Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer

This morning.

The cabinet covid committee is to meet later  to discuss recommendations contained in a letter yesterday to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly from the Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan rergarding socialising this Christmas.

Via RTÉ News:

It is believed that concern has led NPHET to consider recommending the reduction of socialising in the run-up to Christmas – including limiting household gatherings to the host family plus three other households.

It is understood further limitations on hospitality which were being examined included table service; multiple table bookings being discontinued; the number of people allowed at any one table being limited to six people; and further limits on opening times.

A proposal to further extend the use of Covid certs to other areas beyond hospitality – a plan rejected by Government a few weeks ago – is also believed to be a preferred option.

Cabinet Covid committee to meet over NPHET recommendations (RTÉ)




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37 thoughts on “Party Pooper

  1. Mr.T

    LOL – hospitalisations have dropped to lowest in over a month, but dont let that positive downward trend stop you – if you dont stop unvaccinated people from going to get their haircut we could all DIE!

  2. Cookie

    Am I the only one who shakes their head involuntarily in disbelief when reading Broadsheet these days?
    I just can’t believe the amount of bullshit, anti-science, click-baiting scaremongering that goes on here.

    Future headlines;
    ”My friend got the vaccine and my dog died..”
    ”I only smoke 20 a day and the vaccine gave me a cough.”
    ”I gave my Granny a hug last Christmas… now I own her house.”

    Get a grip, get vaccinated.

    1. Mr.T

      Am I the only one who shakes their head involuntarily in disbelief when reading comments these days?
      I just can’t believe the amount of bullshit, anti-science, click-baiting scaremongering that goes on here.

      Future comments;
      ”My friend got covid and my dog died..”
      ”I only have 3 vaccines and covid gave me a cough.. how much worse could it have been if I wasn’t!.”
      ”I gave my Granny a hug last Christmas… now I own her house.”

      Get a grip, get on with your life

      1. Cookie

        Write your own comments Audrey.
        Stop plagiarising mine.

        You’re not clever.
        You’re funny, but not in the sense that you think you are.

    2. Gavin

      Are you reading something different to the rest of us, its a news article from RTE, whats freaking you out

        1. Nullzero

          “Replying to anti vaxxers in the comments section can leave you vulnerable to infection. New online boosters required every three months”

  3. Fergalito

    The households thing doesn’t make sense ….

    How many people in one household? Two? Three? Five? Seven? More?

    How many in three households? Six? Nine? Fifteen? Twenty-one? More?

    Or four? Eight? Twelve? Twenty? Twenty-eight? More?

    1. John Smith

      And how big is the house?

      This ‘households’ fixation never did make sense but that hasn’t stopped them before so why should it now? Same thing goes for so many of the regulations/recommendations.

    2. Cian

      It makes sense. I am more likely to get Covid from a housemate than a stranger simply due to the amount of time & lack of social distancing i spend with housemates.

      If I have a party with 3 other households of 4 people in each (12 other people) it is statistically safer (odds of nobody having covid) than having 8 random people in the house.

      1. John Smith

        If it is only statistics that matter, why all the guidance about social-distancing, masks, etc, when people visit. Many (most?) houses are not big enough to accommodate 12 people, at least not in the same room and with any degree of distancing.

        Who are the other people present, where do they work, with whom do they mix, etc? Those are the matters which will effect whether they are likely to be infectious. Households don’t just mix with their own members. The more people present, the more likelyood there will be someone present who is infectious, regardless of how many households are represented.

      2. Fergalito

        Precisely – households aren’t bundled together all day every day. Right now the missus is out and about with a friend, the youngest is being collected from school by another Mammy and I’ll be down later to collect the eldest and pick up the youngest.

        I’m also heading out this evening, missus is tomorrow morning and heading to GAA training with the kids.

        It makes no sense. None whatsoever.

        In fairness the odds of three households visiting our household are pretty low at the best of times.

        Where are those statistics derived from? Do they account for daily mobility, occupation, vaccine status or recovery from covid status? I suspect they’re lazily assembled and pulled out of some arse somewhere.

        1. SOQ

          You clearly have no experience of working with Civil Servants Fergalito- before they read a report they do a spell count to check if it is ‘weighty’ enough- why use one word when ten will do etc.

  4. Blonto

    Is there nothing to be said for nightclubs???
    Remember the photo of the queue outside Coppers a while back……..but it’s all the fault of schools, kids and households. Okey dokey.

    1. TMan

      My theory is young people have stopped getting tested because they have had enough and there symptoms are so mild that they don’t even register. The issue with school kids is, and I’m speaking from personnel experience here. The pressure comes on from the school to get you kid tested because it is very obvious if your kid goes into school with a runny noise/cough so in order to appease the teacher/principal you get them tested. My youngest lad has been tested 4 times all negative thankfully and on each occasion it was optics. I think if that pressure wasn’t there parents wouldn’t be bothering and case numbers would be way down.

  5. RuilleBuille

    All these restrictions are down to the 7% of ignorant folk who refuse to believe science but believe some swivel eyed loon with personality issues.

    1. John Smith

      And what do the other 93% of ignorant folk believe, RuilleBuille?
      And what proportion of the population do the full 100% of ignorant folk represent?

    2. Cookie

      @ RuilleBuille

      Freedom is a concept they can’t comprehend.
      A word they don’t understand.

      1. John Smith


        I hope not – that would be quite an insult to the majoity of Broadsheet commenters, whatever their views on the subject under discussion. RuilleBuille’s comment didn’t actually say what they intended it to. If, however, we assume that ‘ignorant’ was meant to appear before ‘7%’, not before ‘folk’, then all the comment shows is that some people have swallowed the ‘official’ line that the restrictions are because of a small minority who haven’t even been shown to be infective or to be passing on anything. Officialdom likes to be able to blame someone else.

        ‘Freedom is a concept they can’t comprehend.
        A word they don’t understand.’

        If this refers to the 7% who have not been vaccinated, then perhaps Cookie, himself, could do with some help in understanding what ‘freedom’ means.

      2. Nullzero

        @ Cookie, talking about the concept of freedom whilst proposing that nobody should be able to exercise their own freedom. Absolutely breathtakingly stupid stuff.

    3. freewheeling

      “All these restrictions are down to the 7% of ignorant folk”

      Yes, the 7% all had a get-together and decided we were going to impose these restrictions on us all. Sorry you weren’t invited because you would, no doubt, have voted to lift the restrictions on us all.

  6. Zaccone

    Numbers in hospital and the ICUs are stable or falling… what on earth is the logic behind bringing in more restrictions?

    Particularly when in the past week there have been 0 outbreaks linked to hospitality, 12 to healthcare settings, and 50+ to schools.

    It just doesn’t make any logical sense.

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