Are You Volk Yet?


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by Olaf Scholz, left, arrive for a press conference following a meeting with the heads of government

Both outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholzs (left) have said the unvaccinated are to face additional restrictions

This afternoon.

Via Bloomberg:

Germany imposed stringent nationwide restrictions on people who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19 and limited attendance at soccer games and other public events…

In one of her final acts as chancellor, Angela Merkel held talks with her incoming successor, Olaf Scholz, and Germany’s 16 regional premiers on Thursday, where they agreed on new curbs including allowing only people who are vaccinated or recovered into restaurants, theaters and non-essential stores.

The officials also backed a plan to make Covid shots compulsory, saying that the lower house of parliament would vote on it soon. Scholz said he expects the measure to pass, and Merkel said she would vote for it if she was in the Bundestag.

A vaccine mandate would be a major departure after Merkel and other officials insisted shots would be a personal choice…

Germany Imposes Strict Curbs on Unvaccinated to Stem Covid (Bloomberg)



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34 thoughts on “Are You Volk Yet?

  1. Nigel

    ‘Nothing remotely ‘liberal’ about that’

    Liberals are just supposed to stand around wringing their hands, not do stuff. Doing stuff is fascism.

    1. Chris

      Check out the apologist for tyranny – what? you think if you play along they’ll leave you alone? pah. They despise you more than the objectors.

      1. Nigel

        Apologist? I’m agreeing with him! During a public health emergencty the only non-fascist liberal thing to do is let everyone die and see who’s left then get on with things as if nothing happened. Laissez faire approaches to pandemics have been a bastion of liberalism since the Black Death.

      2. kieran laffan

        chris you are absolutely spot on. after a war ,the traitors are always shot ,as they are considered weak and ,and pointless ,as they have no inner belief in anything,except themselves.

  2. Gavin

    Quite disgusting the idea of forcing people to take a medical intervention, when we don’t know how often it will be needed, looks like every 3 months, and if you have had it you’re protected anyway.

    1. Kali

      The wheels will come off eventually, I thought the riots last month would be the start of it but still the show goes on.

  3. Andrew

    The dramatics! ” a dark tyranny” gave me a laugh.
    Do these people live their lives as if they are in a film?

    1. Cui Bono?

      Mandatory vaccination imposed by a government is the epitome of a dark tyranny.

      I’ve no idea how you can detach yourself and ignore reality like this Andrew.

        1. Cui Bono?

          They’re not mandatory Nigel.

          They have also all completed their clinical trials and been in use for many many years so we have long term safety data on them.

          They’re also for viruses that children are actually at risk from, unlike covid.

          1. Nigel

            Near as could be.

            Every vaccine is going to go through a period of being administered when it’s new, unavoidably

            Kids are at about the same risk from Polio as they are from covid.

          2. hmmm

            “Kids are at about the same risk from Polio as they are from covid.”

            Du kannst nicht dumm reparieren

            aber du kannst es Nigel nennen

          3. benblack

            If you had watched the video I posted on the other thread, you’d know that 70% of polio cases worldwide are due to the Bill Gates polio vaccine alone.

          4. Nigel

            Well if it was on Fox News it must be true, they’d never lie about Bill Gates or vaccines or anything.

          5. Cian

            @Cui Bono?
            Have you looked at (or for) the clinical trails of any other vaccine?

            Are you aware that the childhood vaccinations of today are different from the childhood vaccinations we got as a child?

          6. benblack

            Robert Kennedy Jr. does not work for Fox News.

            It is the first interview RKJr. has done in 15 years.

          7. Cui Bono?

            Yes, I’m aware they’re different and no I haven’t looked at the trials but I know they’ve completed them.

            Are you in favour of mandatory covid vaccines?

          1. Nigel

            According to pandemic truthers just making the vaccine avaiilable for free was an act of dark tyranny.

          2. benblack

            It’ not free – everyone is paying top-dollar to the pharma companies via their taxes(and will be for decades to come) for a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine, in the traditional sense, and doesn’t even work.

            So, no, it’s not free.

          3. Nigel

            Free to the end user, paid for by taxes, public health at its finest. Also, it has reduced deaths during the current covid wave compared to lesser vaccinated countries, so it’s working.

            I know you’re mad that the money is being paid to the pharma companies, but they are literally the people who make vaccines, which seems like a bit of a problem when it comes to alternatives.

          4. benblack

            Oblivious to the massive transfer of wealth from the public purse into the pockets of billionaires then so – same as the massive bank bailout crime against humanity.

            There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a military operation – a new war game for the bored billionaires.

          5. benblack

            Oblivious to the massive transfer of wealth from the public purse into the pockets of billionaires then so – same as the massive bank bailout crime against humanity.

      1. E'Matty

        Andrew thinks bad things and bad governments really only exist in movies. No real life government would ever become tyrannical. I mean, when in history has a democracy ever turned into a murderous tyrannical regime? Stuff like that never happens in real life…

        1. benblack

          I’d love to hear your opinion on the Robert Kennedy Jr. interview, E’Matty.

          The book is sold out – not just on Amazon and Book Depository, but everywhere!

  4. scottser

    what a strange decision for the eu to take. it won’t go down well in the eastern european countries who love a bit of putin-style anti-eu ranting.
    it’s probably a good thing they banned charger, he’s probably laughing his arse off right now.

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