St Patrick Park,  Dublin 8

This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

Dubliners are to be “paid” for a walk in the park with “Civic Dollars” they can cash in for coffee and cake and other goods and services, in an effort to encourage outdoor exercise.

Visitors to five parks in the Dublin 8 area can earn the community currency if they sign up for a new smart phone app to allow Dublin City Council to track their park use.

The scheme is being piloted in the area from the Liberties to Inchicore, following research by the council’s Smart D8 team which found just 40 per cent of local residents took regular exercise, but 92 per cent said they would use a park for exercise if it was available to them.

Visitors to St Audoen’s Park, St Patrick’s Park, Weaver Park and Oscar Square in the Liberties, and Grattan Park in Inchicore who use the app will be rewarded with Civic Dollars for every 30 minutes they spend in the park up to a limit of 5 dollars a day.


It’s a walk in the park: Dubs get exercised over digital dollars (Irish Times)


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45 thoughts on “Talking The Walk

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      plus they can fupp off, we are not children who needs to be bribed to look after ourselves, is that who we want to be ?

      1. Rob_G

        26% of the adult population of Ireland is obese, and only 40% of residents take regular exercise (from the article) – so yes, apparently people do need to be bribed to look after themselves.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          I’m so flattered, we never see you here anymore unless it’s to chat to me :)

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      That’s a separate issue, but a valid one. When you get a coffee from most vendors, the food accompaniment is almost always cake or biscuit. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and hate the cake (like us), there is nothing else on offer.

      On the park issue, 92% probably responded either looking for a new park or looking for something else to blame for their lack of exercise. This is not really a valid poll. It looks like the DCC are calling their bluff.

      Not a local, but St. Pat’s Park is beautiful, and amazingly sound-proof.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        + massive lack of savory bites, is a little steamed dumpling to much to ask for

        1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          A little square of boxty
          A scotch egg
          A wee pork pie
          A packet of nuts
          A pintzo of pickled herring
          A cheese and apple cuboid

          So many ideas and recipes, but no – just feed the Irish cake. It’s very upsetting.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      -10 for being obese,
      -20 for buying a bottle of malt whiskey ?
      where does it end

      1. Rob_G

        Governments subsidise things that they want people to do, and tax people on things that they don’t want to do.

        So, they provide subsidies in the form of children’s allowance, free education, etc. to encourage people to start a family, whereas they charge high rates of excise on things like cigarettes in order to discourage people from smoking.

        You will be pleased to learn that walking in the park, just as having babies or stopping smoking, won’t be made mandatory.

          1. Rob_G

            Well yes, I should hope that the government (or the council, in this case) should start some sort of new initiatives to tackle the obesity epidemic.

            You seem to have a curious attitude regarding the state intervening in people’s lives; on the one hand, you seem happy for the state to intervene when it involves giving stuff to its citizens (medical care, lifelong social welfare entitlements), but the idea that the state, as part of this bargain, would ask anything in return for these supports – employment activation (you will recall the fruit picking contretemps), asking people to justify their travel during a worldwide pandemic, to consider taking the odd walk – you lose the rag completely, and start talking about ‘social credits’ and urine tests, an other libertarian talking points

            I am genuinely concerned that you have become radicalised from reading Broadsheet comments.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I appreciate your concern, that’s genuine.
            Don’t be, I’m just frustrated I can’t run much and more annoyed across the board.
            I don’t believe in social welfare for ever BTW. As I have said before over a pint we probably share some views.
            By the way, do you know me in real life ?

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            The urine tests was tounge in cheek, dry humor doesn’t always translate well in text.

  1. seanydelight

    I know the owner of Fusco’s on Meath Street, the amount of folks who simply cannot take care of themselves is amazing. He’s told me about countless families that just live on take aways.

    1. Rob_G

      I’m sure that he will be delighted about you sharing his uncharitable observations on his clientele on a public forum.

    2. AssPants

      It’s nobody’s business what anybody eats or drinks….

      If one should choose to eat take-away seven days a week that is their choice; not for anybody else to judge or dictate good dietary habits to another.

      1. Zaccone

        When 26% of the Irish population is obese, and they put huge pressure on the health services through their entirely self inflicted problem, its everybody’s business.

        The number one risk factor for covid hospitilization other than age is body weight. And thats not even accounting for diabetes, or heart attacks, or any number of other medical problems that obese people regularly suffer from.

        Obesity is our generation’s smoking – people will look back in 50 years with horror on why sugar didn’t come with health warnings and punitive taxation.

        1. AssPants

          What are you doing wasting your knowledge and expertise on Broadsheet? You should really be out there on your soap box chanting at those whose life choices you don’t agree with.

          And when your time comes for medical assistance, be sure to ask the medical professional to reconcile your life’s habit and behaviors to ensure you do not cost the state a cent; any activity that the medical professional feels would conflict with yours and the states good life choices will result in a reduction in medical assistance.

          Because we all know how well planned and managed the health finances are, we sure don’t want to waste them on people who have conflicting medical and life habits

          1. Zaccone

            I’m sorry if you don’t like the facts, you seem to be fairly easily triggered. Are you perhaps overweight yourself? The science is very clear on this – obesity is hugely damaging to both personal health and societal health services. And personal quality of life, for what its worth.

            Obesity is a selfish, self-inflicted, state that people in future generations will look on with the same horror as we look on people who chose to smoke 40 cigarettes a day currently. For all the same reasons.

            If you are overweight I’d really suggest starting an exercise and diet regime. Its not hard to lose the weight if you try. And it will improve your life in every way – you’ll be happier, healthier, look better, feel better. And be far less likely to end up in hospital from covid, as icing on top.

          2. Oro

            @Z do you eat meat? Or drink alcohol? Almost every Irish person does one or the other, which both are extremely damaging to the body. Socially people are less judgmental of both for reasons that probably have to do with the way those industries are setup in ireland.

            Maybe you’re vegan and don’t drink alcohol, but it seems unlikely. Would you accept the same views on you as being selfish, and any illnesses you develop being self-inflicted? Again I think that seems unlikely. Judge not lest ye be judged etc.

      2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        Take-away what?
        That’s more the issue.
        Take-away sushi has different calorific content than take-away chips and it is really a public health issue if people are constantly eating non-nutritious and fatty foods.

      1. seanydelight

        Yep, and his brother – lovely dudes.

        @ Rob – Didn’t meant to cause any embarrassment to them or their customers, but having lived on Francis Street myself for a number of years I could easily tell you the same story about the locals.
        Some folks never learned to cook, or became educated on healthier balanced diets, which passes generation to generation.
        Its not the only area to suffer from these issues, by any stretch.

        1. Lilly

          The occasional takeaway is fine but it’s not fair on children to feed them nothing but. Apart from the aesthetics and affect on self-esteem, childhood obesity cuts life expectancy and is hard on their little hearts.

  2. Marbe

    Does anyone know if there are public toilets in any of the above parks, please? Not a frivolous question,..

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        they could do an automatic urine test linked to your digital ID card that stores your dollars, for your health

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