Refusal May Offend


Last night.

CC writes:

OK, enough is enough. I was in my favourite local takeaway. These guys came in twice without masks. No bleeding effort at all and when I made my discomfort known to them, they chased me down the street shouting at me. How, when everyone else is making an effort to keep everyone else safe, can this happen? Who do they work for? The level of aggression scared me.

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98 thoughts on “Refusal May Offend

  1. Hank

    Liar. It’s clear from the picture that they were each wearing large rectangular masks covering not only their mouths and noses but even their eyes. These guys were being extra cautious.

  2. ce

    Masking protects people who are not in your immediate vicinity as well as those in your vicinity…. protecting the vulnerable and all that…. or we could just lock the vulnerable up so we can get on with our lives… a bit like how we did the whole workhouse or laundry thing…

    … feel free to continue acting like selfish children, it seems to be working out just fine…

    PS. Really enjoyed the anti-ventilation/filter discussion the other day… all that researching is finally paying off…

    1. Cui Bono?

      According to the overwhelming majority of good scientific studies (including RCTs) masks do very little or nothing at all. Even a simple observation of countries that have high mask wearing vs those that don’t, you can see they do nothing.

      Surgeons wear them when operating on open wounds to stop bacterial infection. They never wore them for cold or flu viruses.

      Stop denying reality.

          1. Cian

            Have you acknowledged what % of the Israel population have had at least 2 vaccine doses yet?

  3. Micko

    “they chased me down the street shouting at me.”


    I assume the takeaway has CCTV. Why not contact the Guards and have the men charged with assault?

    Regardless of someone’s opinion, no one should be being chased down the street in fear.

  4. scottser

    why on earth would you approach another customer about wearing a mask unless you wanted to be told to F off? you say it to a staff member who has the authority to do something about it, or not.

    1. Spider

      since when are shop staff authorities to take action on anything besides selling you stuff? perfectly reasonable to request someone in a public setting to follow the social rules…

      1. E'Matty

        And if you do, don’t be surprised if you receive a similar response to the Covid Karen in the story above.

        1. Spider

          Anyone tries to intimidate me or bully me will get a shock! I won’t be intimidated! If they won’t wear their mask, I’ll ask politely at first…

          1. SOQ

            By such an action it is you who would be doing the intimidating and bullying- so be prepared for an equally aggressive response.

            You have no right to demand anyone wears a mask-only the management can do that. And, if they in turn do not want to ask people, or just don’t agree with the wearing of masks- then you can always leave.

          2. E'Matty

            Ask politely. I’ll still tell you where to shove your face nappy. What then? You’ll throw a little Covid Karen temper tantrum and I’ll just carry on.

    1. E'Matty

      Says the little brown shirt who wants to identify and expose all unvaxxed, whilst cutting them out of society. You’re some lunatic authoritarian.

  5. Kim Cardassian

    Amazing. All but 1 commenter has blamed the person who approached the law breakers and all but 1 condoned the threat of violence.

    This is why much of the anti vaxxers / anti science cohort are scum

      1. Kim Cardassian

        And could you imagine if someone kicked off trouble at one of those scum marches turned out to be vaccinated. I wonder how the anti-science brigade would handle it in their pr campaigns?

        You happy with actions of those scumbags in this post given they’re part of your cohort? Do they represent your views and actions? Would you react the same way?

          1. jungleman

            “Mind your own business”

            Says it all really. Antivaxxers, like all professional protestors have no interest in reasoned debate. This is down to a lack of a decent upbringing, education or basic manners. These dregs don’t have the means to win the debate legitimately so resort to telling anyone who disagrees with them to “mind your own business”.

          2. jungleman

            These cretins also regularly resort to accusing those who mock them of being paid to do it. Because why would anyone mock antivaxxers unless they were being paid to do it?

    1. Micko

      Well , this is why when I’m approached and asked to put on a mask I respectfully decline. I don’t want to be put in a box by people. I’d rather engage and explain my position.

      Of course I’m also 6’2 and pretty elfin well built so I usually don’t get asked anyway.

      But, I’m always nice either way ;)

        1. Micko

          Better people than you have tried Tom

          And, do you know what happens?

          DO YOU??? DO YOU???

          I just leave.

