‘A Shared Vision’


Just Eat will now carry the Starbucks menu

This changes everything.

This afternoon.

Gemma Harte writes:

‘Coffee lovers of the nation will be pleased to hear that Starbucks® Delivery is now available on the Just Eat app, featuring the mouth-watering range of signature seasonal specials.

Celebrating the first day of the festive month of December, Just Eat will feature everyone’s favourite specialty coffees, iced beverages, sweet treats and light bites including the iconic Starbucks Christmas menu.

Amanda Roche-Kelly, Managing Director Just Eat Ireland said:

“Just Eat and Starbucks have a shared vision to deliver convenience and as the Irish coffee culture continues to grow, through this exciting partnership we’re offering Just Eat customers what they want, when and where they want it.


Just Eat

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7 thoughts on “‘A Shared Vision’

  1. goldenbrown

    that’s a puzzler for me..
    sure you’re barely 5 mins down the road and the americano is already lukewarm
    do they nuke it first or something?

    1. Micko

      I remember hearing a marketing person talk about Starbucka and why people keep going even when it’s brutal coffee.

      His point was consistency

      Yes it’s crap, but its consistent crap!

      People know what they’re getting.
      This may also be the reason I come to BS daily ;-)

  2. Cookie

    JustEat my hairy balls…

    I can remember when it was only €4.50 for a bag of chips. (joke)
    Nowadays you have to give them your e-mail address, your actual address, your phone number AND your money..

    …and they’ll refer you back to the restaurant if you have a problem..

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