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  1. Kim The Cardassian

    Apple dont have any stores in Dublin. Their only Irish store is in Belfast. Compub isn’t owned or operated by Apple.


    1. ANO


      They’re still a valid target for protests like this and the distinction matters more for any reporting around it than the protest itself.

  2. ANO

    Support the protest but don’t believe that’s an Apple shop, just a licensed reseller of their products.

      1. Cian

        Apple (and indeed all companies) should pay their fair share of taxes.
        Unfortunately the world isn’t fair and companies use loopholes to minimise their taxation, so yes Apple should probably be paying significantly more than they are.

        If corporate taxation was fair, then Ireland would get a less from the likes of Apple (but other countries would get a lot more). Apple shareholders and Ireland would lose out, other countries would gain.

    1. johnnny

      …this is NOT good.

      “Real IS has since pursued this option and is understood to be in receipt of about €2.1 million in guaranteed annual rental income from the council.”


      …wow,just how dysfunctional is the FFG property market,oh we would not touch it,not a chance,not even with OPM-other peoples money.

      “Allianz’s Irish insurance arm lobbied against the move on the basis of the potential reputational risk from the negative public commentary around large institutions owning and renting properties here amid a housing crisis, and being cast as a so-called cuckoo or vulture fund.”


      Protests Work-FFG’s housing policy does not.

      (above is,just another BK reseller)

        1. johnnny

          that the agreement entered into binding future generations is a state secret,in my opinion FFG does not have this authority,its one bid and a secret.

          …the Dundrum scheme was offered for sale quietly on Glenveagh’s behalf by Davy Corporate Finance with the option for the purchaser of entering into an agreement with Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council on the long-term lease of all 87 apartments for use as social housing…

          grab a umbrella.

  3. johnnny

    link 1 or 2 ?
    investors hunt in packs,they get succor and comfort from blindly following each other,this is a Kanarienvogel.

    -The decision does not impact on Allianz’s many existing investments in the Irish market, including its 50 per cent ownership of the Dundrum Town Centre.-

    of course not,what with retail producing so much alpha-DB Fair is a nice new tenant,but its a apocalypse.

  4. anti morons

    photo taken from my iPhone 14.5Xs

    stupid kids, if they ever tried to get a job, let’s see if they will apply for one at Apple or if they dont they will probably prefer to collect the check every friday with money from taxpayers with jobs at Apple…

    we all know what will they be doing, check at the bookies

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