“They’re Clearly Finding Places That They Can Get In”


Professor Pete Lunn, Head of the Behavioural Research Unit, ESRI

This morning.

The ESRI’s Professor Pete Lunn said they have found that if you take the proportion of the population each week or each day that visits a cafe, pub or restaurant, the proportion of unvaccinated people going indoors is “a little over half the proportion of the vaccinated”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne, he said unvaccinated people are not getting into pubs and restaurants as much as vaccinated people are.

“But they are doing so more than half the amount, and in pubs and restaurants a bit more again,” he said.

“Not as much as vaccinated people but not far off, so they’re clearly finding places that they can get in.”

Unvaccinated people ‘finding places they can get in’ – ESRI data (RTÉ)


Via Irish Times:

…That a small cohort would effectively hold society hostage seems profoundly unfair to many, and how this should be tackled is an open question. This, of course, isn’t solely an Irish problem – Austria’s decision to impose lockdowns on the unvaccinated in mid-November was motivated by alarming strain on ICU capacity, driven almost entirely by those shirking vaccination. In Slovakia, Greece, and the Czech Republic similar restrictions have been imposed on vaccine-refusing cohorts for the same reason. Germany has also now introduced strict curbs on unvaccinated people.

Such measures, however, raise passionate ire, frequently decried as an infringement of liberties. But such arguments fail to recognise that others have a reasonable expectation that they should not be needlessly exposed to avoidable dangerous pathogens, nor should selfish stances be allowed imperil the freedom of others.

Such arguments also fail on another level – the unimmunised ultimately reduce the efficacy of vaccination, effectively functioning as human petri dishes. As the virus runs through them, random mutations eventually endow it with the ability to evade vaccines. The dominance of Delta and the emergency….


Small anti-vaccine cohort can’t hold society hostage (David Robert Grimes, Irish Times)



Peanut butter.




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85 thoughts on ““They’re Clearly Finding Places That They Can Get In”

  1. Jono

    TWO German soccer players ‘Suddenly & Unexpectantly’ collapse during the same match.


    They know people hearts have been damage by the vaccine:



    And as above the evidence is mounting up.

    This is going to come back on them so hard once people realise…

    1. Jerr

      It’s getting comical
      Google YouTube the last priest in Ireland the savage eye
      It’s actually bang on as to the mentality

  2. SOQ

    “the unimmunised ultimately reduce the efficacy of vaccination… ”

    According to The Pfizer Times, this is science.

    They really are getting desperate now- what absolute BS.

    1. Cian

      There was an outbreak of Measles in Cork in 2016. Of the 27 cases, 24 were confirmed as unvaccinated; one had documentary evidence of two doses of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination; and two cases self-reported two doses of MMR vaccination but this could not be confirmed.

      This is an example of (1) vaccines not giving 100% protection (2) and the unimmunised reducing the efficacy of vaccination. If the 24 had been vaccinated then it is unlikely the 3 vaccinated would have been exposed.


    2. Duncan Wheeler

      The equivalent is two people on a rainy day. One with a brolly and the other without. Brolly user mutters to non brolly, “if you don’t use a brolly mine won’t work”.

      1. Nigel

        The one who doesn’t tells the one who does that their brolly is a secret government conspiracy to drown everyone.

  3. Kim Cardassian

    The net is closing in on the unclean…

    Soylent Green is the unvaccinated.
    Rosebud is the unvaccinated
    Bruce Willis in the 6th Sense is the unvaccinated

    AH bUt YoU cAn sTiLl tRaNsMiT tHe ViRuS iF yOu’Re VaCcInAtEd

    *proceeds to ignore studies unless they’re posted to a weird anonymous website that cherry picking studies and ignores the fact you can’t take measures in isolation*

    Ah no, only kidding lads, sure we’re all going to heaven. Yay.

    1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

      Bodger if I can’t fuppin curse because it might offend people then I’d expect BS to give a warning to ‘K Kerdasion’ for calling people who have an opising opinion as the ‘unwashed’.
      It is extremely incendiary.


      1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

        Sorry ‘unclean’. This is exactly how the nazis dealt with the Jews.

        I appreciate and respect this site for holding up discussion.
        I just don’t want to see it been taken over by yahoos.

        Keep up the great work


        1. Nigel

          ‘‘unclean’. This is exactly how the nazis dealt with the Jews.’

          No, that was people with leprosy and plague victims. Werd how you mixed them all up. Mind you, the Nazis did claim that the Jews hoarded wealth, controlled journalism, entertainment, higher education, industry and politicians, deliberately spread diseases to weaken populations, and planned a One World Government. Remind you of any claims currently going around?

