Cockapoo ‘Ruby’ in St Anne’s Park

This afternoon.

Clontarf, Raheny, county Dublin.

Under current rules, dogs are allowed roam FREE in St Anne’s before 11am and in the last hour of the park’s opening times in any section of the park.

Councillor Deirdre Heney told Dublin People last month:

“I have been pressing for the introduction of the change because of the large and variety of park users, young and not so young, some who love their dogs and want them to be allowed off lead, and other users, who prefer dogs were on lead at all times.

“The proposal includes allowing dogs off lead (and under effective control) at all times in 77.5 hectares of the park and an ‘on lead at all times’ area in 21.9 hectares of the park.

“The ‘on lead at all times’ areas will allow people (including some dog owners) who are uncomfortable or nervous of dogs off lead, to enjoy the park in areas where dogs will be required to be on lead at all times.”

Sound ‘people-first’ logic?

Or blatantly anti-canine?

Only you can decide.

Pic: Ruby the Cockapoo

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9 thoughts on “Unleashed

  1. Imelda Maybe

    This is rubbish lads. Dogwashing. The law requires dogs to be under control. Not on a leash. It’s not the same thing.

  2. John Smith

    Seems a pretty reasonable suggestion to me. Would allow dogs to be off a lead in a large area at any time rather than just for comparatively short periods which may not be when people can be free to bring their dogs. Would also allow people who want dogs to be on a lead to have an area where they feel comfortable. Much fairer arrangement than the ‘No dogs’ or ‘Dogs on a lead only’ rules that are often to be found, even where there is no question of danger to farm animals.

    1. Steph Pinker

      Mr Smith, I admire your naivety, but animals don’t think like that, in fact, dogs are no different to humans when it comes to territory or the survival instinct of being threatened by another animal. If it’s a public park then all dogs should be on a leash and controlled at all times because even a small dog can do damage to an adult human; plus, if it’s a community park it’s for everyone not just those who feel they own it – who’s going to pay the insurance costs if someone is injured? The aforementioned park will be closed to the public as an amenity, whereas, if the legal onus is on the dog owner, then it’s the owner who has to pay up in civil court – that’s a deterrent, no?

      And yes, dogs off a leash near any bloodstock or farming stock doesn’t need to be questioned.

  3. Andrew

    Dogs roaming free in parks allows their owners to look the other way while their ‘ best friend’ defecates with abandon. It’s disgusting.

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