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Adelaide, Australia.


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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s return to pre-season training has ended abruptly for premiership star Jake Lever, who fainted on the track.

Lever collapsed on the far side of the ground at Casey, after a gruelling running drill.

The 25-year-old was immediately attended to by club medical staff, who huddled around him for about 20 minutes. Both coach Simon Goodwin and head of football Alan Richardson also showed concern for the defender’s wellbeing.

Jake Lever collapses in scary incident at Demons’ first pre-season training session (9News)


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26 thoughts on “Losing Count

    1. John Smith

      ‘There is currently no evidence’

      Is there evidence that they are not?

      Thorough investigation seems to be appropriate.

  1. wearnicehats

    Oh FFS more hysterical nonsense

    The tiny risk of pericarditis has been known for some time. The HSE advised of it earlier this year. It’s no conspiracy theory. In most cases it clears up with treatment in a month or 2

    Anyway – as usual no detail as to the actual cause of the condition. No surprise there.

    But sure – not enough hysteria so let’s lump in a guy who faints in the heat on the first training session back after his holidays. Oh and a 38 year old ex footballer.

    You are really scraping the barrel

      1. Nigel

        I love how selectively risk-averse you are. One minute it’s *shrug* ‘5.2 million? Everybody dies,” the next it’s ‘protect the children from a small chance of a minor side-effect!’

          1. Nigel

            Medicine as cowardice? Yeah, like people who take asprin – what are they, terrified of headaches?

          2. Nigel

            Why did you post a link to a cartoon of an old man kidnapping a baby? The ‘stab vest’ makes it look like he’s off to pick a fight and using the baby as a human shield.

          3. Micko

            “Sure you’re too scared to wear a mask, big fellah.”

            Not true

            Nigel, loves his safety blanket.

            I wonder how long you’ll wear one though Josh… Long time now isn’t it?

            Is it getting better or worse?

          4. Josh

            Hard to measure time Micko. As far as pandemics go, might only be a third of the way through this one, hopefully not.
            I wear one in the shops and on the train, doesnt bother me.
            You are afraid to wear a mask. Your fear of the mask might not be related to catching the virus but it is still fear.

          5. Micko

            “As far as pandemics go… ”

            Much experience of pandemics have ya?

            “You are afraid to wear a mask.”

            Ummm… that makes no sense.

            I choose not to. I’m not afraid of it.

            I also choose not to eat coleslaw – does that make me afraid of it?

            Ask yourself why you have such a problem with me not wearing one though?

          6. Josh

            Sounds like you are fairly wary of coleslaw in fairness.
            Didnt say I have a problem with you not wearing a mask, I said you are too scared to wear a mask.
            Pandemics generally last a while unfortunately.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Same team had coronavirus cases in October
      AEK announced that one of its athletes tested positive for the coronavirus. The “Union” follows all the measures envisaged.

      In fact, the medical staff, in collaboration with the experts, have already monitored the player, while in the next few hours the other basketball players will undergo the necessary medical examinations, as well as the members and executives of KAE..

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