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On the afternoon of 29 November 1975, a bomb exploded in the public toilets in the arrivals terminal of Dublin Airport. It killed Aer Lingus worker John Hayes (38), who lived in Balbriggan, and injured nine others. According to bomb experts the bomb was hidden in a toilet tissue dispenser and went off after Hayes washed his hands and was about to leave. The blast ripped through a wall into a public bar where about thirty people were sitting. The airport was evacuated and a second bomb was found and safely detonated by a bomb disposal team.

Dublin Airport Bombings

Bomb Kills Aer Lingus Worker (RTÉ Archive)

Top pic via RTÉ

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1 thought on “Airport 1975

  1. K. Cavan

    Was it 9 bombings in total or 7, done by Loyalist terrorists, with the help of the British Army, of course? All this, combined with the sectarian civilian & police criminality, eventually goaded the IRA into a response.
    A narrative the MSM memory-holed for decades.

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