Mixing And Masking


This morning.

The cabinet is to meet later to discuss new NPHET guidelines….

The recommendation under discussion aims to cut down on children mixing but the advice appears to be more subtle than the initial recommendation from the National Public Health Emergency Team last week.

Those familiar with the memo going to Cabinet said it could mean a play-date might be an option or a trip to the panto, but not both.

Mask wearing from third class upwards will be among the measures discussed this morning…


There will also be proposals around international travel with an antigen test set to be required by all people arriving here.

This would need to be completed a maximum of 72 hours before arriving in the country and there are indications that the antigen test system will be professionally administered.

The Cabinet will also examine legislation that would allow for the re-introduction of mandatory hotel quarantine.

Masks for schoolchildren nine and over set to be recommended (irish Times)

Ombudsman urges Govt to quickly assess impact of Covid rules on children



Nphet has recommended to the Government that children aged nine or over should wear face masks in school.

From our reading of recent reports by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the Health Information and Quality Authority, it appears that both the ECDC and Hiqa consider mask wearing in this age group (the under 12s) in the school setting to be of limited benefit.

As both parents and healthcare professionals, we question Nphet’s recommendation, which we consider is not evidence based and lacks guidelines or metrics that will determine its discontinuation.

We fear that the introduction of mandatory face masks could have a profound negative impact on the emotional, social and academic development of these young children.

Dr Nikki O’Keefe and Dr Ciaran Healy,

Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Irish Times Letters


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10 thoughts on “Mixing And Masking

  1. Mr.T

    Antigen tests instead of PCR when unvaccinated, or PCR unvaccinated, antigen for vaccinated?

    Either way it makes a farce of the whole thing – but sure we already knew that vaccinated were spreading it, they just didnt want to admit.

    1. Ed

      Being vaccinated dose not stop you transmitting this
      Being vaccinated only gives you more protection against the worst effects if you catch it

      This message must register
      The government has used fear to get people that do not want a vaccine to take one
      The whole covid pass is a con
      Basically it’s all about the HSE and their historic incompetence and sacrifice everything to ensure a health body incompetent beyond belief to cope with a virus that’s way beyond their capability
      Unfortunately we are stuck with it but when this is all over heads must roll

  2. Frank

    The Journal has proclaimed the Telegram group ‘Bring Back Normal’ as ‘far right & anti-vax’.
    Because it organised it’s members to contact TDs, & National Parents Council (NPC) asking them not to mandate mask wearing in schools for children as young as 9. The group posted email and phone contacts.

    When people can’t organise themselves against an issue so fundamentally WRONG as mask wearing for children something is utterly and profoundly WRONG.
    Chilling stuff.

    1. Micko

      Crazy init.

      But let’s say that they are correct and that there are “tens of thousands” of far-right anti-vax people in these groups.

      Do TENS OF THOUSANDS of people of the same persuasion and ideas not constitute a legitimate political movement – even if the lame-o’s at The Journal don’t like what they have to say?

      I notice they banned comments on that post too.

      And morons here are giving out about Broadsheet? At least you can give your opinion here FFS.

    2. Duncan Wheeler

      & Micko. Creating a ‘new’ enemy (unvaccinated and children) as a distraction for their ineptitude and inability to govern effectively in any way. The real pandemic here in Ireland is corruption. I hope that we the people will finally see through the fear mongering and make large, meaningful protests at this assault on our children. Silver lining;- the kids today will grow up and will have seen & learned first hand just how useless those inhabiting the body politic are at just about anything and don’t mind sacrificing citizens to the blind twin gods of money & power. It’s cool to vent thoughI feel useless doing so and being so ineffectual. Peace, love and light.

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    Silver Fox
    as a source


    Jesus Christ lads
    Show some effort ffs

    There’s no denying the most consistent failure since January 2020, and still the remaining problem – almost two years on now, is Government & State incompetence
    The type of Incompetence that allows corruption to thrive, the type of Incompetence that needs to be treated as criminal corruption – a fraud on the Irish Taxpayer
    Being conducted in an operating political environment that provides zero transparency
    and one that no – not ever, promises accountability,
    Not even proving their pay rises or putting themselves in front of any PAC assembly

    So why do ye keep making it so difficulty to establish that reality with your audience by including the likes of Silver Fox, Philip Dwyer et al to assist your arguments

    It undermines all those attempts to highlight Government Ineptitude & Sleaze, and what-have-you from people who are not the ones screaming plandemic and paedo , or displaying hangman’s nooses, or standing outside politicians homes or promoting online fundraising accounts, or advocating violence. And all the other ugly stuff Silver Fox associates himself with

    Like, those efforts from those of us who are not rabid ill-informed intolerant Bigots

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