Dancing With Myself


This evening.

Good times.

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44 thoughts on “Dancing With Myself

  1. Dr.Fart

    Jesus he’s so hard to listen to. Interesting that schools have the highest incidence rate in the country and he didn’t bring in anything to deal with that.

      1. Dr.Fart

        the open windows was a brilliant stroke of genius, no doubt. but it’s negated by telling teachers they aren’t allowed tell the parents if someone in the class has covid. And the amazing CO2 monitors, granted, if it wasn’t for them we’d be looking at 10,000 cases per day.

  2. Zaccone

    0 outbreaks in hospitality in the last week, 12 in healthcare, and 56 in schools. And even at that our numbers in the ICU/hospital on a steady decline, to the lowest point in the past month.

    So obviously we shut the hospitality sector.

    Absolutely disgusting stuff for the tens of thousands of people who work or own businesses in the sector.

      1. John Smith

        And encourages everyone to indulge in home visits and parties, where social-distancing will be more difficult, even for those who try to stick to it. Very clever move.

    1. Dr.Fart

      I agree, that they aren’t doing anything to tackle the harder hit areas, particularly schools. but a lot of pubs here in Dublin anyway, have been fully operating like 2018. Ryans on Camden st. should have their license taken off them. Walk by there most nights and its packed to the rafters with queues outside. in the long run pubs will be fine. they always will. publicans are the moaniest of all. whenever anything comes along, smoking ban etc. they’re on the news crying that their business is being killed. and its one business that will always be going strong. a lot of them aren’t playing by the rules at all, and are risking everyone by cramming in as many as they can.

  3. Micko

    As someone who works in the entertainment industry this is a devastating blow. Real Killer stuff. We can’t go to 50% capacity on sold out shows and we can’t ask artists to play for a 50% fee and we can’t ask people to half not turn up.

    But, ye know what . I’ve come to realise – It’s what we deserve.

    The VAST majority of people that I work with have spent the ENTIRE time virtue signalling to each other on social media and in public and to the media about how stupid anti-vaxxers or how they are all far right, and how much better they all are then them.

    And ye know what, yeah maybe some of those people protesting might not be the smartest and kinda weird and a bit “undesirable” and maybe they do believe stupid things about 5G and vaccines and Bill Gates.

    But as undesirable as they are, they weren’t just protesting for their OWN rights.

    They were protesting for OUR rights.

    And it won’t stop until we tell them no…

    So, the industry has gotten what it deserves and I only hope it cops on.

    1. SOQ

      Yes its an industry which considers itself to be ‘right on’ and ‘cool’ so the propaganda label of ‘far right’ stuck much more there than most other groups.

      I normally assume that when someone uses such slurs on Broadsheet now, they are either a paid actor or a troll who is too dense to realise that they will be taken literally. Or, just dense full stop.

      The entertainment industry needs to wake up- fast.

    2. goldenbrown

      those undesirables…

      part of the crazy very very fortunate set of circumstances that’s keeping an otherwise zombie Govt setup at the trough Micko. you’d swear it was by design or something, wha

      they’re no accident, they’re a very useful cog, they distill any reasonable questioning down to a black and white, a bug that will keep anyone whom assumes happy and anyone whom questions frustrated

      population control 101

    3. 1-2-1-2

      No your colleagues don’t deserve you Micko and your infantile anti mask anti vax position. You are the reason your colleagues won’t eat this Christmas

      1. Micko

        “ won’t eat this Christmas”

        Jesus – hyperbole much? ha ha!

        I got my kid flu vax’d a few weeks ago, so I’m hardly “anti-vaccine.”

        I’m just pretty specific about em.

        But anyway, You’re sounding pretty angry there man.

        What’s up?

        1. 1-2-1-2

          You used the words “devastating”, “killer” etc
          Your whingeing, childish, multiple daily self-obsessed posts on here are a spit in the face to your now starving colleagues. Man up for pity’s sake.

          1. Micko


            Ha ha!

            Would ye come off it. Devastating and a killer to the industry, sure. But no one starved over the first 18 months of Covid did they? No

            “ whingeing, childish, multiple daily self-obsessed posts on here”

            Always a pleasure to meet a fan. ;-)

            Anyway why so angry? What’s up with ya?

          2. 1-2-1-2

            Your post was full of waffle and hyperbole crapping on about serial welfare spongers and serial malcontents as if they were some kind of Supergrannies

          3. Micko

            “ Your post was full of waffle and hyperbole”

            So ‘I’ made you angry then?

