Friday’s Papers


More to follow.


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15 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

    1. goldenbrown

      C4 news ran a powerful segment on it last night….but I had to switch it off
      worth catching on the player if you have the stomach

    2. Fergalito

      Poor little fellow.

      Horrible bastards who did that to him.

      130 bruises on his body, an unsurvivable brain injury after an attack by his stepmother, made stand in a corner for 14 hours a day and fed salt.

      I hope there’s a hell for people like that.

      1. bisted

        …wow…Ghislaine…firstname status on Broadsheet…an accolade previously only bestowed on ratlickers by ratlickers…

    1. Tom J

      Turn your phone off and stop eating microwave dinners and avoid getting any x-rays, you’ll be grand then.

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