13 thoughts on “Storm Cycle

  1. Jerr

    One of the most annoying muppets in politics
    I just shiver when I see an image of him
    And shudder to think we will all be paying for his big fat pension when run out of office

    1. Liam Deliverance

      He’s relatively harmless compared to the other two cabbages I would have thought.

      He does love stopping for the press, he must think they are waiting for him every day.

      1. eamonn

        it takes three cabbages, as you put it to govern the way things ended up this time.
        cabbage 1 and/or cabbage 2 might not be in charge but for cabbage 3 and his sprouts.
        harmless – have a rethink. would it be harsh to use the term enabler ?

    2. Cú Chulainn

      We’re already paying his pension from his first run out.. do you remember, from the time that we weee where we were and had turned the corner..

  2. Kim The Cardassian

    This is the equivalent of the government telling people to wear a mask and then the government, not wear a mask.

    Orange alert Eamon ya pleb

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