Pat McDonagh, MD of Supermac’s

Last night/this morning.

Supermac’s boss Pat McDonagh has confirmed that the group is now recruiting workers from overseas due to a ‘shortage of Irish applicants’.

Via RTÉ News:

Mr McDonagh said that over the past two months and up to the end of the year, Supermac’s will have recruited over 100 EU workers who do not require work permits from eastern Europe, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Mr McDonagh stated that one of the reasons for the shortage of workers here is the Government’s Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP).

I think the PUP caused people to get a bit lazy,” he said.

Supermac’s forced to recruit from overseas to fill jobs (RTÉ)

Pic: Supermacs


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30 thoughts on “Mac Jobs

  1. Ronan

    Ah yes, it’s all lazy workers – nothing to do with the pay and conditions on offer.

    Hire foreign workers who’ll sleep 3 to a room or bed-share between day shift and night shift instead.

    I’m sort of coming around to the idea of workers holding out as long as possible for better pay and conditions – particularly in the hospitality sector.

    I’m by no means a socialist, I just don’t see how we have a sustainable economy if the lowest worker tier can’t afford to live in it and we have to import those willing to live in comparative poverty to do certain jobs.

    1. Lilly

      Exactly. Having burned through the Irish workforce, he’s now forced to look further afield. If ever a Boycott were needed…

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        I’m not a fan of organised militant cancelling meself
        But Pat McDonough will never see another cent from my pocket

        and ye can consider the set of SuperMac Christmas mugs – fudgies from about 10 ago, loudly smashed into the Windmill Road bottle silos as soon as they come down from the attic
        next week probably

        Odious man
        an utter cretin, one of the very worst specimens of a Paddy that has done well for himself

        Galway Snr Hurlers deserve ever humiliation they get on the big stage with that brand across their chests

    2. Rob_G

      You’re not wrong.

      But even before the current housing crisis pooshow, there were unemployed Irish people (speaking perfect English, ofc), whereas people from Brazil or China could land over here with fairly minimal language skills and little in they way of recognised qualifications who found jobs no bother.

      Does not compute…

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        Hey Rob, would you mind answering my Q from the other day ?
        Do you know me in real life, it’s just you sound a lot like someone I know :)

        1. Rob_G

          sorry i don’t think i saw this question – no, to the best of my knowledge I have never met you or any other commenter in real life; must be some other ledge-bag

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            ah that’s grand, I was going to have to clean up my act on here, saved !
            (he’d never say ledge bag ;))

    3. Fergalito

      Well said – it always ceases to amaze me the correlation between those getting paid minimum wage and the work they do. We put a very slim value on the hard work and effort that people dealing in these public-facing roles perform regardless of where they are from. As someone once said, the only reason there’s a mandated minimum wage is because employers would pay less if they could get away with it.

      Imagine having to pay for your own uniform?

      I hope he struggles to get staff instead of this “boo-hoo” poor me shite about having to get workers from yonder to work in his grease-hole.

  2. Dr.Fart

    I would gladly make the mews available if one of these workers needs somewhere to live. With Lucienne gone now the place has lost a lot of colour and character. Ideally would suit a lady, as it has that touch from Lucienne’s time.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Or even ladies?, They could take turns escorting the good Doctor down to, and back from Copan a few nights a week!

      1. Dr.Fart

        there’s certainly the room! it reminds me of a few years ago, when it was uncovered that landlords were squeezing up to 14 Brazilians into small 2 bed flats. An awful practice, but a trick missed I dare say! Oh ol’ Farty wouldn’t do that, but perhaps a few more would be a good idea, I feel Lucienne and too much of a rule over the roost. Maybe some competition, and she might have been more eager to meet ol’ Farty half way on some requests!

  3. Jdawgs

    This cretin has lobbied the government to try and decrease the minimum wage for fast food workers. I had to have dealings with him and he is one of the most tight and greedy turnips I have ever had to deal with. He might have a bit of unique PR and spin which has him look like a good man and this might work for people west of the Shannon it falls short for others. He has scant regard for his staff. The Healy Rae of the Hamburger.

  4. Nullzero

    A cute hoor if there ever was one.

    Realistically, Supermacs staff should be paying HIM for the honour of working there.

    The real issue here isn’t unimportant nonsense like the quality of life of his staff or their working conditions, it’s Pat’s new motor next January and what fancy holidays he goes on next year, ivory back scratchers and such. Come on people, Pat’s the important person here, let’s get behind him.

  5. johnnny

    hi welcome to FFG’s modern ireland,yes,yes we need hold onto your passports for safe keeping,you get it back AFTER you pay back these costs… interest at 20 % weekly,we take out your rent,travel,costs,visa….

    -He added that the breakdown for the 100 workers recruited from overseas will be 55 working in Supermac’s fast food outlets and 45 working in the group’s hotels.

    Mr McDonagh stated that across the Supermac’s group, the breakdown of workers by nationality is 80% Irish and 20% foreign workers.

    The Supermac’s boss stated that the chain would usually look after the accommodation needs of the newly arrived workers for the first couple of weeks or first month and then help find more permanent accommodation for them.

    “It is working out pretty well – they are happy and we are happy. That’s it,” he added.-

    -if he’s paying ALL this-which he is

    what is human trafficking ?

    in many ways he’s doing a public service,brassily importing modern wage ‘slaves’ for FFG’s ireland,saying the quiet part out loud,who do you think worked/works in the killing fields of Ireland -nursing homes who ?

    FFS-RTE if they so happy interview one.

  6. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    I’d place a bet that he’d fill the majority of his positions if he paid a living wage rather than minimum wage. It’s that simple.

  7. ian-oG

    If Pat cannot run a business paying people a proper wage AND pay them for all the hours they work then Pat cannot run a viable business no matter how entitled to do so Pat feels.

  8. RuilleBuille

    The students I used to teach by a big margin said Supermacs was the worst employer in the fast food industry.

  9. Imelda Maybe

    If ever a face screamed “UNDERLYING CAUSES”….

    Look at those fingers… they’d fill a breakfast roll each.

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