Phone Wreckers Are Not Idiots


They’ve had a few ales is all.

This afternoon.

Lost another phone down the ‘john’?

Our friends at Irish brand Fónfix – Ireland’s only manufacturer approved mobile phone and mobile device repair centre – are fully braced for a ‘seasonal surge’ in repairs.

They have compiled some simple tips to help steer you and your mobile safely through the festive season and thereafter. To wit:

Prep your phone for partying! Take the time to sync or download your precious photos and make sure you can find your phone if it does go missing – whether an iPhone or an Android, there’s a tracking app that can help. If you do lose your phone, you won’t have lost what’s on it, and stand the best chance of getting it back! Also, top tip for silly season is to make sure your mobile device is password locked.

Invest in a good Phone Case and Screen Protector – it’s the best way to avoid damage if you drop your phone. And if the worst happens, Fónfix can fix this issue, usually cheaper than unofficial stores, using manufacturer approved parts without invalidating any further warranty.

Take care in the Toilet! The “phone fell down the toilet” scenario is one of the most common causes of water damage seen by Fónfix, and never more so than at this time of year.

Dodge dodgy App Downloads – If you’re lucky enough to get a new phone for Christmas, there’s a temptation to try out some interesting apps. But Fónfix recommends that you only download apps from reputable stores, such as Google play store or the App Store on Apple. Otherwise you could download a virus creating a security issue, or worse!

Battery Life – Getting into a battery charging routine is extremely important for your Smartphone to ensure the longevity of the health of your smartphone battery. Continuous charging or over-charging can degrade the quality of your Smartphone battery rapidly and may reduce your battery lifespan. And don’t forget that it is possible to change your battery and give your Smartphone a new lease of life!

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10 thoughts on “Phone Wreckers Are Not Idiots

  1. SOQ

    Buy a Sony Xperia- they are water proof and indestructible. You can even channel your inner Naomi Campbell and fling it at people- and it will bounce of said target without even a scratch.

    1. Kali

      +1 My favourite phone was an xperia, fingerprint unlock on the physical side button plus a plastic casing. Many other phones have breakable glass and you’d need to buy a separate cover to protect them.

  2. paul

    I can see ye do replacements for phones with integrated/glued batteries, delighted to see. Not happy that batteries that cannot be replaced by an unskilled user like myself are becoming commonplace.

  3. just millie

    I got some great advice off these guys earlier this year when my trusty Chinese spyware Huawei was damaged.

    1. Paulus

      Hmmm, I think I see what happened here:

      Millie went for repairs to her Huawei
      The guy welcomed her in and said may-we
      examine your phone
      for all viruses known
      And ’cause you’re cute you won’t have to pay me.

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