        1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

          A typical Irish response. When called out. Ah shur I was only joking can you not take a joke. On reading your comments Kim you seem to do a lot of joking over serious subjects. Maybe Joe the or journal might be the place for those kind of jokes.


    2. Jerr

      I saw the army of the twelve monkeys shivering on grafton street
      Apparently they were talking to Humpty Dumpty minister for health

  4. Mr.T

    “the unimmunised ultimately reduce the efficacy of vaccination”

    haha wow, unvaccinated boogeymen are the reason your vaccine doesnt protect you.

    A non-sterilizing vaccine makes immune escape variants inevitable – there is no level of vaccine coverage in the population that can stop it. “Anti-vaxxers” are not to blame – shitty vaccines are.

    1. SOQ

      Are they really shitty vaccines?

      Ongoing treatments are always more profitable than cures, which is the only thing the BIg Pharma sociopaths care about.

  5. Micko

    Ooooh those pesky unvax’d. Sneaking around.

    There’s only one solution.

    Digital Location tracking of the covid pass – make sure they can’t use their friends pass. The gov will need to know where you are at all times.

    And also, locking the down the unvax’d in their homes.

    Which of course will mean random stops and checks by the Guards on EVERY citizen.

    But most morons have already given up so many of their rights so easily that this will seem like a good idea.

    “Whatever it takes to get back to normal” eh?

    1. Nigel

      The government is really grateful that you guys have set yourselves up to be the handy irrational extremists they can point to occasionally as a distraction, while you bask in the attention and invent elaborate fantasies of opression and rebellion around it.

      1. John Smith

        No, the Gov’t has labelled anyone who questions its actions as ‘irrational extremists’ (by implication, if not by actual use of the term). It relies on the Gov’t apologists, like you, Nigel, and the Chainsaws and Saras to be the ones who irrationally swallow and regurgitate whatever officialdom says and does, no matter how unreasonable, unfair or discriminatory.

        1. Nigel

          I think the ones who claim the vaccine is being used to mass murder most of the population give them a bit of cover in labeling them irrational extremists, tbf.

          1. John Smith

            You mean that if one person uses a kitchen knife to kill their spouse then everyone who owns a kitchen knife can reasonably be labelled a spouse-killer.

            The Gov’t should be above applying totally inappropriate labels to a larger number of very varied individuals based on their feelings about the views of a few.

          2. Nigel

            Od course they shouldn’t be doing that. The government is full of terrible people. But so is the pandemic-truther movement. I’d say they deserve each other, but the rest of us deserve neither.

    1. Nigel

      Does it cover the people who are convinced that the government is in the process of ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly murdering a substantial percentage of its population for… reasons?

          1. Nigel

            You think the vaccine is a mass murder weapon, and popular usage is putting people like you under that category. If you don’t like it I refer you to the case of Actual Meaning Of Woke vs Current Usage.

          2. Cui Bono?

            “You think the vaccine is a mass murder weapon”

            That’s a blatant lie – I’ve never once said this. I do think there’s a lot more deaths and injuries from these particular vaccines than would ever be permitted in normal times and they should be stopped until the trials complete with proper data reporting but I don’t think they’re designed as a “mass murder weapon.”

            I think the end goal is to get everyone on the Digital ID pass system with social credit scores like in China.

            Covid19 is being used to get everyone on the vaccines. The vaccines are being used to get everyone on the vaccine passport. The vaccine passport is the basis of the Digital ID pass system.

            They will in the future add your actual passport, drivers license, new digital currency wallets with central bank digital currencies (maybe backed by gold and/or bitcoin), Universal Basic Income, social credit scores etc.

            Essentially we will all be trapped into this technocratic control grid. If you don’t get your yearly (or twice yearly) vaccine you will lose access to the benefits of society and maybe even your UBI.

            There was always going to be many deaths and adverse reactions with a new (still on trial) vaccine and they need a certain % screaming about this to distract from the real end goal of the Digital ID passport control system.

          3. Nigel

            ‘ I’ve never once said this.’

            I do apologise. I can’t always keep straight which of you holds what weird theory.

            ‘there’s a lot more deaths and injuries from these particular vaccines than would ever be permitted in normal times’

            Biggest vax rollout ever, so a) not normal times b) by definition going to have proportionally more adverse reactions than previous c) all of the claims about deaths and injuries turn out to be lies or wrong or wildly overstated.

            ‘I think the end goal is to get everyone on the Digital ID pass system with social credit scores like in China.’

            They’re making haphazard and painfully slow progress, if so.

            ‘They will in the future add your actual passport, drivers license, new digital currency wallets with central bank digital currencies (maybe backed by gold and/or bitcoin), Universal Basic Income, social credit scores etc.’

            Nothing I have seen about the development of Our Digital Dystopia suggests that they – techbros, governments, Our Secret Masters – will ever manage to get their act together to create something so fully integrated.

