Irishtown Road, Dublin 4.

St Patrick’s Athletic fans are attacked at the Irishtown House pub ahead of the FAI Cup Final at the Aviva between St Pats and Bohemians.

Ugly scenes as groups brawl in Dublin pub before FAI Cup final (DublinLive)



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10 thoughts on “Kick Off

  1. Paulus

    The WHO should check possible anagrams before assigning a virus-variant name:
    Lambda/ad balm would have been more soothing than Omicron/moronic.

    1. seanydelight

      Whats with all the comments lately attacking anything and everything that gets posted?
      Nothing to do with covid / vax / conspiracy….. just worthless posts to insult the admin.

      Beyond sad, but I am glad they bump up the clicks / revenue …..

      And to your point Pee Pee, this has never been a sports site. Commonly there might be ‘slice of life’ segments or controversy / news worthy pieces with a sports context but little to zero cover of results.

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