No Granny Left Behind



This morning.

100 per cent of over-70s!

Granny’s saved.

Earlier: “It Is Likely It Is Here”

Via Ireland Vaccine Status


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17 thoughts on “No Granny Left Behind

  1. John Smith

    I don’t ask people whether they are vaccinated. It’s their own private business. However, of the four people whom I know are not vaccinated, three are over 70. At best, 100% is a rounded figure but could just be deliberately misleading.

    1. tom2

      Would you want to know if a sexual partner has aids? That’s their private business according to you, right?

      1. John Smith

        @ Tom2

        Not a valid comparison, as I am sure you realise. Someone who has aids can pass it on. If someone is not vaccinated, it doesn’t mean they have an illness to pass on. They can only pass on an illness if they actually catch it and, with Covid-19, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can catch and spread it. Therefore, I see little point in asking whether someone is vaccinated – which would be an intrusion, as I have pointed out.

        Mind you, vaccinated people get milder symptoms, apparently, so, as symptoms can be quite mild anyway, they might not even know they’ve got it. Unvaccinated people are more likely to be aware if they’ve got it and to be isolating, if so. Perhaps I should be asking about vaccination status so I can avoid vaccinated people as they are, potentially, more dangerous to be near…

          1. John Smith

            @ Tom2

            You aids comment is invalid because you are talking about an illness, not a vaccine. Aids can be spread if a person has it. Covid can’t be spread just because someone hasn’t had a vaccine and someone isn’t ‘safe’ to be with just because they have had a vaccine.

            Vaccinated or not, people can catch the virus and spread it. The study report you linked to doesn’t suggest that vaccinated people don’t spread the virus, just that they may spread it to a lesser extent.

          2. Oro

            Most people living with AIDS in the west that are 1) aware they have the virus/disease and 2) taking medication are actually not able to pass it on. The medication eliminates the amount of virus in the transmissible fluids to a negligible quantity. It’s called being ‘undetectable’. Also you don’t pass AIDs to another person, you can only pass the HIV-1 or 2 virus.

          3. SOQ

            You don’t pass the CoVid-19 disease onto other people, only the SARS-CoV-2 virus. And, most people who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 are completely asymptomatic, so have no idea.

            The main difference is that everyone will clear SARS-CoV-2 by themselves, but not HIV- people can be infectious with HIV for 20-25 odd years, without knowing.

  2. Zaccone

    100% of people over 70 in the country just seems too impossible to be true. Is there really not a single person over that age who is anti vaxx, or just lazy? There isn’t a single other country on the planet that claims such universal uptake.

    I don’t doubt that we have a very high vaccine uptake, particularly in the older age cohorts, but that just seems a Pravda-esque figure.

  3. Micko

    So, pretty much the same figures as we had at the start of October. A little uptick in the Teenagers – I’m sure we’re ALL delighted about that.

    Ah… October.

    Remember then. the 23rd was supposed to be our day of freedom. No more NPHET, no more Vax passes, everything open – for everyone!

    So, if the uptake isn’t increasing by that much – surely the coercion of the Vax pass is pointless.

  4. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    The 20 to 30 age group have received a real bashing in the media for socialising. Yet 83% of them are vaccinated. Why is this pattern of ‘blame and shame’ particular groups of society continuing without any legal challenge?

  5. Sailor Gerry

    The massive uptake of the clotshots in Ireland is disheartening to say the least, even though they are likely nudging the numbers to make resistance seem futile, which it is not.

    I have often wondered why it seems that almost every facet of what was great and good in Ireland seems to be under constant attack. The link below may go some way in explaining why some are losing their way whilst feeling lost under a well financed and planned assault.

    The plandemic should not be viewed in isolation, it is part of the larger sinister great reset that the WEF and the worlds largest mutual funds wish to happen.

  6. wearnicehats

    How is the percentage of the total eligible population vaccinated calculated?

    The eligible population is all those who can avail of a COVID-19 vaccine as per the National Immunisation Advisory Committee’s recommendation. At the moment, that is all those aged 12 years and over.

    The percentage of people having received a vaccination is calculated by dividing the number of vaccinations administered by the eligible population. For the total population and age groups, the population is sourced from the April 2021 population estimates, published by the Central Statistics Office

    The population percentage and age group uptake should be interpreted as an estimate. For example, the number of persons who have received a vaccine only includes those who have been vaccinated in the state and would not include Irish residents who may have been vaccinated outside of the state e.g. in Northern Ireland. Further, the denominator used to calculate the percentages is a population estimate. As it is an estimate, this may lead to a slight underrepresentation or overrepresentation of the number of people vaccinated as a whole or in a given age group.

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