Reaches The Ladyparts Other Spirits Cannot Reach



This morning.

Inishowen, county Donegal.

Lia Stokes writes:

Broadcaster and Author Laura Whitmore has invested in The Muff Liquor Company, an award-winning drink brand producing potato gin, vodka and whiskey.

The Love Island and BBC Radio 5Live presenter is renowned for her support and endorsement of Irish businesses and produce. News that she is the face of The Muff Liquor Company is a major coup for the popular premium drinks company which has launched major expansion plans.

The Irish TV personality, entrepreneur and best-selling author made the move into the alcohol business after a chance meeting with the brand’s founder.

The company CEO Laura Bonner first met with Laura Whitmore at a London Irish charity event in London and they both made an immediate connection with each other.


The Muff Liquor Company

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10 thoughts on “Reaches The Ladyparts Other Spirits Cannot Reach

  1. Paulus

    Said (whoever-she-is) Laura Whitmore,
    ‘I’d like to consider a bit-more
    If the branding might trigger
    Some investors to snigger
    Before I decide to commit-more’.

    1. dangerfield

      There’s a portrait in the Zurich portrait competition of a slightly disturbed-looking middle-aged man, titled ‘Paulus’. I choose to believe this is you.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Bring that muff drink to my lips
      Sip it slowly, sip it quick,
      Slurp it round your happy mouth
      Swallow hard, it’s what it’s all about.

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