            Nothing I have seen about the global reaction to covid suggests anyone has their act together enough to enact anything like a ‘plan.’

          4. Nigel

            I’m tempted to think that if one good thing comes out of all this it’s a greater awareness of the dystopian trends in Big Tech, but everything you say suggests you have no real grasp of how it’s being developed and implemented and what form it’s shaping up to take. The state of Facebok right now, how it got there and where it’s going, is a bigger clue than the invention of elaborate globally co-ordinated single-vision plans and implementations.

          5. SOQ

            @ Cui Bono?

            Unenlightened. Unmarried. Unemployed. Unclean. Unattractive. Unhealthy. Uneducated. Undesirable. Unaware. Uncooperative. Uncaring. Uninformed. Unvaccinated. Get the point?

            We are vaccine free.

      1. Cui Bono?

        They didn’t Nigel.

        They speak about how ideology and mass formation is driving the hysteria rather than a big global conspiracy. Also about how logic and rational thinking is gone once mass psychosis take over. Where things could lead to and many other important things too.

        He thinks about 30% are suffering from Mass Formation, 50% to 60% are just going along with things for an easy life and to fit into this new society being created. The final 10% to 20% are unable to be hypnotised and can see clearly the propaganda, lies and flawed narrative.

        I found it really interesting and learned a lot. I recommend watching it to hear a different perspective.

        1. Micko

          He won’t watch it. I wouldn’t bother CB

          I mean, I don’t agree with everything in it tbh, but at least I watched it.

          Nigel already knows everything

          1. Micko

            “ amazing use of your valuable time,”

            Ummm… ? Like the “valuable time” we spend commenting to total strangers on Broadsheet eh?

          2. Nigel

            ‘Like the “valuable time” we spend commenting to strangers on Broadsheet eh?’

            It’s like you can see the outline of the joke, just not the detail. Must be the bars in your way.

          3. Micko

            Nigel won’t watch Youtube video coz it messes with the algorithm and might show him stuff he doesn’t want. (He actually said this)

            He was self censoring before Google did it to him. ;-)

          4. Nigel

            I don’t watch the YouTube links you guys post because they are boring and stupid and I don’t want to watch your boring and stupid videos and I don’t want more like them showing up every time I look at YouTube. It’s not self-censoring to find things too boring and stupid to bother looking at. Obliging yourself to watch boring and stupid things to avoid accusations of ‘self-censoring’ is closer to where our modern tech dystopia is heading than digital iDs.

        2. Nigel

          That first part does fit the formation of the idea that the government is in the process of committing mass murder via vaccine, the second part flatters you as an elite individual resistant to propaganda that has enslaved the masses, nice bit of positive reinforcement.

  6. Renald

    “effectively functioning as human petri dishes. As the virus runs through them, random mutations eventually endow it with the ability to evade vaccines”

    The overblown language would be funny if I didn’t know there’s many that would take this onboard.

    Many know this already but there’s very good actual evidence that non-sterilising vaccines can drive
    virus mutations, here’s one source. shorturl.at/jmtCX

    There is also evidence that un-vaccinated groups of the population provide ‘sinks’ that act on virus….

    “I think one of Vanden Boscche’s main points – which is from a population-wide perspective – is that since the vaccines (I’ll call them that) don’t provide sterilizing immunity, but DO deprive humanity of the ability of the unvaccinated to “sop up” the virus and yield a large cohort with durable immunity, the vaccines are forestalling herd immunity. In other words, the unvaccinated are the “virus sink”. If we’d left those with little risk from covid (the healthy and non-elderly) unvaccinated, they would have sopped up the virus and been transformed into the immune.”

    Taken from the comment section at shorturl.at/hsBFJ

    Also the non-sterilising effect could also lead to more transmission and opportunities for the virus to mutate…..


    Of course these should be up for debate, as this article is clearly just a shills hit piece wouldn’t expect it there, but where can we expect to get real debate on any of this, shouldn’t be left to BS et al obvs.

      1. SOQ

        Really impressed with Robert Malone these days. Seen an interview recently where he dissected the Pharma testing process and detailed how it was not fit for purpose.

        He also described how he was brushed off by the Pharma scientists despite the fact he was the one who actually invented mRNA in the first place.

        1. Renald

          For sure, he’s providing some succour for those under the cosh now I think, with this kind of vitriol it obviously takes some nerve to do, targeted along with many.

          The gas thing is his position generally, and many other highly qualified peoples opinions that differ from the narrative, shouldn’t be at all controversial, at least before all this. Serious debate has been shut-out now.

          As I understand, a stratified approach targeting vulnerable cohorts, possibly with re-purposed drugs ( or new ones if they work ! ) is the way to go. The re-purposed route is clearly being suppressed as anyone could find out if they wanted to.

