This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

A ‘Save Our Spaces’ protest outside Leinster House organised by Radicailín calling for the rights of women and girls to ‘female-only, single sex spaces and services’.

Miriam Cotton writes:

Women from all over Ireland gathered to speak in defence of the preservation of women’s safe spaces. Speakers included Nuala Gallagher of Radicailín, the organisers of #SaveOurSpaces, Laoise Uí Aodha de Brun, spokesperson for The, Ceri Black of LGB Alliance Ireland, Rachel Moran of The Irish Women’s Lobby – and Graham Linehan of Father Ted Fame.

Previously: Gender  Questioning

Pics: Miriam Cotton

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75 thoughts on “Give Her Space

        1. George

          Their parents got divorced over their Da’s obsession with other people’s genitalia and not in the usual way.

          1. Bitnboxy

            Ironic: Graham Linehan all for women’s “safe spaces” but could not share a space with his wife, destroying his marriage through extremism and 24 hour keyboard bashing.

            I call BS on this nonsense – a handful of cranks- very few of them actual parents- desperately trying to import US culture war crap to Ireland.

          2. Cú Chulainn

            She left because she was cancelled from getting any work while being with him. He had to take his name off the Nova Jones series so she could go on with it. What is shocking is that a male rapist can identify as a female upon conviction and be sent to a woman’s prison, where, guess what, he rapes again (actually happened recently in Limerick prison). Whilst the vast majority of people support Trans rights, the simple fact of biology is that in every society that has existed on this planet, women have needed safe spaces from men, and regardless of how a man feels, this is no different. It’s further evidence of mens aggression to women that people who purport to be women, but have been born male, insist on sub defining women along the lines demonstrated in the posters. On a recent HSE information website it describes women as cervice owners and also referred, not to nursing mothers but to chest feeders. That is a world gone mad. I support trans rights, it is a mental illness, Gender dysphoria, and needs help and care. It does not need support to belittles women to make a sufferer feel better about themselves.

          3. Clampers Outside


            Mr Linehans ex was also supportive of the maintenance of sex based safe spaces…. Bitns’ claim of irony is completely idiotic.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Don’t forget Oro, that other anti-science head the ball commenter completely captured by gender woo.

        They’ve been rather quiet the last while… maybe they’ve seen sense…

        * looks out window *

        Sky’s not falling, so probably not :)

        1. Johnny

          …the sparkling wit and intelligence of your…is it 40 or so ‘responses’ or cat calls,convinced him of the moral superiority on your ‘argument’,sorry BS.
          What a strange hill (online world) for a rural based Irish dad to immerse ‘drown’ themselves in-why this obsession …like why ?
          Can you not just keep your side the street in rural Ireland clean,that’s if they have sidewalks.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Pot kettle there Johnny. At least I live here, you’re just some pompous numpty from New York!
            And so by comparison, I am, to use your terms, very much on my side of the street… and my side of the Atlantic :)

            And furthermore, engaging in and wanting to understand and discuss a topic that effects not just a minority, but clearly effects everyone*, is not as you say, obsessive, it’s appropriate.

            *everyone, because this gender ideology is changing laws and is being taught to our kids in schools.

          2. Johnny

            …yeah,but this morning for example in Chelsea,NY this pompous numpty will have coffee,chat and interact with trans people,how many sheep or cows you hoping meet..

            Tomorrow at work I will collaborate with ‘trans’ people,in NY and LA-how’s your broadband,is this hobby sorry ‘expertise” in any way real life experiences …or all online in chat rooms ?

            Your doing it for the kids in schools-oh.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Good for you Johnny, living in a world where by nature of larger population there are more of the minority of trans individuals. Great to hear they are working, and from your comment, doing so without discrimination, as it should be.

            But, do tell, how does that experience which is right and proper, and one I support, have any relation to anything I have said here?
            And no, if you read my comment back again, there are no claims of expertise, but a call for discussion and understanding above the dictats of ideology. You do see that, of course you do. I know you are well capable of comprehending that, but you choose to be snide, which is fine by me. You do you, as you see fit.
            Your comment does demonstrate you’re clearly not the tolerant “progressive” you see yourself as.

            As for the kids.
            Yeah, they should be taught facts, not ideologies. You can mock that concern all you like. It shows more of you, than it does anything else.