          And smile.

          I don’t want to give some lad/lass working hard in a shop a hard time. It’s not their fault.

          1. Nilbert

            “I don’t want to give some lad/lass working hard in a shop a hard time. It’s not their fault.”

            Just put a mask on then? it’s not difficult.

          2. Micko

            It’s not about being difficult.

            I’ve said for the past year that it was wrong. Pretty bloody consistent about it too.

            And look where we are now. Masking young children…

            It’s wrong and it was always the thin end of the wedge.

          3. Nilbert

            I feel terrible for people who have to work in shops at the moment.
            They can make every effort possible to make their working environment as safe as feasible.
            They might be vulnerable themselves or live with vulnerable people.
            They have no alternative but to have close contact with 100s or maybe 1000s of people everyday.
            And then you have Micko lumbering in, all 6’2” of him, and can’t bear to wear a mask for a couple of minutes because of his precious heroic ego.

            I’m 6’3” by the way, but I don’t use it passive-aggressively to get my way.

          4. SOQ

            Interesting how you had little or no concern for front line shop workers back in the day when they didn’t have even plastic covering eh Nilbert?

            Shop workers have the option of getting vaccinated just like the rest, although most have already been exposed to the thing- therefore immune so not really a lot of point.

          5. Micko

            “I’m 6’3” by the way, ”

            You know my pain then brother… are you fiendishly handsome too? It’s a hard life eh?

            Anyway yes, the poor staff.

            My favourite bit is when they take the stuff I’VE been handling, scan it and then place it in a bag.


            For 1000’s items with 100’s of customers.


            But it’s ok, they have a piece of cloth on their face to protect them.

            The cloth which they ALSO repeatedly touch, pull down, pull back up, touch the items I’ve touched and also HAVE to wear for 8-10 hours a day, so they can breath in that lovely lovely virus and snots and all the germs, that I and others have given them on our hands.

            Everyday… every single feckin day.

            And then not only that, the poor feckers have to PRETEND to be keeping everyone safe.

            We’re reaching peak stupidity here folks. Hopefully we’ll see a reduction in stupidity cases soon…

          6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I think he meant that as a come on Micko, kind of an eyes wide shut vibe

      1. benblack

        I knew it!

        You’re Bressie! Joking!

        On your other point, I wouldn’t trust CC’s version of events regarding being chased down the street.

        1. Micko

          Bressie? – hjeasus!!!! ;)

          Well, yeah you might be right on CC’s version.

          Chasing down the street, might just be shouting down the street. But if they did chase him – he should get in touch with the cops.

      2. Nilbert

        Cool! You can be ‘respectful’ because you use your height to intimidate people…
        Typical of the anti-mask.

        1. Micko

          Should I stoop down when talking to others?

          Maybe kneel?

          Sit down perhaps?

          Very heightist of you – please check your privilege Nilbert. You have no idea how easy life is for you being a little dude.

          I bet you’ve never been to a go-cart track and not only can I find a helmet to fit me (massive noggin too) , I’m nearly always paddy last I’m so big. ;P

          Ooooh the pain!!!

          1. jungleman

            You’re not that tall, get over yourself. I’m the same height and would not consider myself particularly tall.

  6. E'Matty

    Fair play to the three lads. We’ve had enough of these Covid Karen’s. They need to be put back in their box.

    1. ian-oG

      Put back in their box? So you are OK with them chasing her down the street?


      What else is acceptable to mete out to those you do not like?

      1. SOQ

        How do you know it was a female?

        And what right did he or she have to confront people in such an aggressive manner like that? That really is trailer park stuff.

        As pointed out above- if he or she had an issue then they should have brought it up with the management.

        1. ian-oG

          E’Matty keeps referring to CC as a ‘Karen’ so perhaps you should ask him how he knows they are female?

          As to her right, that’s not a discussion I am going to rehash here, suffice to say if this anecdote is true and the image provided suggests something happened, she or he still does not deserve to be chased down the road like they say they were. Would a beating be justified for being a ‘Karen’ or would just scaring the life out of them be enough?

          1. SOQ

            Karen is both a M and F term I think.

            As for chasing down the road – I doubt that. They were working fellas coming off a shift by the looks of it- so sober.

