Mother Knows Best


Anti-mask mandate protest in Dublin last Friday

This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

The Department of Education has revised a controversial instruction issued to schools last week, which directed that older children should be refused entry to primary schools if they decline to wear a mask without medical reason.

In fresh guidance sent this morning, the department has told schools that “it is not intended that any child will be excluded from a school in the first instance“.

There was outcry last week after primary schools were directed in a memo sent late on Tuesday to refuse entry to older pupils who presented without masks.

Schools were initially told the instruction applied from Wednesday morning. However later the department clarified that “flexibility” would be allowed during the first couple of days.

That’ll learn them

Primary pupils won’t be excluded for no masks – Dept (RTÉ)


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55 thoughts on “Mother Knows Best

  1. ce

    Nothing like a bit of festive isolation for the whole family because wearing masks is a crime against a vengeful god…

    1. E'Matty

      Who knew so many of the mother’s of Ireland were Far Right, eh? Talk about a media conditioned talking point.

    2. Micko

      That’s a lorra people.

      Also, you’re right. No masks nothin. These are people willing to go out and march for their kids rights in a pandemic RuilleBuille.

      You won’t even leave the house without a mask. Who do you think is stronger?

      You should be crapping yourself

    3. Kali

      How can you tell they’re anti vaxxers? They might be pro vaccination but opposed to face masks for children

    4. Nullzero

      Far right?

      Jesus we have one far right party in this country and their support in the elections they’ve stood it has been pathetic.

      Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re far right or fascists.

      Such lazy nonsense.

  2. The Dude

    Yet another U turn by an administration that have lost all credibility by this stage.

    If the masks are justified on a basis of evidence, the direction should be clear and flagged in advance.

    A good government would not announce a divisive measure only to be followed by a climb down.

    I hear Philip Nolan now saying he does not trust Hepa air filters for use in classrooms. The same lad who branded antigen tests as ‘snake oil’.

    Isn’t it funny how Nolan and co. regard antigen tests and Hepa filters as unreliable, after the state has failed to incorporate such measures?

    What an utterly useless shower.

    1. Micko

      Too much money to be mad3 from PCR tests

      222,895 PCR tests in Ireland in the last 7 days alone.

      This time last year, we were doing around 300k in a MONTH

      I thought things were supposed to be getting better…?

        1. Micko

          Emmm…ok. Big swinging mickey.

          Regardless, we did 900K in Nov just gone. .

          And 90 people died last month

          That’s 0.01% of people who were tested.

          Utter madness.

          1. Micko

            Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying Cian.

            Ye don’t think we could maybe, stop testing people in work twice a week then? And just test people who feel sick.

            Ho ho no Santas testing elves are busy this year. Soooo much money to be made.

          2. Jerr

            Let’s follow the science
            The only way if you follow the science is shown in contagion the Hollywood film
            If you follow the science regarding this virus it means no one moves no one shops it’s hamza suits at dawn no matches no people on the street
            And defiantly no international travel

      1. The Dude

        You make good points, after all Cui bono?

        This state is fugged. Every time there always has to be an angle for somebody’s mate before anything is done ‘in the public interest’. It’s across the different sectors; housing, health, transport.

        Their state works for their mates, aka a kleptocracy.

  3. Nigel

    What a massive climbdown and u-turn, in the form of the measure remaining in place, but wth a slightly more conciliatory tone. A good thing, to be sure, but indicative that despite the grandstanding here, it wasn’t the measure itself that people objected to, but the way it was introduced.

      1. Nigel

        Except… it is. You’d be surprised how much in favour of covid not spreading through schools parents actually are.

        1. SOQ

          SARS-CoV-2 is spreading through schools, just like every other transmittable virus in circulation. CoVid-19 the disease however, is thankfully very rare.

          Your ass is out the window if you think the majority of parents are in favour of this child abuse.

          1. Nigel

            Yes, it is, and soon they’ll run out of teachers if they keep getting sick with it, forcing schools to close, and if kids come home with it forcing families to isolate and threatening anyone vulnerable in the house they’re not best pleased either.

            If they thought it was child abuse they wouldn’t have sent all their kids to school wearing their masks, which they did, for a whole week, so far. You’re a fantasist.

    1. John Smith

      Have to agree about the fact that this is not a climb down as it stands and it alters very little. It doesn’t remove the option of excluding children from school – just says that that is not the first thing to be tried. Depending on the viewpoint of the principal or whoever, exclusion can be imposed very quickly, if the child/parents don’t give in.

      Totally disagree that the protests were not against the measure but against the way it was introduced. The protesters (in the marches or not) were objecting to young children being forced to wear facecoverings under any circumstances.

          1. SOQ

            Because some sent their children to school wearing masks does not mean they agree with it.

            And, if the Telegram jungle drums are anything to go by- numerous head teachers have already informed parents that it is a personal choice and will not be imposed.

          2. Nigel

            ‘Most people are compliant and do what their told. . ‘

            One minute they’re al fired up to rebel against the government, the next minute they’re sheeple.

          3. Nigel

            ‘Because some sent their children to school wearing masks does not mean they agree with it. ‘

            By ‘some’ you mean ‘almost all.’ No, it doesn’t mean they LIKE it, we don’t always like what circumstances oblige us to agree with. They certainly don’t think it’s child abuse and would laugh in your face for suggesting it. If the Telegram jungle drums, whatever the hell they are, have their fingers as close to the pulse of the population as you do, they’re picking their nose.

          4. SOQ

            If they don’t agree with it then once one child does not wear a mask, then neither will theirs.

            As I said- your ass is out the window on this one.

          5. Nigel

            The only kids who won’t be wearing masks will be the ones who have good reasons not to, which parents will accept, and carry on.

          6. Micko

            “The only kids who won’t be wearing masks will be the ones who have good reasons not to”

            Will that reason be that their parents aren’t compliant morons?

            Ho ho ho

          7. SOQ

            “Idiots”- there we have it.

            It is official- Nigel now knows better that the mothers of Ireland too.

          8. Nigel

            Skipped right over Micko’s ‘compliant morons’ in your rush to find a high horse, didn’t you?

          9. jungleman

            For some reason SOQ’s new favorite tactic is licking up to the “mammies of Ireland”. You do know you are commenting anonymously here? As in you’re not going to score any brownie points with these “mammies”. Or is it that you’re virtue-signaling to gain credit?

          10. SOQ

            I have consistently said that muzzling children is wrong- that it is child abuse- that is my strong held belief.

            That you think I have some other agenda other than holding such an opinion really says a lot more about you than anyone else.

      1. Nigel

        It’s been such a shock to you to discover that things outside our control can have such effects on us, hasn’t it?

  4. SOQ

    Apparently it was announced on the Ryan Tubrity show that hearing impaired kids could be exempt from wearing mask and wear visors instead.

    I am convinced they have no idea what they are doing now.- hearing impaired children need to read OTHER people’s lips?

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