Deny The Passenger


This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

The Government has delayed the introduction of PCR and antigen testing for air and sea passengers arriving into Ireland by 48 hours.

The measure was due to come into force today, however an Aer Lingus spokesperson told RTÉ News that they were informed last night by the Government that the regulations will be delayed until Sunday.

The Government delayed the testing requirement in order to allow passengers and carriers to prepare for the measure.

A senior Government source said this would give more time, for example, for passengers to get a PCR test and result before travelling into Ireland.

Govt delays introduction of Covid tests for arrivals (RTÉ)



Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly announcing the new covid restrictions on travellers enetering the country. The vaccinated will need to be tested.

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11 thoughts on “Deny The Passenger

    1. SOQ

      Absolutely not- it is the variants you see- it couldn’t possibly be an experiential mRNA never used on humans before.

    2. Micko

      Well, maybe we can agree that it does work, but it’s not really a vaccine – it’s kinda more like a drug that you have to keep taking, perhaps indefinitely.

      1. SOQ

        Define ‘work’?

        They don’t prevent infectivity because otherwise all vaccinated would remain negative and, even on it’s core promise of reducing serious illness and death, the efficacy wanes after a couple of months.

    3. Jerry

      It only works protecting many from the worst symptoms but not all
      Governments lied about that

      We must live with this and sadly the health system has to cope with it
      So it’s time the fear mongering stopped
      You cannot sacrifice everyone’s livelihood by strangling the economy to save a health service that constantly has been seen as not fit
      If it collapses so be it maybe what is reborn is a health service that’s fit for purpose
      There is 7.2 billion people in this world and the stats say 230 million people have been infected
      So if that’s 10% of those infected are sick then that’s 2.3 billion people

      So as the numbers show we could be looking at another 3 years before it burns its self out

  1. Broadbag

    Similar to ”don’t come home for Christmas” but also ”here’s some special flights and ferries to get you home for Christmas” from last December, how do these utter gobdaws sleep at night, stealing an extremely lucrative living from taxpayers.

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      How do they sleep at night? Easy, because we all tolerate their sham governance and wholesale crookedness, (allegedly). Good moaning everyone. All you need is love, and a few bob to get by on.

    1. SOQ

      He’s one of those lower middle mangers who has memorised all the corporate buzz words to regurgitate while doing PowerPoint presentations, but actually hasn’t a single original idea in his head.

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