          4. Johnny

            As you have frequently over share on here,does your foreign (Eastern European ?)wife share in your hobby,or is it something you do alone….do you quickly drop the screen…or read aloud your ‘facts’…is it a solo pursuit for you,saving other people’s kids ?

          5. Johnny

            Graham looks well,about as healthy as his career,you are only as sick as your secrets,Nigel was too good for this place and you.

          6. Clampers Outside

            His career is doing well, with Motherland having nominated for a number of awards including writing.

          7. Clampers Outside

            Nigel believes sex can change, that men can have babies and that the only reason women don’t do better at sports is because of diet and how they are raised as kids…. which is all science denial ism at its worst. So, let’s be clear, he’s a gender idealogue, a true believer in the gender woo-woo.
            Leave him off, he’s entitled to whatever he wants to believe, just as Creationists are too.

    1. Clampers Outside

      For goodness sake.

      Let’s just leave his kids out of it… that’s low, real low, and pathetic commentary Sara.

      1. Bitnboxy

        From anyone else Itchy aka Clampers – you’d be the first out to the school gates to roar invective if you got wind they were accommodating a different kid. And you would do worse if allowed.

        1. Clampers Outside

          No. Nothing in that is me.

          That does read as though you are projecting.
          Do mind yourself Bitn, sounds like you need some minding.

  1. WestWoman

    Well done all of you!
    If a man stands in a stable and puts on a saddle he isn’t a horse, any more than a man putting on women’s clothes is a woman.

  2. Andrea King

    Great to see women speaking out against the way self-ID was brought into Ireland with no debate and no consensus. Most people don’t even know about it. The recent Red C polls showed that people are generally supportive of trans rights but once you get into the details and implications people tend not to support gender self-ID, eradicating single sex spaces and especially not childhood transition.

      1. Sue

        Well it ‘actually’ is their business George, especially when trans rights infringe on the rights of women and girls to their own single sex spaces.

        1. George

          Single gender spaces continue to exist despite self declaration having been in place for 6 years. The sky has not fallen in.

          1. Clampers Outside

            They are single ‘sex’ spaces, not single ‘gender’ spaces.

            Please don’t conflate the two, thanks.

          2. Clampers Outside

            I ask because gender ideology attempts to muddy that water, and it is important that in a discussion that all sides are clear on what is actually being discussed.

      2. Andrew

        It is their business when your own hard won rights are trampled upon. But it wont effect you George, you’ll be fine.

          1. WestWoman

            “They don’t though” ?
            You mean they don’t except for real women’s hard fought for single sex hospital wards, sports, changing rooms, prisons, meetings, toilets, etc and now music awards?
            Or did you mean there’s no effect on real women’s employment now that any man in knickers can pretend he’s a woman?

          2. Andrew

            You don’t do critical thinking George do you? Sure what do you care? As a man you won’t be put out one bit, so what’s the problem say you.

        1. Clampers Outside

          The reason for the poll showing the general support, but shows less so when you drill down for detail is because TRAs planned it that way.

          The TRA trans lobby in Ireland is on record of stating they are proud of bringing in Self-ID, in their words, “under the radar” of public debate by avoiding any scrutiny by going the route of privately lobbying politicians with emotional stories of individuals and intentionally conducted no discussions with the politicians of any consequences of Self ID.
          This is why the Red C poll results are as they are. The TRA trans lobby and their anti-democratic practices (that is, avoidance of open discussion as well as private lobbying) has delivered nothing but distrust. And that distrust is of their own making by following an activism of “no debate” .

  3. Mary

    Excellent today, Irish women standing together to say no to self ID. Spreading awareness is key. This is just the beginning!

    1. Clampers Outside

      No, they are solo-sex spaces.

      Hope that clears things up. Now use a wet-wipe, and clean up before you leave :)

  4. Imelda Maybe

    English accent. Surprise, surprise. Brit TERFs in Ireland and friends.

    They have form. No surprise there.

  5. Imelda Maybe

    Video: Straight in with the English accent. Surprise, surprise. Brit TERF thinking in Ireland and their local confederates.

    They have form in this sort of thing.

    Dog.Whistle. 3 – 2- 1 …..

    1. Andrew

      What has anyone’s accent to do with anything? You’ve been captured, a useful idiot for the Buffalo Bills of this world.

    2. Mary

      Welsh actually, and she lives here. So what? The other 3 speakers all have strong southern Irish accents if that helps you love.

