scientific guidelines, but not blindly. We have assessed the weight of the arguments, and those who are making the arguments, and we chose the correct fork in the road. There are only a handful of medics in this country who are anti vax. Others, who are vociferous on the anti vax side include: a hairdresser, an unemployed truck driver, a former British squaddie and a couple of discredited journalists, among others. Not to mention a few commenters on social media who have learned and rehearsed a few medical terms in a lame effort to impress us.
        Do you really believe that almost the entire medical establishment and the State are conspiring to damage their own citizens – not to mention their own families, relatives and friends?

        1. Micko

          Dude, you should give Dopesick on Disney a watch.

          It doesn’t require an evil conspiracy for these things to happen, just some delusional people to start it and other people too afraid to stand up.

          1. Rominick

            @Micko, @kdoc
            The problem with these pesky conspiracy theorists is that their conspiracies keep coming true.
            No, the medical establishment is doing what they’re told.
            You’ve assessed the arguments from a one sided argument which is an oxymoron in itself.
            Which brings me back to my original point, you’re following blindly.

          2. benblack

            Just thought a documentary style presentation would be preferred over any type of dramatisation.

            Or, am I missing something?

      2. Kdoc

        Romnick what conspiracy has become truth?
        How could I have assessed the debate from one side? That’s illogical; it wouldn’t be an assessment then.
        I’ve listened to both sides of the debate. I listened to Dr. de Bruen from Rush. At least he doesn’t believe that COVID is a hoax. One of his gripes – with which I agree – was how it was allowed to run rampant in the nursing home sector. I’ve also listened to a doctor from Kildare and another from Clare, their names escape me at the moment.
        I think you are really referring to Groupthink (in the case of Covid it would be Groupthink on a world world-wide scale) and I don’t believe that’s the case. The cult label seems more appropriate for the anti brigade.

        1. Rominick

          * Vaccine passports will never be brought in.
          * A vaccine become a 6 monthly subscription service.

          Ask yourself this, what would a real pandemic look like?
          Would you need the continual stream of propoganda from the media?

          Also don’t forget that Luke O’Neill said that facemasks are completely unnecessary early last year.
          As well al Holohans track record with the swine flu adverse effects which have been settled in court and his treatment of the cervical cancer debacle.

          I’m sure you’ll have some rebuttal to defend your position as I’ve just done the same.

          But, ask yourself in private “Doesn’t this just feel wrong”?

          1. Kdoc

            Romnick, I don’t recall anyone saying vaccine passports will never be brought in. Six monthly booster shots may, or may not, be necessary; I don’t know and maybe nobody knows just yet.
            I think regular information re updates from the media is valuable, it’s misinformation is the problem from social media.
            Wasn’t it Karl Popper who said something along the lines that science was useless unless it can be falsified. It can’t remain static, it changes as new information comes to light. And that’s exactly what happened when Luke O’Neill studied the data that came on stream. It showed the utility of mask wearing.
            Sticking with the science is the way out.

          2. Rominick

            People warned about Vaccine passports last may and were shouted down as tin foil hatters.
            “science was useless unless it can be falsified.” and that’s exactly whats happened with the PCR tests.
            You’re sticking with their version of the science.

      1. Kdoc

        I don’t think it’s as simple as that. California is densely populated with twice the population of Florida. They also appear to be slow rolling out the booster shots.

        1. SOQ

          On the other hand, Florida has the highest number of what be deemed high risk aged vulnerable in the US? It is not called the retirement state for nothing.

          Even Nancy Pelosi plans to move there.

          1. Johnny

            Can someone take the gin,it’s all day every day,lie after lie after lie-like DUH she’s leaving SF for that dump and swamp-yeah sure oh I have a bridge for sale….

            -This is completely false,” said Drew Hammill, deputy chief of staff for the speaker. “There’s no such pending sale, nor is the family looking or interested.”-

          2. Johnny

            Oh dharling,Nance is many things but a secret Floridian is not one.If your gonna have a go try have a lil style and panache,that’s one the problems with your lot,a dour humorless disgruntled bunch of…

            ‘The bride wore Maison Margiela by John Galliano for her ceremony officiated by Nancy Pelosi at City Hall. After, guests gathered for a reception at the Getty Mansion…’

            Try google translate again.


          3. Johnny

            I have met her yes,she was in Belfast,on her way her secret girl cave in Florida,with AOC,Bernie and the squad-how cheap is that gin,you know it’s a depressant right ?

      2. Johnny

        No it does NOT.
        That is another LiE
        Your post should be fact checked
        They are PROPAGANDA
        You are LYING

        -The order exempted household members alone or with other household members but applied “when non-household members are present,” the order said.-

        Hint-think multi family apartment dwellings,not single family-duh.
        (Like say delivery-are you pretending or are you really this F…stu…)

          1. Johnny

            ..define home ?

            I’m super responsible,don’t drink,home early,but downstairs in my brownstone in Brooklyn,is a fat sad person,who trawls the apps and has boys and blow delivered 24/7-can the boys please wear masks in the hall…..that’s about it.

            If you have a alternative interpretation- go for it.

    1. benblack

      Not if Granny or Grandad is diagnosed with dementia – or related cognitive dysfunction illnesses. The state then steps in and commits the dementia suffering granny or grandad to a nursing home – after the perfunctory ward of court proceedings – and obtains court orders for the family home to be sold in the event of the death of granny or grandad to pay for the costs of the court appointed nursing home incarceration.

      Good times, indeed.

  9. ian-oG

    Erin on Twitter has some thoughts on a medical issue.

    I cannot determine whether she is a medical professional so I will file her opinion under the used teabags at the bottom of my bin.

  10. Sailor Gerry

    Plenty of medical professionals think this plandemic is deliberately genocidal in nature and a population control exercise.

    Masks are a waste of time, a comfort blanket for fools and a badge of compliance for the Karen’s.

    Looks like my kids might have to be home schooled too in the not too distant, they will not be taking part in the clotshot lottery.


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