8 thoughts on “Cries Real Tears

      1. Pat

        Sure they stopped doing those months ago!

        Without the antivaxx stuff there’d be the odd picture of a lake and a few Paddy Powers ads!

        Go wan the swivel eyed loons!

    1. Cui Bono?

      If you prefer to ignore the insanity happening all around us then please continue to do so.

      Some of us actually care about the mass hysteria in society right now and it’s important to highlight it so we can do something to try help our fellow citizens.

  1. Micko

    Virginmedia chasing after Claire Byrne’s viewers.

    It’s no Luke O’Neill in a zorb, but nice try lads

  2. K. Cavan

    There is a message in this for those among the Covidians who actually, ho-ho-ho, believe that if we just wear the masks, ha-ha-ha, stay socially distanced & locked down, take the experimental injections, he-he-he, that we’ll all, oh lordy, Get Our Freedoms back. No, seriously, I do reckon many of them do actually, ha-ha-ha, believe that, instead, wait, wait, they’re gonna get boosters every three months for the rest of their lives, which, this is the really funny bit, are going to be quite a bit shorter than they’ve envisioned.
    What are they on?
    Where can I get some?

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