Bleeding Rapid


This afternoon.

Plans to build a whitewater rafting course in Dublin ‘appear to have been shelved‘.

Via RTÉ News:

According to the council’s Captial Programme 2022-2024 which will be discussed at meeting later tonight, there has been significant hostility towards the project and it has been unable to convince the various State funding bodies to support the project.

The report, from the council’s Chief Executive Owen Keegan, also says there has been a ”considerable amount of negative commentary related to this project […] that appears impossible to reverse and that has undermined the planned funding of the project”.

Dublin whitewater rafting facility appears to be shelved (RTÉ)

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32 thoughts on “Bleeding Rapid

    1. Mr.T

      I agree, we should fill it in with concrete and build another hotel! Or another spar – city doesnt have nearly enough of them already!

        1. Mr.T

          I’d say the backlash would be even worse than this was – prozzers and joints, a different section of society would be up in arms

    2. Jerr

      But how much has been spent so far on this white elephant
      A great little earner and many palms crossed the equivalent of little brown envelopes by 2019 €1 million was spent
      I would say another as well
      A project originally €12 mill now 25 million

    3. Cú Chulainn

      Pity Keegan didn’t apply the same logic to the incinerator.. those dioxins keep falling on Dublin heads.

  1. Broadbag

    ‘personal vanity project to enable me pursue my hobby at the tax payers’ expense’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it?

    1. Imelda Maybe

      ‘so now Google and Facebook in Dublin will have to feck off and pay for their own team-building exercises’

      1. Mr.T

        Ah yes, because niche sports are exclusively for multinational team building exercises and stags, and not for our olympic athletes to train or the 1000s of people in the country who kayak in this country.

        Sure they can all travel to England/Scotland/Wales instead, it’s not like we could do with the money..

          1. Mr.T

            Fishermen & the massive lack of rain during summer months.
            April/May through September the sport stops unless you travel to WW centers in the UK or go to Norway/The Alps

  2. Micko

    T’was scrapped as the sun reflecting off all the milk bottle white Irish would dazzle drivers and cause pile ups.

    Makes sense…

  3. Mr.T

    Ah yes, shelved so we could build.. well we cant build housing there or with the funds earmarked.. an outdoor swimming pool? Beside the sea and with huge costs to heat the water in the winter.. err, what were we going to build instead?

    1. Zaccone

      Almost literally anything would be of more use to the citizens of Dublin. Even a simple, well maintained, public park there would be of benefit to far higher numbers of people’s lives than an unbelievably niche white water rapid rafting center.

      1. Kali

        There’s already multiple parks in Dublin and there not exactly packed. It would have been good for something different to go in and could have been a decent addition to the city. As far as I could see it was mostly to be funded from an EU grant, I wonder will it now go to a city in another member country.

  4. V aka Frilly Keane

    The last
    Pinned there to the right under Jimmy
    Had Dr Patrick Earls – one half of the @GeorgesDockLido campaign

    On his own a fantastic guest btw

    Suggest ye fill yerselves in on the background of this carry on at the Grand Canal basic
    From White Water what_have_ya
    To a public bats’ (◠‿◕)

    If t’was the other side of the river
    It would be Lido of course

    BTW Cork Lido Compaigners are well down the road on their own plans
    And have even gotten as far as solar heating discussions

    On a side note
    That show was one of my favourite to do

    Next time ye’re out trying to get the steps in
    Give it a go on the ear buds

    Btw, if you’re on Twitter
    Give them all a follow, well worth keeping up with their campaigns

    Regards, V

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