We Did Everything That You Asked


Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, Chief Executive Padraig Cribben

This is how you repay us?

This afternoon

The CEO of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland has said today is a “pretty dark day” for the hospitality sector as the National Public Health Emergency Team recommends a number of fresh restrictions to their sector, including reduced capacity and an earlier closing time.

Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, VFI chief Padraig Cribben said:

“The trade which would normally be buoyant at this time of the year in the run up to Christmas, is really dead.

“We’re seeing all of the Christmas parties, functions being cancelled and the announcement that there’s a possibility of further restrictions is certainly leading to a high level of despair in the industry.”

That’ll learn him.

‘Pretty black day’ for hospitality sector – VFI chief (RTÉ)



NPHET advises indoor events operate at 50% capacity (RTÉ)

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34 thoughts on “We Did Everything That You Asked

  1. freewheeling

    After Cribben doing the vaxpass “favour” for Don Holohon and all…
    queue Adrian Cummins looking for more State supports for the sector he did the same deal to save.

  2. uh oh

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of shapers, con artists, rip-off merchants, cartel operators and licensed drug dealers.

  3. SOQ

    Hospitality doesn’t employ anyone apart from themselves and the missus is it?

    There are plenty of people who were relying on that few quid to get them through Christmas, including many families. And now they don’t even have PUP- at least Mary Lou has been demanding its return, so credit where it is due.

    1. uh oh

      Fair point in fairness,
      But many people, myself included, don’t want to visit pubs or restaurants these days, for fear of unwittingly contracting coronavirus from the likes of you. See how it works? YOU are putting these people out of a job. Sad old Klown.

      1. SOQ

        Yes you should stay at home then, and keep the curtains closed too- because it might just sneak in otherwise.

        Make sure to keep RTE television and radio on at all times of course. Oh and dip the cat in Dettol after it comes in- you can’t be too careful eh?

        1. uh oh

          What? You are putting the ordinary decent folk you referred to out of a job pal.
          Are you going to address the point, or just reach for the waffle iron?

        2. SOQ

          No explanation apart from vaccinated spreading can be given in a country where 100% of the population are vaccinated.

        3. Cian

          Can you explain how Gibraltar has vaccinated 140% of it’s population?

          Answer: they vaccinated a load of Spaniards that work there (half the workers in Gibraltar commute daily from Spain).

          We don’t know how many of Gibraltar’s adults are unvaccinated. but they don’t have 100% vaccination.

          In fact their facebook page is listing the age, residence and vaccination status of all cases each day. See “HM Government of Gibraltar” on FB
          today: 7 unvaccinated residents Vs 10 vaccinated.

    2. SOQ

      What percentage of restaurants and pubs are ran by a couple while living above? Lower single figure percentages I would think.

      Hospitality is a large employer in Ireland because we had such a successful tourist industry and all of those people will be unemployed over Christmas- many businesses will never open again.

      All done by this government and their NPHET advisors- and the key word there is advisors, because NPHET has no statutory powers.

      1. uh oh

        Increasingly they are run for the benefit of offspring of mega property developers and Brexiteer nut jobs.

  4. E'Matty

    If you are a pub or restaurant owner, stop acceding to this nonsense. Being the good boys and girls in class has gotten you nowhere. They are killing your businesses and you are allowing it.

    I don’t remember seeing many pub owners out protesting. Lads, you would want to wake up pronto or your livelihood will be gone. Also, your industry reps are cowardly useless clowns. Get rid of them. They’re not looking out for you at all.

    1. SOQ

      I agree- they complied with everything and got nothing. The other side of that coin was that there was a successful campaign ran to paint every critic an extremist or a fruit cake. The only real dissenting voice which could not be smeared was the Healy-Rays.

      Personally, I think they should collectively cancel their subscriptions to that vintners outfit and start from scratch- what have they got to lose?

    2. Jerry

      Sure I had posters made up and offered them to the VFI
      They did not want to know
      I was too busy working to get out to March mainly because you could get no staff mainly because of PUP

  5. Broadbag

    As above, theyr’e an awful shower of rip-off merchants (not all of them, but most) all too happy to fleece the public, fupp them, Ireland would be a lot better off with a lot less pubs and a lot less focus on drinking alcohol as the main social pursuit.

    1. uh oh


      What do they offer for society other than alcoholism and Sky Sports?

      Load of dunghills the majority of them.

  6. The Dude

    Only 10 days ago Bodger was slated for posting from the Liberal.ie a rumour from the Dáil suggesting December 13th as Lockdown Day for pubs. It doesn’t look that outlandish now.

    Once again the pissey half-measure of midnight closing was pointless, when it would have made sense to either close bars at 10 pm – or else leave it as was.

    Instead there is a drip-drip of half-measures, which is likely to be followed up by total closure.

    The only thing the authorities now seem able to do is to stop people living life.

    I hope TheLiberal is yet proven wrong.

  7. Kali

    I’ve no love for the vintners federation but the bar staff, waitresses/waiters, chefs, security and everyone else that is employed in the sector will have another tough Christmas because of this.

  8. Diddy

    It’s so important that the Irish people keep their fingers in the dyke indefinitely. The next two weeks are critical etc!

  9. Mr.T

    What a pathetic lobby group – have they fought for anything?

    They don’t lobby or negotiate, simply take what they’re given as spin it to members as being a “good deal”

  10. Jerry

    Are they ?
    Evidently you are ignorant of the majority of publicans that are facing ruin and have followed all the rules

  11. SOQ

    So it appears the PUP is back for those workers- why couldn’t they have announced that at the same time?

    Or were they just chancing their arm to see how far they could push it?

  12. Jerry

    The PUP is the dole
    it is actually a bar against trying to get staff when pubs and restaurants reopen
    Because wages are low it’s more financially attractive to those staff not to work in the hospitality industry
    Why work for thirty hours when you can stay off work get get this paid into your bank
    Not be checked up on and work abroad for cash which of course will not be declared or even work for some restuarant for cash in hand part time

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