You May Not Like This


John X Henry – I Am Exempt

No muzzle required.

Purveyor of ye olde London Palladium-style musical comedy, English songsmith John X Henry (top) has a defiant message for the finger-wagging ‘Karens’ in the UK and timely support for the unmasked.

Nick says: Henry’s dream.

John X Henry

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8 thoughts on “You May Not Like This

  1. Nilbert

    Just talking with my 11 year old son about masks…
    There are 28 kids in his class at school, and all wore masks today. Thankfully none were asphyxiated.

    None were bothered in the least by it.
    Except for one kid, who said it was his right not to wear it, and that they were useless, and he is hoping to be sent home tomorrow.
    This kid is picked up every day by his chain-smoking mother, who bundles him into a car filled with smoke.

    1. Micko

      “None were bothered in the least by it.”

      Did you do a survey?

      “by his chain-smoking mother,”

      Boooooh. Deduct that woman 200 social credit points ;P

        1. Micko

          Of course you’re right…

          Deduct the child points instead!!!

          Anyway – back on topic.

          I thought that was lovely song.

          Thanks Nick ;-)

          What about you Nilbert?

  2. Nilbert

    A state legislator in Maine who aggressively fought mask and vaccine mandates has resigned just months after his wife died of Covid-19.

    Rep Chris Johansen, a Republican who represented parts of Aroostook County, had vigorously protested pandemic precautions in his state, and was one of seven lawmakers who refused to wear masks in the Maine House of Representatives, causing a confrontation with police. Mr Johansen and his wife, Cindy Johansen, also posted numerous messages on Facebook casting doubt about the pandemic and vaccines.

    In July, they both contracted the virus. Ms Johansen later died of Covid-19.

    1. SOQ

      Do you also dance on the graves of people who are double / treble jabbed who died of CoVid-19 to prove your pharma shilling points?

      Didn’t think so.

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