          These days, seen with commentators here, perfectly reasonable concepts get conflated with oddball stuff the vast majority of people don’t believe.

          Imagine that fellas ( times article ) book on disinformation !

        1. SOQ

          Malone conducted studies on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology, discovering that it was possible to transfer mRNA protected by a liposome into cultured cells to signal the information needed for the production of proteins

          That was before any collaborations- he is therefore regarded as the first in the mRNA field.


          Either way he is an academic heavyweight, and a subject matter expert.

        2. Renald

          Hiya, no worries,

          What would we do without the fact checkers eh? There’s a litany of articles disputing his claim, so there’s that.

          The Atlantic etc.

          If your curious to cross-check and see if they got it right……


          Either way, very least he was at the coalface, I don’t think its reasonable that people with such knowledge are side-lined while your-man or Brenda Power and the rest get to write such drivel in a national newspaper.

          But here we all are.

        3. Micko

          “ He helped, that is all.”

          Daisy’s right.

          I heard he just held test tubes and got coffees while the real scientists did all the work.

          Good job Daisy.

    1. Renald

      That reads bad.

      Broadsheet has shown real courage allowing, as far as I can see, an open comment forum through all this. People with good info can get into it from whatever side. Shows up the rest.

      I meant the lack of scientific debate on other platforms.

  7. Dr.Fart

    if 95% of adults are vaccinated, then how are a mere 5% managing to half fill all the bars and cafes etc??

      1. kieran laffan

        ive had to learn the ,art of bilocation. so far ive managed to manifest my unvaxed body into 65 locations at the one time. its not easy work being an evil villian you know.

          1. John Smith

            I’m not going to any of these places* so you can have my virus and use that. I’d hate it to be wasted when you can put it to good use.

            (*because I don’t want to, not out of obedience to an immoral law)

    1. Nigel

      Look, that 5% are going to be the sole survivors responsible for repopulating the country when the vaccine murders everybody else, they’ll need to be pretty sociable.

        1. Fergalito

          When i think of what has been wasted up to now @Micko … like throwing legal tender into the fireplace !

    2. Cian

      The older the cohort the higher the vaccination rate.
      The 18-30 rate is lower than the “95% of adults”.
      The 18-30 cohort is more likely to go out to the pub.

  8. John Smith

    Discuss the role of the media universally in the instigation and intensification of hatred against those questioning, in any way, the statements and actions of governments and health authorities during the period of Covid-19 infections from 2019 on.
    (Example of a question in a History examination paper towards the end of this century – if they are still studying History then.)

  9. wearnicehats

    Can we see the data? Is it anecdotal? Is it based on anything other than word of mouth? Usual lazy journalism

    1. Renald

      data? that mightn’t necessarily help depending on the analysis.

      IMO if you read it and pay attention to the tone it’s clearly there for one
      reason, an oped from an apparchik, a smear piece to support policy.

      journalism ?

  10. Darrens

    The more this story runs and is respun about the unvaccinated being the cause of the virus and its undoubted effect on people’s lives to date it will surely run out of legs. So far the evidence employed to assert this particular narrative is vague and all of the gaps it contains are readily filled in by a cocktail of existing fear, division and a trust in the old staples of market economics and the state’s responsibility of care for its citizens regardless of their politics or beliefs. But homeless numbers, a lack of housing more generally, alongside a reluctance to commit adequate support for public health services suggest that market economics and private profit are primary drivers of state measures… so why really should a pandemic change that tried and tested approach in government? Here or in other places which favour certain economic myths .. but that is maybe a question for 2022

  11. Duncan Wheeler

    Aisling Cusack in her Twit feed desctibes as “awkward and clumsy’. Just about right as far as opinions are concerned. The gov.’s well worn strategy of divide and beat down is working as usual. Cop on frightened folk.

    1. Micko

      “ I’ve tried to be compassionate towards unvaccinated people, but I’m losing my patience now. ”

      Sure ya have Aisling. Sure you have.

      I LOVE one of the replies to her.

      “ They’re walking biological weapons factories. They should be banned from society until we can figure out how to sort out this pandemic once and for all. The last thing we need when we’re fighting an implacable enemy is a fifth column undermining our efforts”

      Good to finally hear someone rationally talk about the situation. ;-)

  12. f_lawless

    As Renald mentioned above, it’s been in the realm of mainstream science for years the notion that non-sterilising vaccines can promote the evolution of vaccine resistant strains of a virus. Here’s an example reference to a peer-reviewed study from 2015:

    “Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens”

    For David Grimes to completely omit this from his article and instead try to demonise a minority of society by asserting that they must be the cause of any failure of the Covid vaccines,, exposes him as a propagandist of the worst order.

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