One MILLION Boosters [Updated]


Booster queue at Croke Park vaccination centre last week

This afternoon.

Dáil Eireann.

The Taoiseach has told the Dáil that tens of thousands of people are not turning up for booster vaccines.

Micheál Martin revealed that in the week beginning 22 November, some 208,000 vaccine appointments were offered and just 80,000 people tuned up.

He added that last week 180, 000 booster appointments were available and only 93,000 attended.

However, it is not clear if some of those missed appointments were double bookings.

The Taoiseach said the same urgency does not seem be there around boosters compared to earlier vaccines.

Thousands of missed vaccine booster appointments, Taoiseach tells Dáil (RTÉ)


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

This afternoon.





KN writes;

This is the Moderna world…

Earlier: Losing Count


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93 thoughts on “One MILLION Boosters [Updated]

    1. Jerr

      Here we have it a country with the population of Manchester
      One million boosters
      Hardly a miracle
      But I must say the photo of the bald idiot in a mask looking out a window hardly iconic

  1. phil

    I assume there is no uproar as 93% of ppl are vaccinated , So I suppose the cowards are his own people , kinda perfect really …

    1. Cui Bono?

      These particular set of vaccines do not protect others as they do not provide immunity or stop transmission. Any potential benefit is only for the person taking them.

      Your risk might even be incredibly low like it is for most of us – check here for yourself –

      1. Cian

        My risk of getting into a car crash is incredibly low… but I still wear a seatbelt.

        My kids’ risk of getting Polio is incredibly low (near zero)… but I still had them vaccinated.

        1. Frank

          In all likelihood Cian your kids have already had Covid…. but yet you’re still going to get them vaccinated… for Covid??

          Even if the severe adverse risk warning for taking the Covid vaccine for kids was 0.001 why would you take that unnecessary risk??????
          That is bonkers.

    2. freewheeling

      You may need to – they’re going to have huge unused stockpiles of this poo, and willing fools to double-up on shots.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Brownshirt MOPErs trying to compare not being allowed to have a coffee inside to being gassed in a concentration camp again!!

    Whiny snowflakes. If they’re so healthy, they’ll be grand sitting outside.

        1. Kali

          But it is to cry about others not getting vaccinated, if someone young and healthy choose not to take it, that’s up to themselves. They’re extremely unlikely to have symptoms, and can still pass it on regardless of vaccination status. They simply don’t care to get vaccinated but others are having a good whinge about their choice. It’s pretty obvious who’s the snowflake in that instance

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Speaking of antivax snowflakes… here’s one who murdered his entire family.


            In the case of the five dead in Königs Wusterhausen (Brandenburg), details from the family father’s farewell letter have become known – and they indicate the man’s concerns about being arrested because of a forged vaccination certificate. According to the judiciary on Tuesday, this resulted in the 40-year-old’s fear that the children would be taken away from him and his wife.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            And will probably classed as a Covid death.

            It’s sad that a government’s potential actions in relation to a mandated vaccine that so little is known about, could result in a man being so scared of being punished and his kids taken off him, that he resorts to this.

            You’ll be happy in your gloating though, Daisy eh?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Did they have covid on top of having to live with an abusive father/husband?

            It’s all part of the crossover between toxic masculinity and antivaxxers. This “man” gets a faked cert for his wife (possibly because he wouldn’t allow her to get it?), gets found out and rather than rationally look at the consequences or how to resolve the issue of his wife getting a real cert for work, he murders his family because it’s all about the toxic antivaxxer. Shades of Alan Hawe and to a lesser extent that National Party man who held his children hostage from his ex wife who had custody because he was anti mask and antivaxx

            We should watch out for the families of antivaxxers. Some of them are probably suffering some some awful emotional and physical abuse.

          4. Oro

            Daisy has a point. I mean even (especially?) on here, there’s a very certain type of person that is anti-vaccine and they generally seem to belong to a strict set of demographics. Men of a certain middle age. No surprise that you’re all shouting at her either to nullify the obvious statistical point she’s made, little bit of projection going on if I’m not mistaken. And based on comments I’ve read here over the last while in relation to a certain kind of male onerousness over medical care / denial of education for their own families, I would agree that it fits squarely in the toxic end of masculinity. I know that phrase is risible and ‘triggering’ but there’s a truth to it.

          5. Nullzero

            Wow, an even more presumptuous pile of nonsense than Daisy posted.

