This afternoon

Achtung, Unjabby.

Earlier: Greek Tragedy

Yesterday: Maskschluss

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26 thoughts on “Herr Raising

    1. SOQ

      Yes I read about that- if the likes of Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough are even half right, all they need to do is get the jab- and wait.

      1. Cian

        Hint: they are no right.

        so far, 3,380,000,000 people are fully vaccinated (2 doses);

        of the Earth’s population:
        43% have had 2 (or more) doses (or had the one-shot vaccine)
        11% on first dose of two.
        26% of the Earths population are under 15
        20% are eligible, but not had any doses yet.

    1. Nigel

      For this to be a conspiracy theory proven true you would have to show proof that there was some sort of secret plan all along that led to this as an objective, as opposed to this being one of many possible outcomes given mutliple variables and conditions. I note that the ones about the pandemic being fake and the vaccine killing and/or mind controlling everyone who takes it have a ways to go yet.

          1. Chris

            C’mon, that’s a classic. If you’re looking for official whitepapers: Event 201, Operation Lockstep, Agenda 2030 & Scwabs The Great Reset. You don’t have to search very hard, they’re all ‘official’ – nothing secret.

  1. crimsonmoon

    Good. Germany’s vaccination rate is terrible and the system is struggling under the current wave.

    People seem to confuse mandatory vaccines with forced vaccines. Nobody is going to round up the unvaccinated and force a needle in their arm, but there will be consequences when people are found to be unvaccinated and they’ll have to deal with that. It’s like driving a car. Nobody follows you around and forces your seatbelt shut on you, but if you’re found driving without one you have to face the fine.

    1. SOQ

      What? Mandatory IS forced- what else could it be? It may not mean holding someone down but that is just splitting hairs.

      Dear God- the knots some people will tie themselves in to justify this medical fascism- and the injections don’t even prevent infection.

      1. No more hero

        @ SOQ.
        Please put your handbag back in your glove compartment and don’t drive over a cliff.
        Stop swinging at people.

        Stop fighting.

  2. Sailor Gerry

    If the shots worked as advertised, they would not need boosters; and the jabbed would not be able to get sick and die, whilst also spreading the coof.

    Australia just ordered 200m clotshots for a population of 25m people…. Just by simple math, that is 4 per year, per person, for the next 2 years. They are never going to stop with this insanity, until they are stopped.

    Compliance will not get us out of this predicament.

    Great well written primer for those that do not believe in or can not even comprehend conspiracies or where this clown show is leading us.

  3. No more hero

    I know this sounds like a stupid question.
    We all know the answer already….

    How many Vax-Hesitant mouthpieces have taken drugs they bought from a bloke they met in a pub?
    – and never saw again?

    Too many!

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