Kevin Higgins: Crossing To Bear


Migrants on the English Channel

The Death By Drowning Of Twenty Seven Migrants
In The English Channel on Wednesday

It could have been twenty seven Cliff Richard fans
who quite like that Boris Johnson really;
twenty seven Noel Edmonds lookalikes
whose wives stimulate themselves with The Daily Express;
twenty seven former double glazing salesmen from Folkestone, Kent
who blame everything on the French;
twenty seven members of the Murdoch family
(including Jerry Hall);
twenty seven known business associates of the Duke of York;
twenty seven potential Archbishops of Canterbury;
twenty seven people with Allegra Stratton accents;
twenty seven arthritic comedians who spent
four years making Diane Abbot quips;
twenty seven logical positivists
who get their political philosophy from the tweets
of Right Said Fred, Joanna Lumley, & David Baddiel;
twenty seven OBEs, MBEs, and Commanders of The British Empire.

Tragically, it wasn’t.

Kevin Higgins

Pic: Wikimedia

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20 thoughts on “Kevin Higgins: Crossing To Bear

  1. Tom

    You hate, genuinely hate, people who disagree with your view of the world. Got it. Maybe stop trying to dignify your childish, venomous screeds by aping the poetic form? It would be more honest.

  2. Ellie Campbell

    It’s Patrick Kavanagh’s anniversary tomorrow, he left skid marks on the bowl of McDaid’s jacks that were more poetical than this.

  3. Boe_Jiden

    why have france skated on this? all the blame seems to be focused on the country they were travelling to, not the one that allowed to to take such a dangerous journey.

    1. Rob_G

      Short of forcibly detaining all migrants in some sort of prison camp, or putting manned defences along every inch of coastline, WW2-style, I’m not sure how you can reasonably expect France to be able to prevent all and every maritime incident, particularly involving people deciding to take to the sea in the dead of winter, presumably in a craft that is not suitable for the purpose.

      RIP those poor people.

    2. AtomicDave

      There was a time when anyone anywhere in the world could walk into any British Embassy or Consulate anywhere and apply for the status they required.
      Thatcher changed all that by requiring applicants to be on the British Mainland to apply. She was warned at the time this would be the result, but her Hubris won. If you don’t remember this, you weren’t there at the time – I remember it and no amount of Conservative party redaction or re-writing can erase my memory.
      This is a situation Britain created and refuses to change, no amount of finger-pointing will change that.
      It is Britain’s responsibility and no one else’s.

      1. Rob_G

        I’m pretty sure it’s a result of the Dublin Regulation; anyone looking to apply for asylum in Ireland needs to get here also, for example.

        Anyway, why would a British consulate look favourably on an application for stats from someone who was already safely in France, another safe European democracy?

          1. Rob_G

            Yes. But how come every other country in Europe requires asylum applications to be made in situ? It was hardly Thatcher forced them to adopt this policy as well, was it?

    3. Tricia McLaughlin

      Have you seen the conditions in the camps in France? Do you care that unaccompanied children are being abused and exploited – and the Dobs scheme, agreed to by all political parties, passed in Parliament, trashed by this xenophobic tradh o a government!
      Are you ignoring international law which states asylum seekers have the inalienable right to choose which country they wish to claim asylum in?
      These are human beings. The UK has taken a fraction, a tiny fraction, of refugees compared with other European countries.
      Get your head out of your backside! This is no crisis, how desperate would you be to risk your family’s life to get on an effective lilo to cross the English channel to achieve safety.
      We have a responsibility for displacing millions from their safe homes.
      You, if reading the above with a closed heart, do not deserve the name of human.

  4. Mim Cotton

    Nicely said. That plays the murderous indifference and complicity right back at them. A point that seems to have been missed here by some.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They were brown, foreign nobodies. Which means they don’t count as much as even one of the luminaries menitioned by Kevin.

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