            Or was it the “serial welfare spongers”?

            Or is it something else?

        2. Steph Pinker

          Micko: I think 1-2-1-2 could possibly be a former drummer of a wedding band – have you pissed off many drummers who like to stand at the mic and show their importance by getting the attention of the captive natives at the buffet table before the father and daughter dance?

          1. Micko

            Ah ye know nothin. ;p

            Nightmare to find a good bassist or drummer.

            Guitarists and singers are ten a penny.

          2. johnnny

            how do you say your not actually in the ‘ent…..” industry,whatever this is in dublin.
            “As someone who works in the entertainment industry “……says absolutely no-one.

  4. Shayna

    Meanwhile, just up the road a tad – Michelle O’Neill announced there’d be no further restrictions imposed before Christmas? I was under the impression we were addressing the pandemic as an island wholly.

    1. SOQ

      They can’t push it any further Shayna- the introduction of passports on the 10th will be a rough enough ride on its own.

      1. Shayna

        To be fair, SOQ – most types I know have applied for their Covid Passports, not yet received, high demand, apparently – who would have thought? I have said passport, originally intended for international travel, now valid for domestic use. I understand that you may be, perchance in the Anti- Vax camp (no pun, homophobic slur intended {camp}), Shayna’s booked for the 14th for the Booster Jab. I understand everyone has a choice to participate, or not in vaccination. A choice, sure. My choice, just like yours, SOQ.

        1. SOQ

          Yes there is always a rush once this sort of thing is introduced. Although I don’t think it will be near as easy to implement as in ROI- lets face it, there are places in NI where even the PSNI thread carefully, let alone health officials.

          I am not anti vax at all, not even this one. It is a strange world we live in where holding a view that only the high risk should be vaccinated has somehow become radical or subversive, especially as the long term impact cannot be known.

          Vaccinating only those at risk has always been health policy up until this pandemic, and nobody can really explain why the shift- especially as the vaccinated can still be just as infectious.

          Just wondering- if there was not restrictions on your travel, would you have bothered?

    2. George

      We are not addressing the pandemic as an island. When did you get that idea? There has been no all-island coordination of the covid response at any point.

  5. Cui Bono?

    Just had an online Xmas party with the office. There’s a few starting to question things – about bloody time.

    2 weeks to flatten the curve haha. It’s so obvious at this stage. Wake up everyone – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is 21st century tyranny – live happening right now. Let’s work together and stop it.

      1. Cui Bono?

        I would love it if it was stupidity but those in power are not stupid – they’re taking orders from those in global positions above them.

        The Rothschilds print money out of thin air and it all leads back to them and their allies.

          1. Cui Bono?

            Haha no I’m not a Q follower. It’s a modern psyop based on an old USSR one. The game is bigger than you’ve been told daisy.

        1. Steph Pinker

          … and the abuse of power over society, democracy, and the carrot and stick approach of do as you’re told or you’ll end up killing your grandparents without a ‘booster’; nonetheless you’ll end up in a camp anyway because this is one hotel you can never leave.

          The irony is, those who proclaim to protect others by submitting without question are fueling a machine which will affect and have long term consequences for all.

          The lack of imagination, desire to understand and learn is truly terrifying.

          1. E'Matty

            I often ask people “Can you explain the difference between SARS-COV2 and Covid-19?”. Such a basic question on a topic that has dominated life around the world for almost two years, yet many can’t. I think many ppl find thinking too much effort and just delegate that part of their lives to others.

  6. Jerry

    As a greedy publican I found when open much of the summer my takings were not 30% down week by week on 2019 so I could not get the wage subsidy
    The fact I opened I could not get the CRSS
    On top of that I had to pay tax on all the support I got from government
    The biggest problem was I had to close two days a week in the only time of the year that you make money in a seasonal location
    We did not qualify for 6 months as we were closed and could not qualify for the 30% down in turnover

    The biggest problem for hospitality is you could not get staff mainly because of the PUP
    You would of thought it was like the EWSS where if you leave that company you loose your enhanced social welfare payment and sign on the dole
    That means unlike last year you Cannot live abroad claiming it and take cash paid jobs in Spain france or anywhere you move to
    Last summer many students did just that and my best pal with a restuarant in the Canary Islands had at least 6 Irish staff paid cash for the season and they are back next year for a tax free summer working vacation

    And guess what?
    You got it
    PUP is back
    Why is it government is more of a hindrance and creating more problems for hospitality to survive

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