This morning.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Huge queues form outside the Croke Park HSE vaccination centre today as 60 – 69 year olds attend the walk-in booster shot clinic.

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Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

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30 thoughts on “Up For The Vax

  1. Sara

    That’s the spirit. And after that, they should make life impossible for the antivaxx conspiracy freaks. Mandatory certificates for anywhere public or commercial. Squeeze the weirdos.

    1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

      Sorry Bodger, I have to flag this as abusive and threatining behaviour.
      ‘Sara’ is very clearly inciting hatred and physical danger on people who are using the evidence and facts to make up a decision that will effect them in some way.

      A decision they are allowed to take their time over. As the trials are still ongoing until the end of 2023.

  2. Zeig

    Way to go Sara,

    Let’s deny them anti vaxxers a livelihood
    Then ban them from medical care
    Fine them regularly
    Restrict them to their homes
    Make them wear some sort of sign whenever they go out so people can spit on them
    Take their homes off them when they run out of money to pay the fines
    Put them in “quarantine” camps
    Seperate them from their children.
    Sterilise them
    Starve them

    C’mon Sara – put your back into it.

      1. SOQ

        The problem is- some people of that sort of tone are not trolls, they genuinely believe it. Usually the sorts who hold little control over their own lives, let alone others mind- ‘rules are rules’ give them some meaning I suppose.

        1. scottser

          and the language used by you, esmuggy, chrisps and the like? the name-calling and derision spunked out by you lads is on a par with sara there, are you telling me that you guys don’t actually believe what ye write?

          1. SOQ

            name-calling like rat licker and conspiracy theorist is it?

            It’s quite obvious which side is using the trolls- except some are for real.

  3. SOQ

    Question: why are people, some of whom would be close to the vulnerable age bracket, forced to stand in a queue for an hour?

    1. Cian

      Question: why are people, some of whom would be close to the non-vulnerable age bracket, forced choosing to stand in a queue for an hour?

      Answer: to get a booster shot.

      1. SOQ

        So someone who is 69 is non vulnerable and overnight on their birthday they becomes so is it?

        Still makes for nice PR photos- and sure isn’t that the whole point?

      2. K. Cavan

        If people would’ve chosen to get the fake vaccines, Cian, why has the main thrust of the government’s response to the scamdemic been to coerce them to do so? Far more time, effort & money has gone into bullying than anything else & this continues to be the case, despite the injections being utterly ineffective, landing us in a situation where someone like yourself has managed to convince themselves that doing the same thing, over & over & expecting a different result is not the definition of insanity.

  4. K. Cavan

    The propaganda has entered an interesting phase, with some having survived the fake vaccines twice & others who’ve had no injections.
    The government have been instructed to sell the ridiculous idea that people who’ve had 2 doses of fake vaccine should line up for more, because the vaccines don’t work, while still having to demand that the unvaccinated go & get vaccinated, because the vaccines do work.
    Repeat injections (nicknamed “boosters” for the plebs) are proof that these injections have clearly failed their human trials, just as they failed their animal trials. The “protection from death or serious disease” seems to last about 2-3 months but the damage to the Immune System will be permanent, so it can be assumed that the human trials will continue to track the animal trials & those who’ve survived the needle won’t survive being challenged with any Coronavirus. Sometime next year the planned weaponisation of Sars02 will start to shorten life expectancy pretty drastically, certainly by early 2023 the game will be up but the scoreboard will continue to operate.
    The Vaccine Narrative will eventually be wound down, in a controlled crash & this Omicron nonsense looks like a last gasp attempt to get as many bodies in the ground as possible, up front, as the required number of deaths to dave the planet will depend on viruses to do the killing & while the vaccinated have been primed to die from a wide range of normally mild infections, you can’t plan efficiently if you’re waiting around for viruses to randomly infect victims. Of course, we’ve already seen the pre-programming by Bill Gates & his cabal, blathering on about “Weaponised” Smallpox, a disease that can be easily immunised against but only if you have a functioning Immune System, so expect a whole range of previously-eradicated viral infections to make a comeback.

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