They Have Paid Enough


This morning.

Via Irish Times:

‘As the phone lines clog up at the general practice where I work with parents seeking an exemption for their children wearing masks at school, I see a glimmer of hope in the publication this week of William Reville’s examination of the limitations and fallibility of narrow scientific analysis (“‘Following the science’ is not enough in a pandemic”, December 2nd) along with Fintan O’Toole’s belated critique of the effective outsourcing of governmental authority to Nphet (Opinion, November 30th).

‘Doctors are trained to have a balanced and holistic understanding of the multiplicity of dimensions that define health and wellbeing, and also to determine when a health intervention is not worth the cost.

‘Children and younger adults have paid enough for the deficiencies of our health service over the past long months and should not be subject to any further steps which do not benefit them directly.’

Dr David O’Connell, Dublin 7

irish Times Letters



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27 thoughts on “They Have Paid Enough

    1. Jerry

      Mehole on the TV on the news speaking to the children
      It was priceless
      He failed to tell them that Santa after not restricting his movements could spread omicron into their homes on Christmas Eve
      As for not wearing a mask the gardai need to stop him and jab him with gallons of vaccine

    1. Gavin

      Silence as perusal when it’s tinfoil pro jab stuff. …seeing as how I am vaccinated…its a fuppin disgrace and completely unworkable.

  1. Kali

    Little kids having masks irritate their skin all day, feeling dizzy, straining their muffled voices to talk to their teachers so paranoid vaccinated misinformed adults can feel a sense of smugness. I’m ashamed this happened, we are well and truly lost as a nation.

    1. Nullzero

      Wait until the arguments about who has their kids vaccinated and who doesn’t begin in the new year.

      By March I’d be shocked if kids weren’t excluded from school for not being vaccinated against a virus that doesn’t really harm them.

    2. Jon Smoke

      What are you on about Kali.
      Have you actually asked any children about how they are getting on with the masks?
      The kids are wearing the masks with little to no problem.
      I have kids wearing them this week and they have no problems apart from it being a bit annoying.
      I asked them about their classmates and they said everyone is the same.

      1. SOQ

        So because you done a straw poll of local kids, everything is fine then is it?

        Do you think all those parents would be in protesting today if their children just ‘found it a bit annoying’?

      2. Kali

        I have asked children, it’s where I got the info. The kids in the class without masks are being used as relays as the teachers can’t hear the kids with masks respond when they’re asked questions. They said the mask hurts their face, I assume they mean from rubbing against the skin, and some are experiencing dizziness. I’m sure none of this improves the education they’re receiving. But like you said, you spoke to a few kids and as they were fine no other kids matter.

        1. Jonsmoke

          It works both ways….you asked a few kids and heard there were some issues….I asked a few kids and heard the opposite.
          So, wearing masks is not perfect. There are minor downsides for some kids but overall the benefit of them being worn far outweighs the downside.

      3. Ben Madigan

        It’s not about whether they have a problem wearing them or not. It’s about the detrimental effect on their social, emotional and behavioural development that extended periods of mask wearing may have, not to mention impacts on learning which I am sure have a as leeway occurred since teachers have been wearing masks in the classroom.

  2. paddy apathy

    My mother was in primary school in the early 1950’s and remembers, because of TB, classes were held outdoors as much as possible, strict hygiene regimens rigidly enforced and little or no contact with friends outside of school. And how does she describe people complaining about children having to wear masks? “Snowflakes”. Her words, not mine.

      1. paddy apathy

        So we agree child welfare in an educational setting has improved immensely since then. Asking a child to wear a mask while at school is a mild inconvenience for most.

        1. SOQ

          You clearly know better than all the child psychologists who have voiced opposition to the muzzling of children then?

          1. Kali

            I would have thought the old people whinging about children not enjoying being forced to wear masks were the snowflakes.

          2. paddy apathy

            My mother wasn’t whinging, we were listening to the news and she commented. And Kali you’re someone whose been whining incessantly since your username appeared on this forum.

          3. paddy apathy

            Any anxiety that a child has over mask wearing is learned behaviour from their parents. Refer to Nigel’s comments below regarding the legacy of broken systems we will bequeath to today’s children. Your concerns over this issue are not genuine. But it suits your narrative to air them.

        2. U N M U T U A L

          @paddy apathy

          …with all due respect, I wouldn’t put much stock in a profession that considered corporal punishment acceptable at the time.

      1. Tom J

        It’s illegal to post pictures of children without the permission of the parents, even at that it shouldn’t be allowed.

  3. Nigel

    Getting mad at the wrong thing again. Decades of crumbling health services, including vital services for child mental health care, schools falling apart, public transport allowed to degrade, housing policies making life for the current and next generation an economic nightmare with increasing risk of homelessness for thousands, environmental degradation and the active and deliberate dooming of the future through inaction on climate change, but wearing masks to reduce the spread of an airborne virus is ‘paying enough.’ No bloody wonder governments keep getting away with it.

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