Expensive Ring


This morning.

An Bord Pleanála has approved the Galway City Ring Road project.

A statement said:

Galway County Council, Galway City Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland all welcome An Bord Pleanála’s decision to approve the N6 Galway City Ring Road.

This is welcome news for the thousands of commuters who travel to Galway on a daily basis for employment, education, medical or other services and who find themselves at a standstill for long periods in traffic congestion.

An Bord Pleanála approves Galway City Ring Road project (Galway Bay FM)


….Councillor James Charity writes:

While a decision is finally welcome, it was with some dismay I learnt at a recent Galway City Council committee meeting that €15.6 million in Consultancy fees had been spent by state agency Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on the application alone. The initial projection? €3m. Over 400% of an overspend that should be examined by PAC.


Thanks Bebe

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12 thoughts on “Expensive Ring

  1. Skeptik

    *cough* Children’s *cough* hospital

    A 13M overspend is chump change for Irish infrastructure projects

    1. Liam Deliverance

      13M overspend is just for “Consultancy Fees” – the road itself will be E600M, or in Irish, one BILLION euros.

      There will no doubt be more consultancy fees as well.

      And as the idea for this road was raised 20 years ago I would expect the actual spend on consultancy fees far exceeds 13M

  2. ce

    Traffic in Galway is awful – now we can look forward to yet another road full of traffic on the traffic report… and the city will still be choked by traffic too… why build public transport when you build a road…

  3. Mr.T

    The death knell for galway city.
    Make no mistake – this will not get built within 20 years.

    In that time Galway will seriously stagnate and suffer for it – and all public transport solutions will be put on hold because of the ring road. I’m glad I got out when I did.

    1. The Bottler

      Highly paid Council personnel offloading decisions/recommendation to consultants. No accountability responsibility.

        1. Jerr

          Just like the bills they sent in

          So no contracts were signed regarding costs
          This is like shopping in a supermarket for a tin of beans then 30 minutes later when you pay at the check out you find your tin of beans is no longer €1.00 is now €4.00 due to a 30 minute time difference

          Maybe it’s time bank accounts we’re looked into

      1. Jerr

        It will get worse with charging EVs
        I can imagine it as pedestrians trip over all those wires unless of course they can charge them inside the house

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