            Got “Toxic Masculinity” in the Comment section Bore bingo though so thanks for attaching it to a completely unrelated topic.

            Take a bow.

          6. Oro

            That’s funny I had ‘nullzero’ in the comment section bore bingo so I suppose thanks back at ya ;) x

          7. Micko

            “We should watch out for the families of antivaxxers.”

            Good point, I’ll make sure to ask my wife her opinion when I drop down her gruel to her in the “hole” later


          8. goldenbrown

            in all fairness
            I think that’s the longest post I’ve ever seen outa Daisy on this yoke
            so congrats to her on using all her words like

          9. Micko

            “ No surprise that you’re all shouting at her either to nullify the obvious statistical point she’s made, ”

            Brilliant. Flawless logic.

            So, someone can utter something completely stupid now and then, when people tell them it’s stupid, they are actually NOW confirming the point the person made in the first place.

            Oh man… this is next level stuff

          10. Nullzero

            It’s toxic masculinity in action, we’re just missing a sprinkling of Racism for a full house

          11. Oro

            Daisy made a point about men, toxic masculinity and its relationship to the anti-vax group, and a group of anti-vax men all respond at once to tell her how stupid she is. If you can’t see how what she is talking about is confirmed (or at least connected) by your boys’ reaction then you’re either being disingenuous or naive.

          12. Nullzero

            Toxic masculinity has nothing to do with this topic.

            Daisy and you are just using this as an opportunity to spout your hate filled rhetoric, people will point out that you’re talking plop.

          13. Oro

            Yes thank god we have all the members of the middle aged men club to point that out. A real learning moment ;)

          14. Daisy Chainsaw

            Angry and aggressive responses from the usual antivaxx antimask suspects.

            Exactly what I expected. Pavlovian but rabid.

          15. Nullzero

            Daisy you made all sorts of assumptions and you expect them to go unchallenged?

            When you challenge things it’s fair game but when others challenge you its because they’re “aggressive” and “angry”.

            I’m not one bit angry, I just think you’re talking nonsense, as usual and you deserve to be called out for it.

          16. Micko


            Ok, Oro,

            So if I say something like, umm I dunno

            “Gay people don’t make good parents, coz here’s two examples I know of”

            Then by YOUR logic, when gay people rightly take me to task for that stupid statement, they are ACTUALLY confirming my statement, coz they wouldn’t get upset unless it was true.

            Am I doing it right?

          17. Micko

            “I know more women than men opposed to these measures, that tally’s with groups on Telegram etc.”

            Whoa Whoa Whoa, hold on with the aggression there Chris.

            You’re being angry and problematic ;-)

          18. Micko

            “members of the middle aged men club”

            Oooh Agism. Classy Oro.

            Wait, wait, is THAT one of the ways you CAN be discriminated against?

            Ye know… I think.. yes… I think it might just be…

            You should check your privilege love.

            Ha ha ha!

          19. Oro

            It might be discrimination if mentioning your age as a statistically significant factor amounted to discrimination but once again you don’t know the meaning of the word. But keep on keepin’ on.

          20. Micko

            Jeasus. That Beacon website has a serious bang of the aul ‘Dad’s Army’ of it Daisy

            You’re like a real life “Captain Mainwaring”. Wandering around fighting a non existent enemy.

            They namecheck the same 5 or so “far-right” extremists. How powerful do you think they are?

            Nearly every page has an article about Gemma O’D or Dee Wall or Delores whatsherface on it

            Ahem… I also note… that they have a Patreon.

            Ivor Cummins has one too. When he does it “he’s making money out of fools”, but when ‘The Beacon’ do it – well it’s tickey boo. You’re fighting the good fight.

            They are both making money out of fools – are you one of them?

          21. Daisy Chainsaw

            Poor Micko. You can’t attack the story so you attack the source. For the last 18 months, you and the rest of the antivaxxers have happily followed a bunch of racists and fascists who have been organising these rallies and marches. And every time it’s been pointed out, you’ve brushed it off as “not all antivaxxers”. It doesn’t look good when the people you blindly and uncritically follow are the absolute dregs of society.

            You know what they say… aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile.

  3. Nigel

    With the bird flu going around they’ll have to be giving it to chickens next.

    The rooster booster.

