Sheet Of Shame


The equivalent of three cows endlessly breaking wind.

ESB writes:

Checking the BS website carbon emissions. Seems reasonable.

Here’s to a clean ‘sheet by 2030.

Blog back better.

How Is Your Website Imapcting The Planet (WebCarbon)

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7 thoughts on “Sheet Of Shame

  1. Micko


    My website got 92% and 4.38g of CO2. :-0


    525.66kg of CO2 equivalent.
    The same weight as 3.5 sumo wrestlers and as much CO2 as boiling water for 71,227 cups of tea

    24 trees
    This web page emits the amount of carbon that 24 trees absorb in a year.

    1,221kWh of energy
    That’s enough electricity to drive an electric car 7,815km.

    Although, my site doesn’t get near THAT many views, so I dunno how this thing works. Is it the hosting company / file size or what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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