  7. Verbatim

    Did he (and I’m kind of assuming he’s a he and not a she, I’ll explain why, if anyone wants to know) seriously ask 3 men in a chipper to don masks so that he could feel safe, in essence?
    My advice to him would be to read Broadsheet everyday for a month.

  8. John Smith

    Coming to this discussion late so some of my points have already been made. However, the comments below may bring up relevant legal matters,

    Laying aside any issues regarding whether face-coverings should be required by law and certainly not condoning the chasing of CC down the street, I would say that CC should have spoken to a member of staff not to the individuals.

    The member of staff should have informed the ‘responsible person’ (as defined in the legislation – S.I. No. 296 of 2020 – eg manager or the person in charge of the premises), who should then have followed the instructions given in the same piece of legislation, which are:

    (4) A responsible person shall take reasonable steps to engage with persons entering or in the relevant premises to inform them of the requirements of paragraph (1) and to promote compliance with those requirements.

    (1) A person shall not, without reasonable excuse, enter or remain in a relevant premises in a relevant geographical location without wearing a face covering.

    If the individuals did not comply, the ‘responsible person’ could have contacted guards, if this seemed appropriate.

    It is rarely appropriate for a customer to speak directly to another customer who is not wearing a face-covering to tell them to do so. This case shows one reason why not – the reaction may not be what is expected.

    Another reason is that an understanding of what the legislation requires regarding face-coverings is necessary and this is particularly the case where the person has a reasonable excuse, as allowed in the law. A friend of mine, who has a clear ‘reasonable excuse’, recently had a very unpleasant experience. He was subjected to quite a vicious verbal attack by another customer, who threatened him with the police. Eventually, she went away and complained bitterly to the manager, who, I’m glad to say, pointed out that she was wrong in insisting that everyone ‘HAD to wear a mask’.

    1. benblack

      That image appears to be a still from a video.

      If true, then, asking strangers to wear a mask while recording them on your phone seems fairly provocative to me.

    1. Micko

      Scottser, you’ve stated your intension not to get a booster right?

      Why not? Can you not show simple solidarity, for the sake of common sense or peace and quiet and get the booster you’re being asked to?

      Thin end of the wedge IMO

      Just two weeks,
      just a few more weeks,
      flatten the curve,
      wear a mask,
      save Christmas,
      anti-masks are far-right
      just until we get the elderly vax’d,
      just a little more,
      there’s a new variant,
      ,the vax passes are only temporary until we get the adults vax’d
      the vax’s didn’t work,
      people who are anti-vax are far right,
      get a booster,
      there’s a new variant,
      now the kids have to be vax’d,
      now kids have to wear masks,
      now infants have to be vax’d, (Fauchi said so the other day)
      and now the passes are permanent.

      You see, you’re the same as all of us. The only difference is that we had different cut off points. That’s all

      1. SOQ

        Oh do keep up Micko- Javid in the UK is saying that booster is to be administered THREE MONTHS after second- which is setting the scene for four jabs a year- every year.

      2. scottser

        i’ve been vaccinated micko, and i’m just over covid so there’s no need for a booster. i’ll make a decision as to whether i need one or not in six months time. it wasn’t a bad dose but i can imagine a full whack of it would be no fun at all so i was glad enough to have had the jab.
        showing a little empathy is no harm; that’s why i’ll wear a mask in a chipper or a shop but i don’t make a song and dance about anyone who doesn’t wear one. it’s like everyone’s lost their cop on over this – making kids wear masks is just nuts.
        i do object to absolute wankstains calling each other out for their respective stances though – it means the government’s obvious divide and conquer strategy is working on the idiots. the ONLY way we get through this is together.
        anyway, tonight is the first night in a few weeks i’ll be able to meet up with the lads and play a few tunes; that’s all i care about right now and the rest of ye can ask the brown end of me bollix.

        1. Micko

          Before you got Covid though. Were you not saying that you wouldn’t be getting a booster and that you wouldn’t be showing a vax pass and you wouldn’t ask your team to and that you told your employer as much?

          If I’m getting you mixed up with someone else, I apologise.

          1. scottser

            yep, that was me. and i stand by it – no way am i showing a vax pass to go to work and i wouldn’t ask any of my team to show it either.

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