A Double Dose


Irish Times on Monday; Dr David Robert Grimes

Three days ago, physicist and conspiracy averse controversialist Dr David Robert Grimes, writing in the Irish Times, called for compulsory jabs for Ireland’s ‘anti-vax cohort’ arguing:

‘…others have a reasonable expectation that they should not be needlessly exposed to avoidable dangerous pathogens, nor should selfish stances be allowed imperil the freedom of others.’


…this morning, via Irish Times Letters:

In 2013, David Robert Grimes wrote in The Irish Times to support the introduction of same-sex marriage on the grounds that people “have the right to lead their lives in any way they choose” and that we should not “presume to dictate to others” in relation to the issue.

In 2018, he wrote in your newspaper calling for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, on the grounds that society should “not seek to impose their morality upon others”, and that we should “leave that decision to the individual concerned”.

However, in his latest contribution to your newspaper he calls for compulsory vaccination for those who have so far refused to be vaccinated.

Can Dr Grimes please explain to me as a woman why my decision on whether to marry and have children should be left for to me to decide, but in the case of vaccinations, the State should be allowed to dictate to me what I can and cannot do?

It seems that there is none so illiberal as a liberal whose views you do not align with.

Sarah Anne Cleary, Roscommon


David Robert Grimes weakens his argument on mandatory vaccination by invoking the England and Wales Vaccination Act of 1853 and a decision of the US Supreme Court in 1905, both of which permitted compulsory vaccinations. Surely the modern Irish legal framework is of more relevance to his proposed course of action?

The right to refuse medical treatment – dismissed by Dr Grimes as a “tired and debunked old canard about liberty” – is enshrined in the Constitution.

In 1996, the former chief justice Susan Denham said this right is “a matter of choice…. not necessarily based on medical considerations. Treatment may be refused for other than medical reasons, or reasons most citizens would regard as rational”.

This right may only be overridden in circumstances where there is a grave and immediate threat to life.

It is against this backdrop which proposals on compulsory vaccinations should be judged, not against laws which were introduced during the early reign of Queen Victoria at a time when notions of individual rights and personal autonomy were in their infancy.

Dr Grimes correctly suggests that medicine should be left to doctors. He should take a double-dose of his own advice, and leave the law to lawyers.

Barry Walsh, Dublin 3


Irish Times Letters (Irish Times)

Small anti-vaccine cohort can’t hold society hostage (David Robert Grimes, Irish Times, December 6)

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48 thoughts on “A Double Dose

    1. Gavin

      I am, I dont agree with forcing others, nor passes, nor having to be repeatedly jabbed….it would be nice if the world was as simple as a child’s view and just “Go and get vaccinated”

  1. Cui Bono?

    Deranged, illogical and tyrannical thinking from David Robert Grimes here.

    Hopefully most people will see him for the lunatic he is.

      1. Cui Bono?

        What has Ivor Cummins got to do with the comments David Robert Grimes made?

        There’s 1000s of doctors and scientists all over the world speaking out about covid and these vaccines so you don’t need to look at Ivor Cummins for information.

  2. Frank

    Yous are all just sickened because he’s pulling off the ‘suit jacket over a V-neck merino sweater’ look. Twined with a satisfied yet smug grin and hair that Face from the A-Team would kill his granny for.

    1. tom2

      I did some checks. It is.
      I agree with him but also agree that a physicist should not have an special position in the debate.

  3. anolderman

    Interesting creature. Has he found the cure for cancer yet with all his fancy modeling in Oxford. Me thinks not.

      1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

        Bravo to BS for exposing these charlatans everyday in every week in every year. For years.

        This is what a paid government shill looks like.

        Would be curious to see the hack of some of the shills on here.

  4. Bitnboxy

    Lol. The letter writer looks like none other than Barry “Beeacthes” Walsh! It seems the erstwhile wee lad is back in business although choosing his language a little more carefully. Still, I’d say Mary Lou, Kate O’Connell et al still get the odd misogynist expletives hurled in their direction, albeit in private. I suspect Barry Walsh’s letter reveals a level of animosity to Grimes that is not really about vaccines.

  5. SailorGerry

    I am bewildered that David Grimes has the audacity to try to make medical decisions for others based on 10 years or so of being a grown up. I would not listen to his advice on how to make a bacon roll.
    My list of, most punchable faces in Ireland just expanded.

    I did read a good article yesterday that relates to 5G and the effects on humans that it may have.
    The article has some embedded links to what seem like credible sources.
    It might be just distraction from the ongoing deliberate cull of humanity or just another tool in the knackers bag to dispatch us old nags.


    1. Micko

      “ based on 10 years or so of being a grown up.”

      I LOL’d at this. A fantastic way to describe someone Gerry


  6. D

    stupid question with a simple answer.

    what a man and a man, or a woman and a woman do in their private home does not affect society in any meaningful way.

    a man or woman allowed to partake in society without being vaccinated causes a significant health risk.

    chalk and cheese.

    not sure point of this broadsheet article. over to you bodger.

    1. Cui Bono?

      Being covid vaccine free is not a health risk. It’s a perfectly normal.

      If a covid vaccine free person has covid then they could pass it to others but so can the vaccinated so there’s no logical argument to this cultish mindset that we all need to be vaccinated for covid.

      It just shows that many people have been brainwashed, and even doctors are susceptible to it. We are all human after all.

      1. benblack

        At this stage, I think the importance of having a certain percentage of the population unvaccinated is extremely important – scientifically, at least. There is no longterm control group data from any of the Pharma companies’ trials because they inoculated the entire control group – which is Fauci’s preferred solution to destroy the control groups of his trials by giving the control group the medication in trial, or, as he did with AZT, give the experimental group blood transfusions.

    1. benblack

      Sorry, SailorGerry, came across that video a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t manage to get past the two minute mark.

      It’s a presentation, not an interview – well, that’s what I got after two minutes.

      Prettiness is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.☺

  7. Imelda Maybe

    If you call for mandatory vaccinations, then you’ve admitted you’re not smart enough to convince others to do it voluntarily and have no respect for the rights of others to be different.

    You’re the one – like the State – who has failed. Forcing stuff on people never ends well.

    I am double vaccinated, not because the State told me, but because I want to travel. I couldn’t give a flying fiddlers about protecting the health service and coffin dodgers.

    1. 1-2-1-2

      The only reason we need mandatory vaccinations are for the likes of the thick as two ditches ratlickers who insist on going around murdering Grannies

  8. Nullzero

    The most important thing for David Robert Grimes in this equation is finding a means of keeping David Robert Grimes in the public eye by any means.

    Mandatory vaccinations are the natural end game of what’s going on. The likes of this creature are the natural cheer leaders for it’s introduction. Liberals demanding totalitarianism, you couldn’t make it up.

    1. Steph Pinker

      Nullzero, you nihilist! The quote by Grimes as published by BS needs to be examined:

      ‘‘…others have a reasonable expectation that they should not be needlessly exposed to avoidable dangerous pathogens, nor should selfish stances be allowed imperil the freedom of others.’

      Every. Single. Word. Has to be read and understood and questioned.

    2. 1-2-1-2

      Nothing new there
      If you took half a second to read history you’d know that any ideological port will do (in the storm that’s coming, or has it been already?)

  9. ZSmoke

    People who foam at the mouth advocating constant vaccine injection are smooth brain operators. Hyper hysterical people. Should be ignored.

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