  4. Frank

    I took the vaccine back in May as I thought by doing my bit it would end this nonsense.
    It didn’t.
    Giving completely healthy people flawed vaccines was nuts but I went along with that…. because we were assured the vaccines were perfectly safe and were effective.
    They are not effective and if that is a lie what else is???
    Giving completely healthy people vaccine boosters for the ineffective vaccine is nuts.
    I won’t take it.
    My wife won’t take it.
    My kids will not be vaccinated with an ineffective vaccine.

    This really is total insanity.

          1. bisted

            …but…but…you were one of the original ratlickers Giggser…did f_lawless approve…were you taking one for the team…perhaps a vaccinated anti-vaxxer is not as uncommon as I believe…so many questions…

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Why the interest though? Just one simple question asked many times – yet you won’t answer. A dose of the anti-answers is it? Ha haaaa.

          3. bisted

            …obviously not giving the answer you want to hear…I am more than interested in you Giggser…how can such a strident anti-vaxxer be vaccinated…maybe you have learned from the government – do as I say, not as I do…

          4. bisted

            …that would be lovely…but I can’t think of anywhere in ‘Blaney where we could sit outside…

          5. GiggidyGoo

            I’ve answered that twice to you now Bisted, in the past two months. You can’t be too interested now, can you?

            You can sit outside the bar at Christy’s at the Blarney Woolen Mill by the way. Not that they’d be too keen on your sorts though.

        1. bisted

          …you have to supply your own tinfoil hat, and to be fair, a bigger rabbit hole may be needed soon…

  5. George

    Why are you publishing clearly false info again Bodger? When someone tweets it is a good idea to take a second to check if they’re telling the truth or not.
    The guy tweets that covid passes are required everywhere except food and clothes shops, and you repeat it when it clearly isn’t true?!

    Covid passes are needed for gyms and leisure centres (excluding pools), restaurants/cafes, bars/pubs, cinemas and theatres. They are not required for any shops at all or other settings.

    1. freewheeling

      “Covid passes are needed for gyms and leisure centres (excluding pools)”

      Tell my leisure center that. They’ve gone a bit power made themselves and barred anyone without a pass from the pool.

    2. Josh

      Tis just another part of Bodgers intricate comedy routine he recently alluded to. Is all tongue in cheek laffs/deliberately ridiculous, as in promoting the likes of Sidney Powell, Trump is still president of the US, athletes died in 2019 from the vaccine, Bill Gates is bored of flogging software and has decided to go on a murdering marathon, Covid is a bio weapon, BLM are Marxist, trans folks are a tool of the population cull, magnets, he is privy to Bob Odenkirks medical history, expensive sports cars, Obama bought a house near the water so obviously climate change is a ruse, snappy headlines, flesh eating masks etc etc. Looking forward to the stand up version if my sides havnt split by then.

      1. Mr.T

        This is the big one – isnt it interesting how “unvaccinated” people are more likely to die from all causes when 1st doses are being administered, and that people with only 1 dose are more likely to die from all causes when 2nd doses are being administered – what a massive coincidence.

        Surely they wouldnt record vaccine deaths within 14days of the dose as being “unvaccinated”, certainly not.

      1. Gavin

        What is the point exactly? I’m jabbed but have no interest in repeating that every 3 months, nor do I have interest in digital ID which serves no purpose, I do however have an interest in a vaccine that works as per previous vaccines. I know thats kind of complex but unfortunately its not as simple as anti & pro-vax

  6. Sailor Gerry

    Between the massive list of adverse reactions attributed to the shot, the fact that any protection is limited and waning, coupled with the fact it does not stop transmission, are a couple of reasons to at least pause before considering the jab.

    The guy linked below seems to think the jabbed will eventually have to meet stronger and more resilient strains as time marches on and the shots destroy peoples natural immune response.

    Could this be why the US Deagal website (now removed but cached somewhere) had a population forecast for Ireland at around 600,000 within the next 5 years? I find that thought rather chilling and will take no pleasure in the murder of my fellow countrymen. Not even the ones that would like to see me interned, for my own good of course; for making an informed and personal health decision to be part of the 7% in the control group.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      You find that thought rather chilling?

      I find it rather stupid. An 90% drop in population in 5 years? No wonder the link has disappeared!!

  7. Sailor Gerry

    That would be a 90% drop, not An, poor grammar clearly shows your intellectual prowess.

    A few links below to show that what I read online did once exist on the web.

    Education is a personal journey, and you may not want to open the door, that is not my flaw.

    If you have no curiosity to find out why it was posted and scrubbed, then your journey stops here.

    Enjoy your boosters and your fate.

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