Yesterday afternoon.

Dublin Airport.


The Minister for Health has told the Dáil that Ireland “will be in a better position to act quickly” if legislation is introduced to permit hotel quarantine if it is needed.

Stephen Donnelly was speaking during a debate over the Government’s reintroduction of mandatory hotel quarantine legislation.

“These measures may not be enough” and “hotel quarantine may be necessary for a limited time” to give us time to increase vaccination rates and deliver promising anti-viral drugs, Mr Donnelly said.

The biggest benefit of quarantine previously was that it delayed visits to Ireland from countries of concern.

Mr Donnelly said the bill contains new provisions based on lessons learned from Ireland’s previous experience, including the speeding up of the appeals process.

Dáil debates reintroduction of mandatory hotel quarantine laws (RTE)


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11 thoughts on “Arrivals

  1. Mr.T

    What is the goal here?
    We have already learned that MHQ doesnt stop any variant from “getting in”
    Not only that, but the spooky moronic variant is already here!

    1. Zaccone

      Even mandatory MHQ for _all_ arrivals doesn’t work with Delta – look at how NZ and Oz both had to abandon their isolation because Delta still got in. And thats in isolated island countries that don’t have a completely uncontrolled land border with another country, that 60,000 people a day cross. In Ireland its even more useless given that slight issue.

      Its complete optics/security theater, that ruins peoples lives and has huge economic cost. Absolute nonsense.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        exactly, it’s like they pretend the North doesn’t exist while the trains are packed up and down to Belfast where ironically you can still have a bit of craic

  2. johnnny

    -politico EU

    – People traveling to Ireland must carry proof of a negative COVID-19 test even if they are fully vaccinated against the disease, the government announced Tuesday night in a major tightening of travel restrictions.

    Martin said the government would introduce emergency legislation Thursday to require arrivals from designated high-risk countries once again to be confined to these quarantine hotels for up to 12 days.-

  3. Kim Cardassian

    I’d support MHQ if they made it a reality tv show called “I’m a MHQer, Get Me Out Of Here!”

    Contestants can reduce their stay by licking the armpits of TDs on live television

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      did the moderators put in armpits there instead of what the TD’s really think they deserve

  4. Dr.Fart

    think I’ll have to park Broadsheet for a while. I’m cutting off sites that do nothing but post articles on covid. 90% of stories here are Covid related.

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