    3. Clampers Outside

      Good grief!
      If she was black and spoke with a Nigerian accent, what would you say then?

      You sound like a fool.

  6. Imelda Maybe

    Well said, Sara. There are still people watching a comedy that ended in 1998 (i.e., impossible for anyone under the age of 23) and think it’s funny and says something relevant about Ireland.

    Gammon in anorak with sign protesting about Irish people’s right to legislate while using weak Brit prison statistics as the sole data point. No facts.

    “Women from all over Ireland”.

    1. Val

      Yes women from all over Ireland protesting self ID including the inclusion of pre transition male rapists and sex offenders in women’s prisons. You’d object to that too if you cared more about women than being woke.

    2. Clampers Outside

      “Weak stats”?

      So you do see sexual assaults happening, but you are not happy with the stats used in the protest.
      Wow! So I’ll ask, how many sexual assaults must occur before you see a problem?

      Me, I see that we had safeguards that outright prevented such assaults, and those safeguards, those being single sex spaces, should be applied.
      You clearly see the occurrence os sexual assault, when dropping the safe guards, as acceptable collateral damage. And so I ask again, how many before you see a problem?

  7. Clampers Outside


    Why is ‘gender’ used to override ‘sex’ based rights if the two are supposedly so distinct from each other as per gender ideology?

    Gender ideology teaches that ‘gender is fluid’. That it can change at any time, and with any frquency – hourly, weekly, etc…
    1. So why are permanent life changing (i) drugs, and (ii) surgery, used to alter the body to align with it?
    2. If gender is so fluid, then, as per the gender ideology teachings, it is socially constructed and so can be socially corre Ted for the individual without any medical intervention, yes? If not, why not?

    I ask the above, because there is without doubt contradictory reasoning (if there is even any “reasoning” at all) behind gender ideology.
    Maybe those calling these protesters TERFs and bigots can explain their reasoning for supporting the contradictions inherent in their gender ideology beliefs (for it is exactly that, a “belief system”, not a science based belief at that), and their supports for life changing permanent experimental medical interventions.

    I’ll wait…

      1. Madam x

        Why has a small minority that has no effect on anyone raised such ire. They are living their life doing no one any harm. Seems to me equality is a thing of fear for some. irrational fear at that.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Of course they, the minority you speak of, should be left to live their life free from discrimination.
          But there is no need to erase sex based rights of a majority group, just to appease a number of those within that minority.
          There is a middle ground. It’s simple, you have sex based spaces and you have a third space. Many of those I’ve seen speaking of this middle ground are those who are of that minority, not persons speaking on their behalf, but trans persons themselves.

          – – – –

          Seeing as you have decided to respond to me, and clearly you would appear to be a gender ideology believer, can you answer any of the questions posed above, thanks.

        2. Andrew

          Why, if they are such a small minority and they are, must women sacrifice their single sex spaces to accommodate autogynephilic men?

          1. Madam x

            So Happy Holidays is a no. It has to be Happy Christmas. It’s the same thing. It’s turning something that is an issue into an anti T rant. Lenehan has an irrational hatred of anyone gender non binary. These people are using an issue to stir discrimination and hatred. Thankfully most Irish people see through it.

          2. Clampers Outside

            Most are not, as per the poll, and they are not because of the activist campaign of “no debate” that intentionally avoided innforming them, by, in their own words, going “under the radar” of the public.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Hi Ed, there is a club I know that can help you with your wish… belly rubs a plenty.. woof woof, paws

    2. Clampers Outside

      You could be a ‘furry’ for a while and see how that works for ya :)

      I wouldn’t recommend going into a public loo on all fours and clocking a leg against the wall though. ‘Twould be most unhygienic for you :)

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Hi Tom, not quite. You see, sometimes a man or a woman, or indeed a trans, has a feeling an urge of nature if I can call it that, that doesn’t easily fit into what many, but not all, think of as an expression of that urge. Some call it a perversion others an affliction, but it generally involves just a tad more hands on than just guiding, though guiding is fine to, I think Ed is thinking of a more dynamic doggie encounter.. but, to each their own.. and, so long as everyone is a consenting adult (and not just in dog ears), what harm in that… ruff ruff

    3. Madam x

      No body went under the radar. Where did you get that from. ? There was a Robust a very robust process through both houses in Kildare St. Other countries have Self ID. The sky has not fallen in.

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