17 thoughts on “Santycove

  1. goldenbrown

    look at him
    just. look. at. him.
    making his own decision to go into the water like that
    acting like some kind of adult with choices
    is he so blind? can he not see it’s just too dangerous??
    why is he not staying safe like the rest of us units?
    just selfishly endangering everything with his irresponsibility and ideas maybe inadvertently causing one of us to call 999 and insist he’s in danger leading to an unnecessary risky and expensive callout of the rescue services
    kill him, kill him now
    gah I just can’t even ugh

  2. johnny

    ..his blubber and fat negates the need for a wet suit,what an absolute picture of ill health, with rolls of fat acting as his flotation device.

      1. johnny

        …maybe one his elves or his little creepy friend’s will build him a mirror,oh no,i wont get sit on his lap….feel his fat and blubber…or maybe he has a surprise for lil johnny in his pocket..

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          maybe he has a mirror in his pocket for johnny that shows him his dark dark unkind soul

    1. goldenbrown

      jesus johnny what’s the story like? are you mad?
      it’s santa ffs
      you can’t say things like that against santa
      he sees everything, hears everything
      that’s crazy talk

      well, enjoy the lump of coal I suppose is all I can say really
      (though you probably won’t even get one of those nowadays as it’s cancelled, wha)

      1. johnny

        …yeah,looks like he ate all the presents,again hated him since childhood,load of consumer rubbish,buy more,eat more,drink more,spend more,more…gluttony is a sin too….MORE

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