What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


Last night.

The Helix Theatre, Dublin.

Panto revellers, including telly’s Mairead Ronan (above with her daughter Bonnie), at the opening night of The Helix Panto, Red Riding Hood (until January 9).

Oh yes, they didn’t invite us.


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3 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. Ellie Campbell

    Sadly, the Z list, that made up 98% of this audience, has been full for quite some time, however there is a waiting list on the TV 3 website. The other 2% were lost.

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    I think we’ve just run out of celebrities tbh

    If you take a sconse over the magazine racks in the Spar Centra whatever
    Scan the local variants of the glossy Hello Ok what_have_ya section

    ‘telling ye
    I haven’t seen anyone on those covers that wasn’t there 10 years ago, maybe more
    Same for the RTÉ guide

    No celebrity development / junior academy stuff
    So ‘suppose we’re all stuck with what we’ve already managed with
    And make do with them I suppose

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