Auld Slang Sign [Extended]


Irish slang Christmas decorations by Snow at Jam Art Prints

Well, really.

If you’re going to be like that.

Mark at Jam Art Prints, writes:

Jam Art Factory has THREE (yes, three) small laser cut Irish slang word decoration by Snow to give away from our Christmas – Made in Dublin section on our site To enter, just let us know what you love/hate most about an Irish Christmas.

Lines Must close at 9pm.

Jam Art Prints

The Jam Art print competitions runs here every Friday until Christmas.

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11 thoughts on “Auld Slang Sign [Extended]

    1. Broadbag

      ”A fool and their money…”

      Hey that decoration says ‘langer’ that’s hilarious?…no wait, that’s vaguely amusing? No wait…give me a minute…that’s utterly pointless and quite tacky?

  1. scottser

    I love james bond/harry potter/star wars movies at christmas. mrs scottser hates them. in a proper ‘i don’t mind kissin’ but i HATE that’ sort of way.

  2. just millie

    I hate wrapping presents. The never-ending mound of them, and I somehow always seem to be the one who ends up doing it all, and then I end up rushing to get them done with the obligatory ache in my lower back and sellotape in my hair and trying to wrap that weirdly shaped present that inevitably takes up to three attempts to actually wrap.

    But then come Christmas night, after the dinner is done and the presents opened, that sleepy quiet, that sense of peace which pervades while we bicker half-heartedly over which movie to watch, that’s my favourite part of Christmas. The calm after the storm where all is right in the world, just for an hour or two.

  3. Paulus

    Sophisticated ‘sheeters; are there any other kind?, may scoff at bands like the Saw Doctors.
    I wouldn’t necessarily have been a fan, but they caught the zeitgeist of small-town Ireland in some of their earlier songs: References to midnight mass in ‘I Usta Love Her’ are bang on the money. This was when that mass still took place at midnight, before being brought forward to avoid drunken revellers. Like many teenagers, and to avoid conflict with religious parents, I used to attend back in the 70s, and today I find I have a nostalgic grá for that rather unique event, mainly spent eyeing the local talent – and wondering…

    Back when midnight mass didn’t flaunt a trade description
    Despite a nascent disbelief we still snuck into position
    beside grown-up dank overcoats that fugged the chapel porch
    to be frowned on by the righteous as they passed-by in reproach.
    Santa just a memory, first love on the horizon,
    our new haunt among old sinners allowed us to cast eyes-on
    as yet the unattainable as they slid quickly through
    with the briefest backward glance as they headed for their pew.

    But that glance could be a lifeline and allow you to believe
    that maybe something in the future might begin this Christmas Eve.

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