Diddly Eye Opener


Protestors outside The Cobblestone, North King Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7, one of the best known traditional Irish music pubs in Dublin last September.

This afternoon.

Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Via RTE news:

Dublin City Council has refused planning permission for a hotel to be built around the Cobblestone pub in Smithfield.

Marron Estates had applied to the council for permission to construct a nine-storey hotel at 77-80 North King Street.

The development would have meant the partial demolition of one of Dublin’s most famous traditional music pubs.

Hundreds of objections were lodged with the council and demonstrations were held to save the pub.

Refusing planning permission the council stated the development would be “overbearing and significantly out of scale and character with the prevailing architectural context“.

Permission refused for hotel near Cobblestone pub (RTE)

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11 thoughts on “Diddly Eye Opener

  1. Paulus

    So the Cobblestone’s got a reprieve
    Well that’s what I’d like to believe.
    But in a plan predatory
    Can they drop it a storey,
    Their nefarious ends to achieve?

    1. George

      The refusal also noted that the demolition of the Cobble Stone’s music venue would not be in keeping with the cultural element of the planning policy for the area. They may be able to get approval for a modified design but that should involve retaining the entire cobblestone.

    1. The Dude

      Alas I fear you may be right
      Knock a floor off this pile of shite
      Include a bit more muso space
      And we might yet see the ghastly blight

  2. Diddy

    The leaseholders must be delighted. Saving culture and maintaining their goldmine revenue stream in one foul swoop.

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