‘Virus Collaborators’


Anti Vaccine passport protest in Dublin City Center last Saturday



Ah here.


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24 thoughts on “‘Virus Collaborators’

    1. U N M U T U A L

      …that’s some ‘Flu Sky Thinking’ coming from Augie(VP of research in #CustomerExperience) alright! ;-)

    1. freewheeling

      That’d be the Christmas that’s the season of peace and good will to all people … that you want to “save”? Way to go about it.

      1. Nullzero

        My tongue was firmly in my cheek. There are plenty here who would nod in agreement to that sentiment however.

  1. RuilleBuille

    The 7% of right extremist anti-vaxxers are the cause of kids with masks and continuing restrictions.

      1. Jon Smoke

        Ah Chris, you are some man…or woman…or neither of those.
        You are all about the need to provide evidence to back up a statement when it suits you.
        No sight or mention of evidence when you are making ridiculous claims of child abuse, discrimination, vaccines don’t work, masks don’t work, etc., etc..

        1. K. Cavan

          Yes, Jon, there’s no child abuse, all our Human Rights are untouched, you’d need some strong evidence to support such ridiculous claims.
          Everyone sees the Pandemic stalking our streets, the piles of bodies, the hospitals overflowing with plague victims, the extremely high mortality figures, no evidence is required for this, because it’s on the TV.

    1. John Smith

      As with your comment on a previous post, you haven’t said what I guess you meant. Do you really think that 7% of the ‘right extremist anti-vaxxers’ are to blame and that the other 93% of them aren’t? Of course, ‘right extremist anti-vaxxers’ would, in any case, only apply in any case to a very small portion of wide range of people who have chosen and/or been advised not to be vaccinated so you are down to blaming a handful of people.

      Mind you, even correcting the statement to say what you meant it to, it still shows a total lack of understanding of how the restrictions have been decided on but, even if you were to realise that, it is not likely to make any difference to the comments you make, I fear.

    2. K. Cavan

      That’s right, RuilleBuille, supporting fascism on the basis of something you saw on telly doesn’t make you an extremist Authoritarian. A world bereft of Truth, Freedom & Justice, where Human Rights are trampled on is perfectly ok, because the Media did us the favour of telling us there’s a Pandemic, what with nobody dropping dead in the streets & the hospitals not overflowing with victims of the plague, how would we know, otherwise?
      The thousands killed, the millions injured by nurses with syringes full of untested toxins which damage but don’t protect is ok, Bill Gates, the eugenecist billionaire who’s openly stated his desire to kill a billion people has been on telly, telling us to force his poison into the arms of unwilling victims. And you believe him, he has no medical degree or any degree at all but that doesn’t matter, you’re still right behind him. He’s your man.
      Anyone who opposes concentration camps is a Nazi, right? You always see people being forced to have injections during Pandemics, right? Sure, you haven’t actually seen any evidence of the Pandemic but it must be happening, the politicians told you so & they never lie.
      Supporting all this doesn’t make you a Nazi.
      It makes you a fool but an important fool. The type who’s been there, every time a Hitler or a Mao or a Stalin rises up.
      They couldn’t do it without you.

    3. John snipe

      And zero facts to back up the moronic claim just parroting other extremist fascist morons deep throating the regimes narrative, the data shows the numbers jumped the more people were jabbed, you can still catch and pass it on and die from it after the jab, a Gates etc said your jab is a failure,

      1. Chris

        It’s a reactive action, like a dog barking. They feel annoyed and want to express it. There’s no real thinking involved, just adopting whatever mass narrative is presented to them, are reacting accordingly.

  2. SOQ

    I am pretty certain at this stage that these sorts are deliberately mixing up the risk of infection with the risk of serious illness.

    Citing ICU numbers is completely irrelevant when it comes to infectivity.

  3. eamonn

    italian media is reporting that a guy tried to get the “green pass” available only to those vaccinated by going to the vaccination centre with a fake arm

    Micheál’s call to arms not falling on deaf ears ?

  4. White Dove

    It’s great we have people like Augie who are happy to come over from America to tell Irish people how to live their lives.

    What would we do without people like him and Katherine Zappone.

  5. Cui Bono?

    Is it still 100% vaccinated and 0% unvaccinated dying from covid in Ireland?

    The last HSE report was a couple of weeks ago and this was the case then.

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