The Web Summit’s Paddy Cosgrave

This afternoon.


A “very substantial” payment was made to a female ex-Web Summit employee to settle claims of bullying and harassment against its CEO Paddy Cosgrave, a former director has alleged in High Court proceedings.

Daire Hickey, a fellow co-founder of the successful tech conference, accused Mr Cosgrave of routinely chastising and demeaning staff, particularly women.

It is the third lawsuit relating to disputes between co-founders of the tech event to be filed in the space of just seven weeks.

…A Web Summit spokesperson has described Mr Hickey’s claims as “baseless”.

Female employee got ‘substantial’ settlement over bullying claims against Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave, lawsuit claims (

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5 thoughts on “A Tangled Web

  1. Bitnboxy

    Lol. Paddy Cosgrave will be on Twitter later if he is not already claiming victimhood. MSM are after him, the poor gentle soul.

    Interesting that his counsel objected to Hickey’s case being accepted into the Commercial Court list. That is a fast track list so those with a lot money cannot delay matters inordinately – all pre-trial motions, discovery etc. have strict time limits so the case gets on quickly. My money is on Cosgrave quietly settling these cases. Ouch – it will cost!

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