Watch With Mother



This afternoon.

Get ’em young.

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15 thoughts on “Watch With Mother

        1. Cui Bono?

          Scientists and doctors sharing data on these new vaccines is a very normal thing to do. It’s not rubbish or ant-vax.

    1. Micko

      Is that the incorrect spelling? Hadn’t noticed.

      I was referring to him correcting the pronunciation of his surname. Emphasis on the Stien!!!

      Ah yeah, Marty was deadly. His bulging eyeballs were down to Graves’ disease i believe.

  1. ce

    Looking good…

  2. Sailor Jerry

    Blatant propaganda aimed at kids.

    “Stay here till you are better” as if indefinite medical detention is ok. It is not ok and will not be tolerated.
    Just to appease some feeble sheep that know deep down their clot shot will not keep them safe.

    ADE will thin the herd once it kicks in and is blamed on yet another variant.

    Going to be a hard cold winter.

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    Can some explain to me, in simple English, why Claire Murphy is being a snowflake over a children’s programme?

    Can someone also explain to me why I should care because looking at the rest of her tweets she seems like a bit of a dope.

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