She Who Laughs First


This evening.

London, England.

Allegra Stratton, adviser to embattled British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, resigns after a video (below) emerged of her laughing about a covid rule-busting Downing Street Christmas party that may or may not have happened…

…to wit:

That should learn her.


….this evening:

Work-from-home guidance will return, vaccine passports will become mandatory in nightclubs and large venues and mask rules will be extended to combat the Omicron variant as Boris Johnson announced a move to “Plan B” to tackle coronavirus.

The British Prime Minister warned it is clear the new strain is “growing much faster” than Delta and cases of Omicron could be doubling every two or three days as he strengthened England’s rules to slow the spread of Covid-19.

1m Omicron cases warning as England Covid rules toughen (RTÉ)

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28 thoughts on “She Who Laughs First

      1. Chris

        Of course it’s hypocrisy, she fell on another’s sword.
        She should have used the opportunity to get a dig in.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          She might do yet.

          Funny though that she shows all of this pity and feelings….only when she is caught out

        2. ce

          For once I agree with you, so many other nasty piece of work to blame for it all in the first place – looking forward to the poo-slinging, I do hope she lets rip

      2. Bitnboxy

        +1 So the only person who will likely resign is this woman who made light of a party she did not attend, a party that was said not to have occurred. Clownish excellence from Bojo.

      3. Jerr

        By the sound of her she sounded near suicidal
        I just wonder the rocket she got today
        Maybe another doctor Kelly
        I felt sorry for her

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Now compare her resignation to the blatant audacity of a Taoiseach who admitted leaking confidential government documents to a pal, but who still remains in high office, and is brazening it out as if there is nothing to see.

    Any update on the Criminal Investigation yet?

    1. Bitnboxy

      Lol. You’ll burn the house down mad auld GiggidyGums if Leo isn’t carted off in shackles in a Paddy Wagon.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        There there there. Scan the nice coloured code. Testing 1-2-1-2. Kiddies klub closed now? Never mind, the kelly’s baby will get a nice cuddle later from mommy.

    2. Jerr

      Yeh going by the dam right lies about blaming resistance to vaccine
      Yesterday 0ver 200 thousand people not turning up for appointments on tuesday
      To now 180 thousand appointments issued and 93 thousand turning up in one week

      I hate lies they make me sound stupid

  2. goldenbrown

    Allegra needs to find a new line of work the Tory gowl
    but defo not as an actress
    (she wouldn’t even land an extras role in one of those dreadful annual Hallmark Xmas movies with that performance)

    comedy gold

  3. Walter Ego

    I noticed she apologised and resigned for making a joke about the party but dodged questions on whether she attended the actual party or even if it did happen.

  4. Walter Ego

    I noticed she apologised and resigned for making a joke about the party but dodged questions on whether she attended the actual party or even if it did happen at all.

          1. Shayna

            Thing is, I don’t know why you’re apologizing? I guessed it was something about Covid? Shayna tends to comment after an evening of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. But, in vinho verite? I would appreciate a reminder, Goddamnit, Shayna doesn’t know why you’re apologizing!

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